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 June 12

1929 - Levis Brosseau, age 20, was riding home in Fermeneuve, Quebec on horseback at 11:00 p.m. when he saw a dark object with a yellow light landed on the ground. His horse became very nervous. The object was estimated to be 15 meters in diameter and 5 meters high, and he witnessed four or five dwarfish figures running back and forth within 6 meters of the object. He heard their sharp, childlike voices. The dark object then took off with a machine-like sound and rush of air. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, pg. 189).

1947 - A bright metallic ovoid object was seen from the highway in Weiser, Idaho by a Mrs. Erickson and her daughter at 6:15 p.m. The UFO zigzagged to the southwest. It and a second object were in view for three minutes before vanishing. (Sources: Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucers Are Real, p. 24).

1952 - At 4:00 p.m. several disc-shaped UFOs followed an airliner over Mill Valley in Marin County, California for five minutes. (Source: Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 12).

1952 - At 7:30 p.m. A U.S. Army Major and a Lt. Colonel, using binoculars, watched an orange ball with a tail fly with a low angular velocity in Fort Smith, Arkansas. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case #1269; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; Kevin D. Randle, Invasion Washington: UFOs over the Capitol, p. 264).

1952 - At 11:26 a.m. at a U.S. Air Force radar facility in Marakesch, Morocco Sgt. H. D. Adams, operating an SCR-584 radar set, tracked an unidentified radar blip moving at 650 knots (750 mph) and at an altitude greater than 60,000 feet. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case #1270; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1957 - At 7:30 p.m. in Milano, Italy Mr. G. U. Donadio, a translator for export-import firm, sighted a UFO as "big as a hen's egg" that flew very fast, zigzagged, hovered and revolved, then shot straight up and away after 17 minutes. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1958, near Le Brusc, France - Three fishermen had gone to sea on the Mediterranean Sea at night to set their nets. It was a very clear, starry night, and the sea was calm. A big orange-colored ball of light descended very quickly towards the sea, and soon it became a great big globe lying on the surface of the water. "Just lightly touching the waves it remained there for several minutes, but we had the impression that it was revolving, like a wheel turning round and round on the same place." It caused a strong air disturbance for they could see the water being whipped up around it. The ball came rolling toward the fishermen's boat, and they were terrified that it would collide with them. It didn't in fact go over them but passed very close by, making such big waves that they nearly capsized. They felt a powerful blast of heat and a strong blast of air. As it went by it made a faint humming noise. Comparing it to their boat, it seemed to be about 4 meters in diameter. Moving along by leaps, half-disappearing among the waves, it made a right-hand turn and disappeared on the horizon. (Sources: FSR Case Histories, April 1973, pp. 13-14; Lumieres dans la Nuit (Contact Lecteurs), Series 3, No. 5, January 1971).

Le Brusc, France Orange Ball of Light - 1958


1961 - A smoke ring was seen in the presence of a UFO at 6:30 p.m. in Waynesville, Ohio. (Source: APRO Bulletin, July-August 1961, p. 1).

1964 - A domed disc-shaped UFO hovered near the main power station in Hallam, Victoria, Australia at 5:55 p.m. It then flew away to the northwest toward Melbourne. (Source: Michael Hervey, UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere, p. 100).

1964 - Police Chief Richard Crawford of Elmore, Ohio spotted a bright, motionless blinking object emitting multi-colored lights near the intersection of Route 51 and Nissen Road at 10:15 p.m. Some kind of halo surrounded it. After about 20 minutes a spotlight was aimed at the object, and it went away. It was again seen at the local school half an hour before midnight, at an altitude of about 1000 feet, flying at a good speed to the northwest, toward the town of Genoa. It made the sound of a bullet flying by one's ear. Crawford radioed another policeman and asked him to meet him at a certain point. The other officer arrived there first, and witnessed the object giving off bursts of light once per second. It took off again when Crawford arrived, changed course at high speed, and was lost to sight in a few seconds. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma, pg. 37).

1974 - On this day a UFO with bouncing movements, or "a bobbing up and down" hovered over tree tops near Grantham, North Carolina for 20 minutes. The craft had windows and a row of lights estimated to be about 15 feet long. It also made a whirring noise. (Sources: George D. Fawcett, Flying Saucers, December 1974, p. 39; Frank Harrison, Skylook, July 1974, p. 20).

1975 - A diamond shaped object landed on a gravel road in a mountainous area of Big Chimney, West Virginia shortly before 10:00 p.m. It was witnessed by four members of the Crichfield family. Four landing gear imprints were found at the site. (Sources: Center for UFO Studies case files, letter dated August 3, 1975; Larry Hatch, U computer database, citing Alan Landsburg, In Search of Extraterrestrials, p. 8)

1977 - In Bardney, England this afternoon a group of boarding school boys, concealed on the opposite side of a hedge, saw a black "stick man" with a round, featureless head, "jolting" along about 150 meters away. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A1736).

