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USS Waldron UFO Incident In 1968

If you believe that UFO’s exist and that we aren’t alone in this universe, you can ask the crew of the destroyer Waldron about an incident that happened in 1968 while on operations in the Caribbean. During the mid-watch, the 2 watch sections remained on the bridge and in combat. One coming on and the other going off, but the off-going section wouldn’t leave. This is not normal, because typically the off-going section is in a hurry to be relieved and get to bed at that time of night. You couldn’t pry the binoculars from the lookouts nor relieve any other section of the watch because they were observing two UFO’s and tracking them on radar.

They appeared in the bright moonlit sky as two bright white lights. They didn’t answer to IFF; therefore they weren’t enemy, friend, foe and weren’t commercial aircraft. We tracked and plotted them at 400 knots on an erratic course that was hyphenated by sharp right angle turns, which no man made vehicle was capable of.

They flew in formation within close proximity to the ship, about a few thousand yards, and one submerged in the warm tropical sea while the other hovered above. When the submerged vehicle emerged, they took off at a 45-degree angle at accelerating speed that caused them to emit an amber glow until as they became distant specks within seconds in the distant ionosphere.

All this happened in the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Puerto Rico where we were on an operation called Racer Run. Ship officials supposedly sent a report to Washington but, which we never received any feedback.

When I tell people about this they typically don’t believe me and act as if I’m disillusion, but the witnesses and evidence are real. There were about 20 sailors in the 2 watch sections, and the incident was logged in the ships log and reported to the Department of the Navy in Washington.

I have a few questions; what do they want and why are there so many sightings in the Bermuda Triangle? What was in the water that interested them? Who are they and where do they come from? How incredibly long was their journey?

GMB 4/28/07

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