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UFOs & The YouTube Generation


I used to look through old UFO books when I was a kid in the 1980s and be amazed at the pictures of strange glowing disc shaped objects hovering over various parts of the world. It gave me a sense inside that I was watching an American 1950’s B-Movie. However, I also believed in most cases what I was looking at was a very strange, but real object that I didn’t really understand. I was aware of double exposures and basic photo editing techniques that could be used to alter a photo, but some of them just looked too good to be fakes.

Today is a different matter.

I’m forever posting videos to my website and always do it with the best intentions at heart. I would never post an obvious fake unless I mentioned in the title it was a fake and wanted people’s opinions on it. When I watch UFO videos they seem to have lost their magic. I no longer get a sense of seeing something I’m not supposed to see. I always have the following thoughts going through my mind:

The software that could be used to make these fakes is expensive, which should help keep it out of the hands of any old Joe on the street who wants to make a fake UFO video. However, even this won’t stop the fakers. Photoshop and other powerful image/video editing software can be found for download on the many Torrent websites that seem to infest the internet these days. So I think it’s accurate to say that anyone can have access to these tools that no so long ago where only in the hands of big film studios, or image editing companies.

I think it’s got to the point now where Ufology in general has suffered. The genuine content is so much harder to find amongst the endless fakes and CGI on the net.

I can never be 100% sure a video is real, but I have devised a few basic rules to help with the videos I share with members on my site:

Maybe the best method of approach is to examine the person first, rather than the video? I’ve found the UFO fakers normally get addicted to fooling people and will do it more than once. I also find a video more believable if it comes from someone who doesn’t own a UFO Website/Blog and has no prior interest in them.

People sometimes wonder what the motivation for faking UFO videos are? Well let me tell those of you that might not know. Sometimes, it’s just the obvious one that people like attention, but sometimes it’s more than that. If you have a really popular video on a site like YouTube, it can lead to money and interest in whatever you are trying to promote. For example, if you have a really popular video channel you can earn revenue from advertising. You can also direct large numbers of people to your own Website/Blog and earn even more income from adverts/links on your personal webpage’s. Money is the root of deception.

At a point in the future if a video is ever released that shows without any doubt that UFOs and Aliens visiting the Earth are real. For example, footage inside a craft with beings etc, I will still be in doubt the first few times I watch it, unless it comes from an official source with a statement and news conference. Let’s hope it happens in our lifetimes because I’d prefer living in a world with a much broader outlook of ourselves and the universe we live in. I think it will improve all of our time on this planet and beyond.

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