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 August 1

1946 - At 6:00 p.m. three military witnesses including the pilot named Puckett, flying in a twin engine C-47 transport 40 miles north of Tampa, Florida at 4,000 feet altitude, sighted a cylinder-shaped UFO with luminous portholes that flew in front of the plane. The cylinder was about twice the size of a B-29, and approached to within 1,000 yards. It covered 75 miles in three minutes and appeared on a collision course with the aircraft. The stream of fiery exhaust from the craft was about half the length of the unknown object. (Sources: NICAP files, report dated July 24, 1957; Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucers: Top Secret, p. 102; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, p. 23; UNICAT, case # 669).

1947 - At 8:30 p.m. three dark metallic domed discs flew over the mountains of Areches, Savoie, France heading east-northeast. They made no sound, and had rotating rims. (Source: Phenomenes Spatiaux, June 1968).

1948 - On this morning everyone on a Air France airliner flying over the South China Sea from Hong Kong to Saigon, Vietnam saw a huge metallic cigar-shaped object flying south, and then make a 90-degree turn into the clouds. Later that day at Clark Field in the Philippines American military observers also sighted a wingless cigar-shaped object with a row of lights. (Sources: Jacques Vallee, Anatomy of a Phenomenon, p. 54; Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucers are Real, p. 72).

1949 - In Tampico, Mexico in the State of Veracruz a torpedo-shaped UFO zipped over the countryside. It was described as looking like a "4th of July sparkler." (Source: Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. Volume 2: 1949, p. 18)

1951 - Three witnesses including police from Beausoleil, France in the Alpes-Maritime viewed a transparent bubble in the sky at nine o'clock in the evening. Two human-looking occupants of the transparent sphere watched the street and the crowd below. The bubble flew off towards the north-northeast. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 175).

1952 - At 1:14 a.m. two brilliant red lights hovered together and maneuvered for five minutes over Lancaster, California. Witnesses included sheriff deputies. One light swung in a pendulum motion, the other shot off to the southeast. (Sources: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; US Air Force Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case #1771).

1952 - At ten o'clock in the morning in Afton, New York UFOs first appeared near the position of the Sun and then dispersed across the sky. Scattered disc-shaped objects were seen in the skies for the next two hours. At 10:10 a.m. a large group of UFOs described as looking like "70 white ping pong balls" passed across the sky in Sidney, New York flying from the southwest to the northeast. (Sources: Tiffany Thayer, Doubt, 1953, p. 206; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1952: August, p. 17; and UFOs: A History. 1952: November-December, p. 13).

1955 - Joseph Whaley, age 20, was cutting the grass along Highway 118 in Bronwood, Georgia when he saw a six-foot “gorilla” come running towards him. It was covered with shaggy gray hair and had tusk like teeth, and it grunted like a pig. Whaley struck at it with his scythe and then ran to this jeep, but it pursued him and clawed at him, ripping his shirt and scratching his shoulder. It moved “in a lumbering and slow moving” manner. (Sources: Atlanta Constitution, August 3, 1955; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case # 1955-14 (A0376)).

1955 - Mr. Sheneman had just driven home from Willoughby, Ohio and was preparing to go into his house at around 9:00 p.m. He got out of his car and saw a circular object with a red light on it. The UFO came down fast, hovered, and emitted two beams of light. The witness fled toward his house while the object appeared to pursue him less than 70 meters above the ground. The domed disc was estimated to measure about 30 meters in diameter. His wife and their two children saw it fly away. (Sources: Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence (Volume I), p. 114; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 250).

1955 - On this night two tourists in a car in Salon, near Arles, France saw a lighted object dive toward them and hover 30 meters above the road. The disc-shaped object flew around the car and flew away without making a sound. The witnesses went straight to the Arles police. (Source: Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 250).

