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 August 29

1942 - At around 7:00 p.m. two soldiers in the air traffic control tower at the Army Air Corps Flying School in Columbus, Mississippi observed the rapid descent of two red round glowing objects that demonstrated extreme maneuverability and then hovered over the woods at the end of the runway. They next experienced an episode of missing time as well as sensory dislocation: they found themselves out in a field with no memory of how they got there. (Sources: Richard M. Dolan, UFO's and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973, p. 396; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence (Volume I), p. 129; Richard Hall, From Airships to Arnold: A Preliminary Catalogue of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946), p. 20; Jerome Clark, The Anomalist, April 2000, p. 20, citing NICAP).

1948 - At 5:03 a.m. a farmer in Maplewood, Ohio observed a silvery sphere of large dimension rise from a wooded area and hover above his farm. It dropped a silvery substance that disintegrated before touching the ground. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case #169; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 193).

1952 - Two U.S. Navy pilots flying a P4Y-2 patrol plane witnessed three white disc-shaped or spherical objects hovering west of Thule, Greenland (77.00º N, 75.25º W) at 10:50 a.m. They flew very fast in a triangular formation, and were in sight for 2-3 minutes. (Sources: Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucer from Outer Space, p. 255; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; UNICAT, case # 743; Kevin D. Randle, Invasion Washington: UFOs over the Capitol, p. 281).

1952 - At 7:30 p.m. at least seven observers with a theodolite sighted a luminous  bar in the sky over the city of Villacoublay, Yvelines, France. The object flew to the northwest in jumps, and then shot up vertically. (Sources: Aime Michel, The Truth About Flying Saucers, p. 179-180; UNICAT, case # 200; GEPA Phenomenes Spatiaux, March 1968).

1952 - At 8:35 p.m. pilot C. A. Magruder, flying near Colorado Springs, Colorado saw three aluminum colored objects with yellowish-red exhaust, 50-feet in diameter and 10' high. They flew in a trail formation at estimated 1,500 m.p.h. for 4-5 seconds. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 2013; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; Kevin D. Randle, Invasion Washington: UFOs over the Capitol, p. 281).

1954 - First Officer H.G. Gardner and engineer J. V. D. Whitisy, flying a Royal Dutch Airlines DC-4 (PH-DBZ) at 11:05 a.m. near Prince Christian, Greenland sighted three or four dark, lens-shaped objects that veered to the north and changed position in formation for ten minutes. (Sources: Richard F. Haines, Project Delta, p. 167; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; UNICAT, case # 779).

1955 - Eight children in Casa Blanca, Riverside County, California, from 4-15 years of age, saw a “semi transparent” round object of various colors in the sky at around three o'clock in the afternoon. It would appear and disappear with musical “pings.” Some adults were called to come see it, but they saw nothing. An object, “as large as 3 houses,” came down to hover three feet from the ground. Beside it appeared a transparent being 3.5 feet tall, with red eyes and mouth, and a brilliant disc on its belt. Other similar objects also landed, one on a housetop. One boy started walking toward one of the vessels and was forcibly restrained. Another saw a beckoning, disembodied arm in mid-air. A creature with four arms appeared, and told two of the boys to climb a tree to be “picked up.” They did so, and a UFO started to approach with little men riding on its rim. One boy climbed down after a garden hose was turned on him by the other children; the other “slid” onto a nearby roof and then walked off it, landing on his head, stunned but with no apparent serious injury. (Sources: Riverside Daily Press, August 30, 1955; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1955-21 (A0387), citing Bob Boden, Jean Rowlands & Mary Starbuck for BSRA, Uranus, February 1956).

