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 March 13

1950 - A glowing light descended, then hovered with a swaying motion over farm country in Clarksburg, California at 5:00 a.m. It made a droning sound, and stayed in the area for 15 minutes. (Sources: R. B. McLaughlin, True magazine, March 1950, p. 25; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1950: January-March, p. 49, citing Civilian Saucer Intelligence Newsletter, October 1958, p. 83).

1950 - An nine meter in diameter object, described as a spaceship with a propeller, allegedly landed in Penon de Los Banos, Mexico on this day. The pilot of the craft conversed in the Spanish language with the witness. His message was that "they" will colonize after we destroy ourselves. There was a reported odor of sulphur accompanying the presence of the UFOnaut. (Sources: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A0157, citing the Durango Herald, March 19, 1950; El Universal, March 14, 1950).

1951 - At 3:15 p.m. a 200 foot long cylinder with twin tails was sighted over McClellan AFB in Sacramento County, California. It made a turn to the north and flew off at an incredible speed. A Project Blue Book "unknown." (Source: U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case 907).

1956 - At 3:00 a.m. a violet colored saucer-shaped object made several passes over the city of Barquismeto, Venezuela. There were more than 17 witnesses who reported the event. (Source: Loren E. Gross, The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse: UFOs: A History. 1956: January-April, p. 52).

1956 - At 9:30 a.m. a silent, silver colored disc flew over Ponta Grossa, Brazil and off to the west, making wild maneuvers in the sky. It flew away with a bang. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 4941, citing Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1956 Supplement, p. 22).

1959 - Driving over a hill in Purnong Landing, South Australia at 2:10 a.m., 1.6 kilometers from the ferry, two men names Briggs and Towill came upon a multi-colored domed disc on the ground. It was about 10 meters in diameter and 100 meters away from them. The UFO went through a regular sequence of color changes. It had red and blue lights, and when on the ground they were half blue and half red, which would switch colors. When they decided to get closer it rose and flew off. They watched it for 10 minutes. (Sources: Michael Hervey, UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, p. 157; Keith Basterfield, UFO Research Australia Newsletter, March 1982, p. 23).

1963 - Fred White was fishing in Richards Bay, South Africa at 10:30 p.m. when he heard a high-pitched whine coming from the east and saw an object come in his direction and land 15 meters away, scattering sand. It was at least 30 meters in diameter, and was shaped like two plates glued together. Through several oval portholes he could see light inside. A man with a fair complexion, wearing a metallic helmet, was looked at him through one of the portholes. He wore a sky-blue, one-piece coverall with no visible buttons or fasteners, and gloves made of shiny mesh. Warm air was felt as the craft took off about six minutes later, and radio interference was noted. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case 568).

1966 - On this night a news reporter and his family saw an egg-shaped object 150 feet over some power lines in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The felt a vibration and the TV and house lights dimmed. That same night in Black River Falls, Wisconsin a greenish-white object was seen from a house, emitting loud beeps. The witnesses' dogs reacted by barking, and there was static on the TV and stereo radio. (Source: (1) Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 318; (2) Allen Utke case investigation files; Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., Strange Effects from UFOs, p. 70).

1964 - At 6:17 p.m. a UFO paced a vehicle being driven by a man named Grazier along Salt Creek, Tilley, South Australia. The object was estimated to be 200 feet long, silver in color, and made a whining noise as it chased the car. (Sources: Keith Basterfield, UFO Research South Australia, case SA64005; Ray Palmer, Flying Saucers, January-February 1966, p. 53; Michael Hervey, UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, p. 190).