1962 - A large metallic oval-shaped object surfaced 300 meters away from three fisherman in two boats off of Le Brusc, France in the Mediterranean Sea. They first believed it was a foreign submarine. About a dozen "frogmen" emerged from the water and climbed aboard. The fishermen called out but the figures ignored them, except the last three, who turned to look at the fishermen. The very last one waved. Then the craft rose out of water, and suspended itself effortlessly above the waves, as red and green lights came on and a white light beam like a searchlight played toward the witnesses. The beam was extinguished, the red and green lights went out, and the object, now glowing an orange color and clearly oval in shape, rose a further 20 meters into the air and began to rotate, its light becoming more intensely red. At last, it moved silently in a graceful arc above the fishermen, and disappeared rapidly into the night sky. (Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, January 1971; FSR Case Histories, April 1973, p. 14; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case # 1962-5 (A0537), citing LDLN Lecture Series III, number 5).

1965 - At around seven p.m. a 15-year-old boy named San Roman Nunez in Lima, Peru watched a saucer-shaped UFO descend and land nearby. A 3.5 foot tall being emerged from the object. It was "greenish" with hair covered with green lights, and "looked like a toad." The boy fled. (Sources: Gordon Creighton, The Humanoids: FSR Special Edition No. 1, p. 41; John A. Keel, Strange Creatures From Time and Space, p. 150).

1966 - At 12:30 a.m. EDT citizens and police in College Park, Lanham, Bowie, Seat Pleasant, and elsewhere around Prince Georges County, Maryland saw maneuvering, fast-moving lighted objects. When a police officer approached a hovering object that had pulsating red, green, and white lights, it began a series of maneuvers, descended almost to the ground, then sped away "like a shot." Before it sped away, the object emitted a strange multi-colored light beam that moved rapidly to the ground, which was also observed by another police officer. Andrews AFB denied to a County police dispatcher that they had any unknown objects on radar, but the dispatcher said a control tower operator had acknowledged seeing a fast-moving lighted object, and he later learned that Andrews did indeed have a UFO on its radar but would not admit it officially. (Source: NICAP UFO Investigator, August-September 1966, p. 4.)

1966 - At 12:30 a.m. CDT Kathy Palmer, age 14, looked out the window of her home in Springfield, Missouri before going to bed and saw a luminous object bearing red and blue lights on the lawn. It was about six feet long, ovoid shaped, and four feet wide by four feet high, and it made a "rattling" sound. From a square hatch two 5-foot tall slender occupants emerged, who either had "large heads" or wore helmets. They walked about for three minutes, apparently communicating with each other, and examined some bicycles. Then they returned to the craft and it took off. The total duration of the encounter was about 30 minutes in all. At the landing site the grass was matted down, and there was a white substance which proved to be calcium phosphate. (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case # 1966-31, citing Patricia Rudig for NICAP; Ted R. Phillips, Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, p. 43, case # 685).

1966 - At 7:45 p.m. several young witnesses in Rushville, Indiana reported seeing an unidentified object at low altitude. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, A Century of Landings, case 785). 

1967 - The wife and daughter of a pastor in Chester, Pennsylvania saw three red, metallic, saucer-shaped objects with domes and portholes at 9:00 p.m. Two were in the northern sky, and a third approached from the north, brightened and changed color to white as it neared. It then flew at tree-top level and hovered at low altitude close to the witnesses. Finally, it climbed fast and disappeared. The object was estimated to be about the size of a two-engine plane. (Source: WXUR News report, copy in NICAP files.)

1968 - At 1:57 a.m. a cigar-shaped UFO flew by Fribourg, Switzerland and a disc exited from a square doorway in the craft. It flew around and then re-entered the larger craft. Both a camera and a tape recorder experienced EM interference effects during the sighting. (Source: Gillieron, UFODOC, case E004).

1971 - At 11:35 p.m. a married couple driving in a car between Gladstone and Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia witnessed a circle of lights near a river. What should normally have been a two hour trip took them only 40 minutes. They have amnesia about what happened after sighting the lights in the sky, and an unusual oily residue and marks were found on their car. A possible UFO abduction involving time loss, a probable translocation, and levitation are suspected. Hypnotic regression failed due to the main witness having a violent, shaking, fearful reaction to re-envisioning the event in memory. (Source: Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery. Volume 2: Catalogue of Cases, case 241; MUFON UFO Journal, August 1980, p. 3).

1971 - At ten p.m. local time a domed oval-shaped UFO, illuminated by lightning flashes during a nighttime thunderstorm west of Westminster, Maryland, was seen by a family of seven people maneuvering over the countryside for 20 minutes. It had a bubble-shaped, transparent dome on top. (Source: APRO Bulletin, July-August 1971, p. 4).