1960 - At 4:05 p.m. in Crete, Illinois farmer Ed Schneeweis sighted a shiny, round, silver object that flew straight up very fast. It was in sight for 18 seconds. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

Crete, Illinois - 1960

Sketch of Crete, Illinois 1960 sighting

1967 - In Cussac, Cantal department, France at 10:30 a.m. 13-year-old Francois Delpeuch and his younger sister, Anne Marie, age 9, were tending their family cows when they saw four dwarfish figures, 3.5 to four feet tall, on the other side of the road, dressed in black. Nearby was a six foot spherical object of dazzling brilliance that rested on the ground. On closer examination they saw that the beings were completely black---either naked, or wearing skin tight black coveralls. They had pointed heads or helmets, which were also black. One was picking something up from the ground, and another had a bright object, like a mirror. When the entities became aware of the children they rose up into the air vertically, one after the other, and plunged head first into the top of the sphere, which then rose in a spiral pattern with a whistling noise. It left behind a smell of sulphur. (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-88 (A0862), citing Joel Mesnard & Claude Pavy for GEPA; UNICAT database, case 423; citing Michel Figuet; Michel Figuet & Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le Premier Dossier Complet des Rencontres Rapprochees en France, p. 285; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case 875, citing FSR, November-December 1968; Spacelink, September 1968; Coral & Jim Lorenzen, UFOs: The Whole Story, p. 280).

1967 - In Warminster at Cradle Hill, England a cone-shaped UFO was seen by 25 witnesses watching for UFOs on this night. It landed 100 meters from a copse of trees on Cradle Hill. Arthur Shuttlewood went toward the landing sight, and at 300 meters distance he spoke to a being (there are no details describing the being). The UFO went dark, and as he walked back a creature of some sort flew overhead. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-87 (A0861), citing Arthur Shuttlewood).

1968 - At 9:30 p.m. six witnesses in San Sadurni de Osomort, Barcelona, Spain saw a UFO 200 meters away, hovering just two meters above the ground. It was a metallic sphere, which gave off a yellow light. At 9:40 p.m. several people in Castrejana, Vizcaya, Spain saw an object over the Mount Kobetas mountain peak for one minute. It was square, with a dome on top, and extremely bright. (Sources: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, pp. 15-16, cases 67 & 68, citing Correo Espano, August 30, 1968).

1968 - Starting on this evening at 6:30 p.m., a group of children in Coleraine, Quebec, Canada on four consecutive evenings saw a strange being hanging onto a boulder overlooking a cemetery. He was a dwarfish humanoid about 4 feet tall, with a shaven or bald head, naked chest, heavy black beard, and with red and bumpy skin, “like that of a lizard.” This being would disappear into thin air unexpectedly. A roaring noise was also heard coming from an excavation at the foot of the boulder, and a kind of “flying saucer” was seen, about 30 feet wide and colored blue, white and red. It left a long trail of smoke, and each time it “looked as if it were trying to land behind the boulder.” The children were Denis Bogus, age 7, who first saw the object; his brothers Michael and Andre, and their uncle, George Bogus; other adults who subsequently observed the phenomena were Normand Daigle and Luc Cadorette. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1968-62, citing Gene Duplantier, Saucers, Space & Science, Fall 1968).

1968 - Larry Sorenson was driving from Ely to Delta, Utah on this night when he saw a stationary bright, white light close to the horizon. It turned a red color and became much brighter. Sorenson's truck engine suddenly failed as he continued to drive towards the light. He got out and watched the light travel overhead and disappear behind him. It was changing colors from red to green to white and back to red. After the light was gone, the truck could be restarted. Sorenson noticed another car had also been stopped on the road. When he got home, the trip had taken almost two hours longer to complete than expected, and he had to account for two hours of missing time with a possible UFO abduction experience. (Sources: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 42; Frank B. Salisbury, The Utah UFO Display).

1970 - At 11:30 p.m. 18 witnesses from six families watched an oblong or oval shaped object with a cupola during a close encounter near a lake in Enebacken, Sweden. The UFO changed color from red to orange to red as it moved about. The trees were illuminated by the close approach of the object, and it made a humming noise. The sighting lasted for two hours. Three round depressions were found in the grass were the object apparently landed. The depressions were 40 cm in diameter, 5-7 cm deep, and arranged in an equilateral triangle 3 meters apart. (Source: Sven-Olof Fredrickson, FSR, October 1971, p. 13; Mrs. K. Smith, BUFORA Journal, August 1971, p. 27; Fred Merritt, Leg-Mark Catalog, case # 46; citing FSR).