1973 - Jorge Roberto Herrera, an engineering student, saw a daylight UFO shaped like two plates put together rim to rim about 20 kilometers north of Salta, Argentina. It descended in a falling-leaf fashion until it was within a yard of the ground, then it settled in a tilted position beside the highway he was on. It was aluminum colored while it was landing, but turned color to a dull copper after in landed. It was about 3-4 meters (16 feet) wide. After three minutes some legs thrust out, which leveled the UFO. Then Herrera saw beside it a being 5 feet two inches tall, dressed in a white "diving suit" with an opaque helmet. The beings arms were cut off short without any hands. The feet were covered by the suit, with no other footwear. He did not see the entity emerge from the craft. It glided a few feet without walking, then vanished. A few seconds later the UFO retracted its legs, returned to an inclined position, and took off. Herrera was about 50 feet away from it at the time. He took what he thought was one step and found he was already standing at the landing marks, having moved 50 feet without any conscious memory. There were seven imprints at the site, nonsymmetrically arranged, covering an area of only about five feet square. A small truck came up and its driver said that he had seen the UFO and it had caused his engine and his radio to fail. This man drove Herrera, who now felt ill, to Salta. He entered a medical clinic there, where he underwent treatment for eight days without ever being told the diagnosis. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-86, citing Fabio Zerpa, ONIFE).

1975 - There were many UFO reports from Ashland and Iron Counties in northern Wisconsin on this night. At 9:00 p.m. a noisy disc-shaped UFO witnessed by the Baker family left a ring-shaped ground mark in the snow in Mellen, Wisconsin. Three nocturnal lights circled and buzzed cars from the Sherriff's department in Iron County at 11:00 p.m. A police radio failed to work for 15 minutes during the encounters. (Sources: APRO Bulletin, April-May 1975, p. 1; CUFOS case files, report dated March 20, 1975; Jay Rath, The W-Files: True Reports of Wisconsin's Unexplained Phenomena, p. 61).

1977 - Two teenagers near Mandurah, Western Australia observed a globe of light moving in a straight line in the sky at 8:30 p.m. Their car's engine died during the sighting, which lasted only a few seconds, but their car headlights remained on. The object was bluish-white in color and vanished in the distance, still moving at a steady speed. The car's engine then could be restarted with no trouble. (Source: Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 409, citing ACUFOS)

1977 - At 9:00 p.m. Stephen Taylor, age 17, was walking home from a visit to his girlfriend's house in Pen-Y-Cwm, Pembrokeshire, Wales when he saw an orange, luminous, pear-shaped UFO in the sky. He walked to a friend's house to tell him but was not believed. About half a mile further on he noticed that he could not see the lights of farmhouses to his right. Looking closer, he saw that they were obscured by a large dome-shaped object, dark in appearance, about 30 to 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet high, that was resting in the adjacent field. Around its underside there was a dim glow of light. As he watched he heard footsteps, and looking around only a few yards away was a figure "like a skinny human six-foot tall." The being looked "like an old man" with high cheekbones, and had large round eyes resembling those of a fish. Over its mouth was a box like device with a tube leading over the shoulder. It was wearing a one-piece suit that looked semi-transparent. Taylor took a swing at the figure and ran for home. On arrival he found his dog acted strangely toward him, snarling and barking, and had to be put outdoors. The dog behaved normally the next day. (Source: David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977 -13, citing Randall Jones Pugh, BUFORA).

1980 - At 7.50 p.m. a 31-year-old man saw a huge cigar-shaped object with red lights at both ends fly silently south to north over the A422 highway east of Alcester, Warwickshire, England. The man's steering wheel became unbearably hot during the flyover, and it caused burns on his hands, including one that left a permanent mark on his left hand. (Source: Tony Green, FSR, January 1981, p. 32).

1982 - Several teenagers attending a disco in Messel, near Frankfurt, Germany watched three groups of four lights arranged in squares in the night sky. The first two formations of objects moved slowly, and then hovered. The third group flew fast. At 21:30 a luminous blue domed disc appeared over some woods, and approached to within 100 meters. It was ten meters in diameter, made a humming sound, and had rotating multicolored lights. Police also witnessed the object. The close encounter lasted 20 minutes. (Source: Illobrand von Ludwiger, Best UFO Cases--Europe, p. 21).

1987 - At 4:54 a.m. a silent, tapered 12-foot long cylindrical object pursued a car near Moose Jaw, Saskachewan, Canada for four minutes. It followed the car with three witnesses closely, coming to within an estimated 40 feet. It gave off no Exhaust. (Source: MUFON UFO Journal, May 1989).

