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Belleville And Monroe, Wisconsin Triangles And Strange Happenings

Date: October 2006

HBCC UFO Research Note: Please note that a letter is used for the person's name in the report below, or letters as there is more than one person involved.

Brian, A friend forwarded your posting on regarding the crop circle findings in Brooklyn, WI. While this is located about 2-hours west of my home, I do know of an individual who is quite close to Brooklyn (approx. 5 miles), and has a mailing address of Belleville, WI. This individual, whom I shall refer to as “G”, has witnessed a number of strange events over the years of a similar vein, or has seen local newspaper articles, or talked with local residents about abnormal sightings in that general area. I phoned G last night, and started to read the Rense posting to him. He interrupted me after merely the first sentence to say that he had awakened at 3 or 4 AM every morning for the last week, feeling like he was “gone” all night, and always felt “exhausted and spent”. But, this has happened before with him, so it may be nothing significant. After reading another sentence he stopped me again, saying to wait on continuing until he tied in on a 3-way call another local, whom I shall refer to as “B”, from the Monroe, WI area, about 20-25 miles southwest of Brooklyn, WI

After reading your posting, B offered the following:

B has a small farm in the Monroe area, and does part-time farming and raises some animals. On Friday 10/6 he finished feeding some sheep in his barn. The sun had just set, there were no lights on, and it was somewhat dark in the barn. He turned and saw one sheep approach him. As he looked at the animal, it appeared to breath a flame out of its mouth! He described the small flame as not unlike what may appear at the end of a hand-held butane fireplace lighter. He was dumbfounded, and stood there trying to figure out what happened. Was it gas from the animal ignited by its pen fence? Was it stray voltage? He discounted the latter as he had the barn thoroughly grounded with four-foot copper rods by a trained electrician only months before. He could only describe the briefly-seen flame as translucent, light greenish, and shaped like a writing pen; that is, rod-shaped.

B was reading in his living room the next night (10/7). There was nearly a full moon out, and he opened the blinds to allow the moonlight to come into the room while he read, liking the effect. He looked up from his book later and saw two small triangles, side-by-side (as if eyes), pointing upward, glowing in his window. They were fairly bright, considering the moonlight, and lime-green in color. He was not freaked out by them, and went back to reading his book. He later looked up again, and the triangles were gone.

This discussion with G and me prompted him to recall an event a little over a year ago. B was out cutting thistle by hand in a field. In an instant the wind that had been blowing steadily, stopped. He ceased hacking at the weeds and noticed the effect. The field he was in was completely calm. However, fields around him on all sides were being wind-blown. He noticed trees all around were also swaying in what B termed a moderate-to-strong wind. This freaked him. He dropped his machete, and ran from the field. Just before reaching the edge of the field he stopped, looked to the west, and saw a long and skinny, but bright light. As soon as he tried to focus on it, the light disappeared. The sun was shining at the time, but the light was bright enough to be seen. B never before or since witnessed such a total and isolated wind-calming effect.

B offered two other strange events. He raises what might be termed “heritage hens”, breeding hens for specific types of chickens. On 10/5, B went out to a well-built shed, serving as a hen-house, to check on a sitting hen, one that had eight eggs under her. He “candled” the eggs with a flashlight and was delighted to see 8 chicks in the eggs. The next night he attempted to do the same, but found only one egg! He was amazed, as the hen area is an enclosed area made of ¼-inch hardware wire, which not even mice can get through, but regardless, he seldom sees any as he has a half-dozen cats. The shed is insulated, sturdy and secure, as he had spent $700 to ensure a quality breeding area. B thoroughly searched the nest, and found absolutely no remains of any shells, thus discounting the potential that the hen ate the eggs. Earlier that evening B came home, and as he was starting to make dinner, he found an egg yoke on the floor that was definitely not there in that morning, as it was immediately in front of his bathroom door. It was now dried and hardened, which is untypical if an egg yoke was left on the floor for merely a day, especially when there was no heat in the house and it was not warm outside. Again, he was dumbfounded, as he only brings eggs into the house in the bucket with which he takes water to the chickens.

The only other anomalous event he experienced in this time frame was a pet guinea pig that stayed steadfastly in a corner for two days (10/5 & 10/6), breathing heavily. He thought it was dying, and considered shooting it so as to not see it suffer. But on 10/7 it returned to normal.

I pass these things along as for what they may be worth, as the only real connection to the crop circles you mentioned in Brooklyn, WI is that both B and G live somewhat close by.

I believe Belleville was at one time touting itself as a "UFO capital", as there were so many sightings. I remember one write-up from a local newspaper saying a young farmer came out of his house and saw a pair of strange-looking lights on a hill behind it. He ran and retrieved his rifle that had a telescopic site on it, so as to gain a better look. When he did, the double lights he saw with his naked eye became only a single light when viewed through the scope. There have been other anomalous sightings and events in the Belleville area that I have heard of in my 30+ years of associating with friends in that area.

Thank you to the person for sending along the reports.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

[Report courtesy of Brian Vike and HBCC UFO Research.]