1972 - Three Reading, Pennsylvania police officers, including a sergeant, observed an oval-shaped object hovering several thousand feet in the sky above Mount Penn. They said the object changed color from white to red to bluish-green. After an unknown period of time, the UFO suddenly shot upward and out of sight, according to the officers. (Reference: NICAP UFO Investigator, October 1972, p. 3).

1975 - At 10:45 p.m. Mr. R. Cyrus, a 48-year-old man driving on a clear night between Noe and Longages, France saw a three-meter diameter dark disc in a field that jumped at his car, then shot straight up. The driver lost consciousness for two minutes and suffered other physiological effects after the close encounter. (Sources: Geoffrey Falla, BUFORA Vehicle Interference Project Report, p. 75; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume 2: A Thirty Year Report, pp. 19, 203, 269; Lumieres dans la Nuit, March 1976).

Noe, France Close Encounter - 1975

Sketch of Noe, France Close Encounter 1975

1978 - On this night in Guemes, Cordoba province, Argentina an ovoid object with reddish flashes moved at a low altitude in the proximity of the local observatory. Residents discarded the notion that it was a plane. At 11:00 p.m. two UFOs appeared in the skies over the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Their estimated speed was 6000 kph, altitude 30,000-40,000 meters, and they were photographed with "special cameras and techniques." (Source: Jane Thomas, UFO Newsclipping Service, November 1978, p. 14, citing Cronica, August 29 & 31, 1978).

1979 - Two primary school students were walking home from school through Zachodni Park in Wroclaw, Poland around four p.m. As they were walking by one of the alleys they saw a strange disc-shaped object on the ground, with two silvery-garbed humanoids standing next to it. Another being was inside the transparent dome on the top of the object. The students ran to get additional witnesses, but when they returned to the landing site the object and its occupants were gone. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1979, citing Tymoteusz Tobala & Marcin Mioduszewski, CBUFOIZA, Poland).

1979 - A silvery cigar with an orange light and square windows approached, hovered, and then finally sped away over the horizon in Ernestowo, Bydgoszcz, Poland. (Source: Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume 2: A Thirty Year Report, pp. 24; International UFO Reporter, May-June 1987, p. 24).

1979, Mount Cameron, Tasmania, Australia - The witness had gone outside at 7:30 p.m. to investigate the reason her dog was barking when she noticed a bright light above a nearby mountain. It accelerated its downward approach and came towards her. The witness mentally told the object to retreat, which it then did. Subsequently the witness saw an apparition of a small humanoid (not described) that was in a seated position. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1979, citingMark Moravec, PSIUFO Phenomena).

1979 - The 47-year-old witness was at home in her Oak Lawn residence, southwest of Chicago, Illinois as she watched a huge blimp-like structure pass over her house at treetop level. Through the craft's luminous yellow hull, apparently transparent, four different types of three-foot-tall humanoids could be seen. The object made a loud humming and roaring sound as if left the area. No other witnesses were located. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1979, case # 292, citing International UFO Reporter, January-February 1980).

1984 - In Ashbury Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey a round UFO with spinning yellow lights hovered over area at 2:30 a.m., making a loud noise that woke many from their sleep. Fort Monmouth tracked a 90-foot wide object on radar at the time. (Source: Doris Graziano, APRO Bulletin, May 1985, p. 8).

1991 - At 10:30 p.m. 31-year-old night watchman Marcos Ibanez Ibarrola was driving his Renault 4 truck on his way to work in Torres de Elorz, near Pamploma, Navarra, Spain when he saw over a nearby water tower a flashing orange light approaching him. The object, a two meter wide disc-shaped object with a clear dome on top, approached quickly and struck his vehicle's hood, causing the truck to stop and completely disabling its electrical system. The object resembled a large truck tire encircled with several red and orange lights. It was making a loud revving sound. The witness quickly got out of his truck and ran to an embankment. He then saw a short, heavy set Grey humanoid within the glass canopy. It had a large head and glowing, slanted eyes. When another truck approached, the object rose vertically and quickly flew away in a zig-zagging flight path. Scratch marks and an oily thick and foul smelling liquid was found on the truck's hood. (Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue # 309; Albert S. Rosales, 1991 Humanoid Contact Reports Database, case # 2367, citing Iker Jimenez, Encuentros: La Historia de Los Ovni en España).

