White Spheres And Missing Time

Message: Hi Brian, I've had a series of incidents going back to August 1991. It involves white spheres and missing time.

In August 1991, I was driving home from work with a co-worker. She was an RN who worked on my floor at a VA hospital. (In the states, it is a veterans hospital.) Well, I was driving and she was a passenger in my car. She happened to look out her window on the passenger side of my car. She told me that the moon was particularly bright. I could see the real moon out the left corner of my windshield. When I looked out her window to see what she was seeing, I was shocked! It was a perfectly round sphere that seemed to be lighted from within. There was no external lighting visible. It looked like I perfectly round balloon with an extremely bright light inside it! I decided to stop, as this thing had been pacing my car for several miles (km's). As soon as I stopped it had gone across the road behind my car. I could see it in the rear-view mirror. It hovered over an empty field to the left of my car. It hovered about 75 feet off the ground and about 50 feet away from where I stood. I decided to move toward it, as I was quite interested (yet scared) to see what this thing really was. As I moved toward it, it slowly moved away from me. I decided to walk down into the ditch from the roadside and it slowly moved even farther from me. I watched this thing as it hovered, silently. After a few minutes, I decided to walk backward toward the roadside again, slowly. It moved toward me. My passenger was watching me and the sphere the entire time and she was screaming at me to get into the car. Neither of us had really noticed that the car had stopped running and the headlights and taillights had stopped functioning as well.

Well, I had decided to move toward the sphere again and it moved slowly away from me once more. I decided that this was no weather balloon nor was it any device or aircraft that seemed to be from this earth. So, I got into my car and fully realized that the car was dead and so was the radio that had been playing rather loudly before I got out!

I tried to start the car and nothing. It was as if someone had taken out the battery and the engine. The next thing I remembered was that I was trying to start the car for a second time and it did start. Strangely, the radio-clock on the dashboard only showed that about 7 minutes had elapsed since getting out of the car. Considering the car was completely dead, the clock should've read the wrong time. It didn't!!

As soon as everything started up, I drove off....exceeding every speed limit until I got my co-worker home. The sphere continued to follow my car for several miles until we hit the city limits where I was to drop off my co-worker. It seemed rather unusual, but the roads seemed unusually dead for being only 12:30AM. At least we should've passed 5 or 6 other vehicles during the remaining 8 miles home.

Well, I dropped her off after an unusually quiet drive to her house. Both of us seemed nervous; on edge, if you will.

I finally drove to my house and the clock in my car was reading 12:50AM. I went into my apartment and got myself settled down to watch TV as usual. But none of my usual programs were airing. Each station was airing later programs. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and to splash my face. I just knew something wasn't quite right. Looked at the clock on my stove and it was reading 2 hours later than my watch! I went back outside and looked at the radio-clock and it read the same time as my watch. I went back into the apartment and looked at the stove-clock and realized that my watch and car-radio clock were 2 hours behind! I even went to my bedroom to look at my digital alarm clock. It read 2 hours later!! I freaked out and called my co-worker, knowing that she would still be up. I asked her to look at the nearest clock in her home, she freaked too!

To this day, I still don't know what happened to those 2 hours!!

Since then, I've had more sightings of these spheres. Each time, I had missing time and/or I found myself in locations of my living quarters that I knew I never fell asleep in! I even moved from NY state to Florida for 3 years. Had 3 more sightings down there before moving back to NY state again last year. The latest sighting was 2 months ago (January '06). I was driving home late at night from a friend's house and I saw it again. Once more, I was missing 1.5 hours of time. Each time I see these things, my throat is sore in the morning and I'm psychologically on edge. One time, in Florida, I even had perfectly symmetrical triangular bruises on the inside of each forearm (wish I had photographed them!). The bruises disappeared without a trace only 3 days later.

I've written to other sites before, but this is my first report to you. Has anyone else had similar encounters and missing time with the white spheres? Any advice or even just me hearing that someone else has had similar problems with white spheres would make me feel a little better and little less alone with this problem.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully you might help shed a little light on this for me.

Thank you to the person for relating their experience to me.


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