1990 - Ms. D. MacPhee had previously heard strange sounds in her house in Marshfield, Massachusetts at around 11:30 p.m. (March 12th) and discovered some furniture that had been overturned. Later she heard loud knocking sounds coming from the crawlspace underneath the living room floor. She ran upstairs and woke up her husband, but he fell back asleep. At 1:30 a.m. she took a flashlight with her and went to the sunroom, where she found the heavy doorframe knocked down and lying on the grass. See next saw a three-and-a-half-foot tall humanoid floating above the ground. The being had a large oval-shaped head with large black almond shaped eyes, smooth gray skin, a small slit for a mouth and nostril. The humanoid wore a black loose-fitting, cape-like garment. She dropped her flashlight and attempted to run upstairs to alert her husband. A period of about 50 minutes of missing time was reported, confirmed by the clock and her husband, and an abduction event was later confirmed under hypnosis. (Sources: MUFON field investigations database, case 901205, Field Investigator Morton Schafer; Morton Schafer, MUFON UFO Journal, February 1991, issue #274; David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case A2303, citing Morton Schafer).

1990 - Two women driving in Pensacola Beach, Florida at three o'clock in the afternoon saw two white, milk bottle-shaped objects make an angular descent over Pensacola Bay. The objects were estimated to be about 20-30 feet in length, and reflected sunlight. When less than 150 feet above the water, and at an estimated distance of two miles, the objects dematerialized and vanished in few seconds. (Source: MUFON field investigations database, case 900422C, citing Field Investigators Carol & Rex Salisberry).

1992 - At ten o'clock in the morning Mr. Hooker, the chief photographer for WFRV-TV, videotaped a cigar-shaped UFO in Bellevue, Wisconsin, which is a suburb of Green Bay. The UFO traveled from right to left in the frame, passing behind a windmill. Its estimated altitude was 25,000 feet, and it had a speed of 7,000 mph. (Source: Timothy Good, Alien Update, p. 257).

1992 - That same night, several witnesses in Jacanas, Puerto Rico watched numerous lights maneuvering over a nearby hilltop. A huge round, lighted craft descended and appeared to land behind the hill. Two women got into their car and drove towards the location to investigate. As they neared the area they noticed a grayish luminous light hovering over the hill, and a columnar beam of light was emanating from it. One of the then went into a trance and would not respond to her companion, so the other decided to drive back to her home. Once at her house they picked up some additional witnesses and they again drove back to the area where the light had been seen hovering. When they arrived, all of the witnesses except for the driver noticed a five-foot tall humanoid figure standing by the side of the road, no more than then feet from their vehicle. The being was thin with long thin arms, a large head and large dark almond-shaped eyes; his skin was gray in color and appeared to have a slight glow to it. He stood motionless looking at the witnesses. Behind him a shaft of grayish light could be seen, apparently coming from the light source above. At this point the witnesses panicked and drove away quickly from the area. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1992, case # 2101, citing Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI, issue # 5).

1997 - Thousands in Phoenix, Arizona saw lights arranged in a V-shaped formation on this evening beginning at 7:55 p.m. There appear to have been two separate incidents. Earlier in the evening what may have been a huge V-shaped object passed over the states of Nevada and Arizona. Over the next two hours multiple objects or lights, estimated to be one to two miles apart, hovered motionless over the mountains and were seen and videotaped from several locations. The Government explanation of the sightings was that the Air National Guard was performing flight operations from Luke A.F.B. dropping flares, and this may well be the explanation for the later sightings. However, the sightings earlier in the evening remained unexplained. (Sources: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 17890, citing Lumieres dans la Nuit, March 1997, issue # 343).

2003 - Three boomerang shaped objects hovered over the ocean off the coast of Panama City, Florida at 11:00 p.m. The sighting was brief, lasting less than 15 seconds. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, March 2003 archived webpage).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 10 March 2007).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: abduction; animal reaction: dog snarling and barking; blue uniform; car pursuits; cigar or cylinder shaped UFOs; disc-shaped UFOs; diving suit; domed discs; EM effects: house lights dimmed, radio & TV interference, vehicle ignition interference effect; falling leaf motion; Grey humanoids; high pitched whining sounds; humming sound; landing marks; missing time; multicolored UFOs; multi-year reports from Wisconsin; Nordic UFOnaut; orange UFO; pear-shaped UFO with dome; physiological effects: illness for eight days, burns on hands; radio interference; tall thin humanoid, V-shaped UFOs.