1992 - Three cylinders were seen in the sky at close range after a home burglar alarm system and lights were effected at 2:30 a.m. in Mount Seymour, British Columbia. The policeman witness was unable to wake his wife, but their baby reacted to the close encounter, and their dog became sick. The incident lasted 30 minutes. (Sources: Lorne Goldfader, Alien Update, p. 280; Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 318).

1993 - A motorist chased a domed disc-shaped object in his car for 12 minutes between Crouse and Cherryville, North Carolina at 4:30 a.m. A videotape of the domed object he made with his camcorder was evaluated by MUFON. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, November 1993).

1998 - A black triangle shaped UFO was seen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 1:30 a.m. The witness estimated the object to be "several times larger than an airplane." It hovered, than zipped across the sky in two seconds. (Source: Geoff Dittman, Canadian UFO Survey Report, case 92). 

2001 - A woman reported to the National UFO Reporting Center that her 12-year-old daughter came home from school in Grantville, Pennsylvania and said she had to tell her something, and she didn't think she would not believe her. At 7:47 p.m. she had seen two saucer-shaped craft in the sky that approached her; one had a "sparkly light" that came out of bottom of one of the ships in a tubular shape, that went towards the ground and stayed there for 15 seconds, then came back up into the ship. "Then both ships left the area going away from our hours." He daughter is afraid that something will happen to her or her family. She could not sleep well for several days since the event. (Source: George A. Filer & David E. Twichell, Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings, p. 2; Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, August 2001 webpage).

2001 - At 6:00 p.m. a black, triangular-shaped object was observed over Omaha, Nebraska in daylight for 45 seconds.  At 9:20 p.m. two very similar looking black, triangular objects , moving low to the ground, were seen in Marietta, Ohio for about a minute. They were moving very quickly in a northeasterly direction. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, August 2001 archived webpage, reports uploaded on October 12, 2001).

2004 - In Omemee, Ontario, Canada a low, dark, cloud-like object was spotted in the sky at 7:35 p.m. that moved from west to east, changed direction, then changed direction back again to west to east until it was out of view. (Source: Geoff Dittman, 2004 Canadian UFO Survey, case # 628, citing NUFORC).

2007 - At 11:34 p.m. a man had just let his dogs out into his backyard in Stafford, Virginia when they starting acting very aggresively. The older female dog got out the door and immediately ran down a hill as if to attack something. When the witness walked out and followed behind the dog, he illuminated the area with his handheld spotlight and saw what appeared to be two small beings, about 4 feet tall. They looked to be made out of light, that was faint but only illuminated their heads and hands, as if their bodies were cloaked by clothing. Next these two figures retreated quickly about ten feet down the hill, and, incredibly, seemed to crawl up into an unseen opening or portal. It looked like they were going up into a completely darkened craft. The witness could only describe it as a portal or window like opening, which didn’t emanate any light. He could still see that there must have been some sort of craft present, because when it started to move away it caused an air turbulence and a moving shadow two feet off the ground. He tried to shine his light on it but it seemed to absorb all light. As it moved away it rose up into the sky and then he could begin to make out a shape. Before the small figures entered the craft they looked back at the witness, and their eyes glowed softly with a pale blue light, but he could not see any other facial features. His dog stopped barking when the object left. The witness described the shape of the object as arrow shaped, about 20 feet long, with the pointed and narrow end in front and wider at the rear. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 2007, citing Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, August 2007 archived webpage).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 22 August 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: aircraft UFO encounters; aluminum or silver metallic UFOs; angel hair; animal reaction: dogs barking and acting aggresively; black humanoids; disc-shaped UFOs; domed discs; Grey UFOnaut; hovering; humming or roaring sounds; landing traces; levitation; missing time; multi-year reports from France, Greenland and Illinois; humanoids, inside occupants; oval-shaped UFOs; short humanoids; silver uniforms; spheres; sulphur odor; UFOs changing color; UFOs in triangular formation; vehicle EM ignition interference effects; vertical ascent; yellow UFO; zigzag maneuvers.

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