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Pablo Villarubia Reopens the Antonio Villas Boas Case

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 5, 2007

By Pablo Villarubia Mauso

Pablo Villarubia is one of ufology's most indefatigable researchers, traveling to far-flung locations as he reinvestigates some of the classic mysteries of our time. His books include Brasil Insolito (1999) and Viaje Mágico por los Misterios de America (2003). Our readers will remember his re-examination of Brazil's 1949 Aracariguama case. It is with great pleasure that Inexplicata presents his latest investigative effort:

Photo of young Antonio Villas Boas

Pablo Villarubia with Loao Francisco Queiroz

Pablo Villarubia interviews Odercia Villas Boas at her home

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UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales (Inexplicata & Inexplicata Blog) for the photos included with this announcement.