Various Dates and time.

Over the last 6 years I have noticed what seem to be "vanishing" aircraft. The first two on Long Island 1999 and 2000. I noticed the aircraft while I was driving, saw it was a plane, looked back down at the road, caught a flash out of the corner of my eye where it was, looked back up and the craft was gone. As there wasn't much detail to what I saw, I figured it could be anything. I mean, I was driving and looking at the sky as usual, and these bits and pieces that I did see could have been anything - but the plane, both times, was gone. The second time it happened I pulled over and searched the sky - it wasn't there. I didn't know what to think, so I dropped it.

In 2003 I was sitting on my front steps one summers day and I heard a jet going overhead. I looked up - yep, a jet. As I was not expecting what happened next, I again didn't pay much attention to it. I looked down for maybe three seconds, looked back up again - no plane. I heard it - but it wasn't there. I got up and searched the cloudless sky - I could hear it, I could hear the jet engine, but not see it.

Summer of 2004 I would go out on what I call "the patio" in the back of the Middle School in Franklin County NC that I sometimes sub at. I have learned to "watch" the sky more closely. In the summer of 2004 I saw a tube craft. I watched as it slowly made its way across the sky. It had no wings and was not a chopper. I looked down two seconds and looked up again - yep, gone. Searched the sky's - nothing. It was then I noticed the same craft (?) following the same flight path at the same speed again. It was like a rewind. I got one of the kitchen workers to look too. I asked: What do you see? She said - What is that - a tube? I asked if she saw wings on it and she said no, it just looked like a tube.

She went back inside and of course - looked up and it was gone again. I sat down thinking about this, looked up - yep, rewind - same craft following the same flight path for a third time. It was like it was playing games with me. This time I watched it slowly drift out of sight. That was the last "flyby" until yesterday.

On March 18, I had just arrived out on "the patio" and looked up. I spotted another craft. In the time it took to see it - register in my head that I saw it - follow up on it looking for "wings" or some identifying marks - It vanished. Now this time it did not just vanish from the sky. It vanished from front to back. In other words, it was like it flew into something - like a cloud. There just weren't any clouds. It just vanished from front to back like it was flying into something.

The first three above were planes - the last mentioned here were wingless craft. I am not as interested in the UFOs as I am in the planes as I have had "experiences" going on in my life for 50 years. Has anyone defined this "vanishing plane" enigma yet?

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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