1974 - At 2:30 a.m. a four meter long, luminous ovoid object flew fast over the beach at Canet-Plage, France. It stopped and hovered in place for three hours. It had portholes through which figures could be seen inside the craft. It left by shooting off toward the west. It was witnessed by a married couple named Rassin. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A1611, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 146).

1974 - On this evening in Albemarle, North Carolina a round, orange object, bigger and brighter than the full Moon, hovered for 15 minutes above the tree tops, and then sped away. (Source: George D. Fawcett, FSR, January 1975, p. 31; Saga UFO Report, April 1975, p. 50).

1974 - John E. Justice had just left his job at the Ohio Masonic Home for the aged in Springfield, Ohio and was driving home when he heard a voice tell him "let go the steering wheel." Justice ignored this instruction and the order was repeated, calling him "friend." Justice did so, and the car continued down the long drive of its own accord. The voice, somewhat guttural in tone, came from the passenger seat to his right, and Justice could see the seat was depressed, as though someone was sitting in it. He asked if he would be harmed, and was told, "Friend, I would not harm a hair on your head." Justice then asked what he wanted and got no reply. He was told that the voice was that of a "spaceman," and he had been in the UFO Justice and another witness had seen a few nights earlier. Justice was then told that he would be able to see him when he left the car, and was told to look above the power lines ahead. He then observed a figure suspended ten feet in the air in front of his car. It was perfectly human in appearance, a male figure of large build, about 6' 6" tall, holding its arms outstretched in front. The being wore a tight fitting, silvery outfit with a belt, gloves, and short boots. He was very handsome, and illuminated by a strange light. Justice was told that he would be visited again. The figure passed from view and Justice took control of the steering wheel and continued home, very shaken by the experience. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1975-38 (A1851), citing Jack Rockel).

1976 - At 4:30 a.m. a 20-year-old woman heard a noise and looked out her bedroom window in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see two beings of average height. She could not see any facial details. A white light went out from these beings toward the east. She heard a loud voice talking in an unintelligible language. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1976-29 (A1486), citing Richard Heiden, report dated June 22, 1977).

1976 - In New Haven, Connecticut around 6:00 p.m. a man told police he had been buzzed by a round silver, dish-shaped object, which froze his car as he was driving on Route 63 between Bethany and New Haven. When the UFO passed overhead the engine of his car died and the car came to a stop. When he tried to leave the vehicle, he said, the door wouldn’t budge and he began to feel “tingly”. Eventually he too became paralyzed. While this was going on, an object which he felt might have taken his picture, appeared below the low flying disk. Finally it flew off. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1976, citing MUFON of Connecticut).

1977 - At around two o'clock in the morning, a man and a woman in Steuben, New York who had been involved in a previous UFO encounter a week earlier had another encounter with aliens. They watched six or seven humanoid beings with glowing green belts, similar to those they had seen the week before. Two of them had glowing gray belts, and one of the witnesses saw two normal sized human figures that glowed a silvery white instead of green. After observing them for an hour they woke a third witness, who saw only blue-green lights. When they shone a flashlight beam on one of the figures it disappeared, but re-appeared when the light beam was removed. It gradually became very foggy, so at 4:30 a.m. they went to bed, but the first two witnesses thought they could hear the sound of a woman screaming three times, and then a door slamming. They experienced headaches and ringing in their ears. The third witness, who heard a noise like someone chiseling rock and a high-pitched chirping sound, did not suffer from a headache. They saw no UFOs that night, but there were other reported sightings in the area on subsequent nights. (Sources: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, September 1977, p. 7; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-42 (A1747), citing field investigator Douglas Dains for CUFOS).

1978 - A 12-year-old son of a prominent local doctor encountered an unusual humanoid creature not far from a mine in an isolated area near Lewiston, California. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1978, case # 917, citing Jacques Vallee, Confrontations: A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact).

