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A Note To Readers Regarding Videos

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
April 17, 2007

A Note To Readers Regarding Videos:

Ana Luisa Cid has informed us that the following two videos found on YouTube...

...are the handiwork of director Miguel Urrutia of Argentina's Metanoia Films (Grupo Enmente - and were shot using a MiniDV 1 CCD camcorder, with post-production with LightWave software. The location is in the province of Moreno, near Buenos Aires.

"The first two videos," writes Prof. Cid in a message to Planeta UFO, "are computer animations done with 3-D effects. Both productions belong to a fiction project created by Miguel Urrutia and are false documentaries. It is an effort in which Urrutia himself wants people to reflect upon these subjects and understand how easy it is to engage in trickery. The premise is that one can only distinguish real paper money when presented with the counterfeit."

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