1977 -- A man would had just been laid off work was attending a meeting of his colleagues in Crystal Lake, Illinois to discuss the matter. During the course of the meeting he'd had half a dozen beers. About 11 p.m. he left the hotel for some fresh air. Outside he immediately saw approaching him three small figures emerging from an alley adjacent to the hotel. His first thought was that they were coming for him, but he noticed a fourth being lying directly in front of him on the ground, only a few yards away. It was doubled up, with its back toward him, as if injured. He also noticed a strange absence of sound, in that he was unable to hear any traffic sounds coming from the street. The beings were about 4 feet 10 inches tall, with small, slender bodies and large baldheads. They were wearing glass fish bowl-type helmets, with a metallic band attached from the helmets to their uniforms. The uniforms were tight one-piece suits of a dark green color, with a metallic luster. The only facial feature he could see through the helmet were two large, round, luminous eyes. They lifted the prone colleague and carried him off toward the alley. Throughout the encounter he felt no fear--he had the feeling, in fact, that they had somehow informed him they would not harm him. He made a report to the police, and he told his friends but was laughed at. (Source: Center for UFO Studies files, report by Douwe Goaga dated February 8, 1978).

1979 - Pine Ridge, South Carolina. Members of a rock band practicing in a barn stepped outside to watch an unusual form hovering low over the containment building and smokestack of the Carolina Power & Light nuclear power plant one half mile away to their northeast. An ovoid shaped object, seen primarily by its lights in the clear dusk sky, had two huge bright yellowish-white beams of light. After hovering motionless for 2-5 minutes all the lights faded except a blue light. The UFO moved off and was gone in "three blinks of the eye." After about five minutes, a second sighting took place. It hovered to the right of the nuclear power plant and directed a beam of light at it while hovering for another 2-5 minutes. The second object flew off toward the northwest. No one at the power plant reported seeing anything unusual to the chief of security. (Source: International UFO Reporter, July 1979, p. 21).

1981 - Robert Gomez, a vacuum truck driver, was headed west on highway FR 665 toward Alice, Texas after finishing a job. His vehicle had about 165 gallons of water in the tank and no pressure. At 2:10 p.m. he saw a bright object in the sky that he first thought was an airplane. It increased in brightness and stopped in midair. The object was domed disc-shaped, brilliant white in color and with a dark ring around the rim and another dark ring around its center. Gomez felt the truck slowing down and tried to accelerate. The truck's exhaust stacks were blowing smoke, but the truck had apparently been lifted a foot off the ground. Although his AM radio quit working, his CB radio was still working, so he reported what was happening to his dispatcher. Shortly later the UFO disappeared into the clouds. Smoke was discovered coming out of the water tank valve, which now showed 55 pounds of pressure on the gauge. He opened the valve to drain the remaining water, but only steam came out. (Sources: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, pp. 313-314; MUFON UFO Journal, January 1982; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 276).

1986 - Two persons observed three deep blue colored objects flying in a triangular formation. When they over flew Lake Trasimeno they descended vertically into the lake. (Source: Marco Bianchini, USOCAT by IItalian Center for UFO Studies (CISU). http://www.cisu.org/).

1994 - A hexagon-shaped object circled by lights had four square portholes on its bottom, was seen at 8:40 p.m. in St. Usuges, France. It flew away toward the north. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue no. 326).

1995 - In Wichita, Kansas a lone witness reported encountering several strange humanoids to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington. There was no UFO associated with the report. (Sources: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1995, case #2170, citing Francis Ridge, UFO Intelligence Newsletter, February 1996; Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center).

1999 - In Alton Barnes, England a crop formation 700 feet in length, with a design consisting of boxes, keys, and a Celtic cross was found on this day. In the afternoon of this day in Goias, Brazil a UFO the size of a football field landed in the city. Jet interceptor aircraft were scrambled from Anapolis AFB in response to the reports, but did not arrive in time. At 10:30 a.m. in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts a silver, metallic object was seen hovering at approximately a mile to a mile and a half altitude, from Route 20 eastbound. At noon a gray object with a black dot in the center was seen moving very slowly across the sky in Melbourne, Victoria. In Adelaide, South Australia four men sitting outside saw a bright blue light appear from nowhere. It was long and large, and moved level for 15 seconds toward the east, with a flame visible from the tail section. It vanished from view. (Sources: MUFON UFO Journal, July 1999, p. 15; UFO Magazine (USA), September 1999, p. 19; Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, June 1999 web page; Australasian Ufologist, January 2001, p. 36).

2004 - In Torrance, California at 3:03 p.m. a high altitude metallic disc-shaped object was watched from seven minutes. It reflected sunlight at times as it moved first west, then to the northwest. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, June 2004 webpage).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 4 June 2006).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: animal reactions, disc-shaped UFOs, domed discs, faceless "stick man" humanoid, humming and whirring sounds, landings, levitation of vehicles, multi-colored UFOs, absence of sound ("Oz effect"), orange spherical UFOs, sensation of heat, short humanoids wearing fishbowl helmets, silvery metallic UFOs, smoke associated with UFOs, UFO in vicinity of nuclear power plant, UFOs with halo or vapor ring, up and down motion, zigzag maneuvers.