1978 - A six-month-pregnant woman in Clarksville, Tennessee had been taking a nap around 10:00 p.m. when she woke up to see a large craft hovering outside the upstairs window, over a nearby wood shack. Her husband saw the object too. She fainted but then heard a voice in a thick Middle Eastern accent that told her to open her eyes. When she did eyes she was confronted by a tall creature resembling an insect, thin and white in color, wearing a dark outfit. It communicated with her by using telepathy. There were several other similar creatures wearing jumpsuits standing in the room. Their heads were large and rounded. The witness conducted a mental conversation with the leader, and asked it several questions about its origin. The witness suddenly panicked and screamed and began to faint, and some of the creatures began backing away. But moments later a long needle was painfully inserted into her belly. She then passed out, and awoke later to see the taller creature talking to the others. At one point the witness claimed she saw several helicopters flying around the hovering craft. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1978, case # 3201, citing Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

1983 - Two young men were driving a truck in Urbanopolis, Minas Gerais State, Brazil at eight o'clock in the evening when they felt a sensation of cold and increasing atmospheric pressure, heard buzzing, and saw a small reddish ellipsoidal light beam strike their truck from above. It dragged the truck back from accelerating when the driver attempted to drive faster. (Source: Antonio Silva Faleiro, APRO Bulletin, December 1984, p. 3).

1986 - At 10:30 p.m. two men in their thirties, Long and Jandura, were fishing from a boat on Banksons Lake, Michigan when they had a close encounter with a completely silent 300 foot long triangular object that was only 200 feet above the lake. The object had a brilliant steady white light and three blinking red lights, and there was some type of movement between the lights. The men felt heat coming from the object and became very shaky and scared. They also experienced some temporary physiological effects: eye damage, conjunctivitis, and a swelling and discoloration of the skin. The UFO flew off to the north-northwest after 15 minutes.(Sources: MUFON UFO Journal, October 1986, p. 7; Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, p. 319; UNICAT, case # 659, citing Virginia Tilly).

1995 - On this night in Portslade, East Sussex, England a huge yellow cigar-shaped object hovered over the town for a minute, then simply vanished in place. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, October 1995).

1999 - In Calgary, Alberta, Canada two witnesses observed a formation of eight silver disc-shaped objects high in the sky for 10 minutes. They were originally motionless, but then began moving west except for one, which headed north. (Source: Geoff Dittman, Canadian UFO Survey 1999, case # 129, citing Alberta UFO Study Group).

2001 - At 6:00 a.m. EDT a farmer in Wayne, West Virginia encountered a square flying object, about the size of tire (3 feet wide), that was hovering inside his barn. It was black with gray markings, and floated for a few seconds before it flew out the barn door. A cow had been poked by a needle in one of its ears, and its eye had a broken blood vessel. (Source: George A. Filer, MUFON UFO Journal, October 2001, p. 11).

2001 - At 7:00 a.m. EDT a cigar-shaped object was seen moving slowly above the tree line in Hagerstown, Maryland for two minutes. It emitted a bright object  from one end that shot into the sky. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, August 2001 webpage, report uploaded August 12, 2001).

2001 - Five geography students camping oin a deserted beach in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, including Luis Carlos Prima, reported seeing a large disc-shaped object about 10 meters in diameter land on the beach at around two o'clock in the morning. The students had been sleeping when a very strong wind suddenly woke them up. The wind was so strong that it began to disconnect the ground ties of their tent from the sandy ground. Thinking it was a storm, they ran out and were confronted by the huge disc, which had numerous bright lights on its top and windows in the center. A small door quickly opened and two short humanoids came out. The UFO and the humanoids were about 200 meters away from the witnesses. The little men seemed to be collecting ground samples when they became aware of the presence of the students. They ignored them and after several minutes reboarded the craft, which took off at high speed. Deep ground traces were found at the landing site. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 2001, citing Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 31 July 2009).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: cigar-shaped or torpedo-shaped UFOs; disc-shaped UFOs; domed discs; human-looking UFOnauts; low-level UFOs; multi-year reports from France, Maryland and Ohio; nautical UFO (UFO seen emerging from sea); ovoid UFOs; portholes; red UFOs; sensation of cold; sensation of heat; short humanoids; vegetation and ground sampling and collecting behavior; physiological effects: eye damage, conjunctivitis, and a swelling and discoloration of the skin; short humanoids; silent UFOs; telepathy; translocation or time distortion; transparent spheres; triangular UFOs; UFOs diving at witnesses.

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