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 October 29

1952 - At two a.m. a white luminous object was seen by the pilots of two F-94s over Hempstead, England. It maneuvered at high speed, exhibiting extreme acceleration. (Source: Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucers from Outer Space, p. 6).

1952 - At 7:50 a.m. at Erding Air Depot in West Germany U.S. Air Force S/Sgt. Anderson and A/2c Max Handy sighted a round flying object silhouetted against a cloud. It flew straight, level and smooth at an estimated speed of 400 mph for 20 seconds. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 2196; Loren E. Gross, UFOs: A History. 1952: November-December, p. 10; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1954 - At 1:30 a.m. a glowing cylindrical object was seen along the roadside in Coulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France. It had a row of portholes on its side, four tubes and four fins, and took off vertically. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 4092, citing Jean Sider, Dossier 1954 et l'Imposture Rationaliste, p. 124).

1954 - At 7:45 a.m. in Mesples, France a 14-year-old boy sought asylum in the farmhouse owned by Mrs. Gentil, screaming that he was being chased by a flying saucer. A disc three times the apparent diameter of the sun, red and purple in color, and spinning rapidly, was seen descending swiftly toward the ground. It then vanished. There was an investigation of the incident by the local police. (Sources: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 240, case 321; Jimmy Guieu, Flying Saucers Come from Another World, p. 232).

1954 - At 2:25 p.m. several workers in a field in Palagonia, Italy sighted a luminous translucent disc-shaped object with two red lights on top descend and then hover above them. From inside of the object an unknown creature (not described) could be seen staring at the workers. As the creature scrutinized them they became frightened. The object suddenly descended then shot back up into the sky, emitting a very loud sound as it quickly disappeared from sight. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1954, case # 1598; Maurizio Verga, ITACAT Italian UFO database).

1954 - At 6:00 p.m. the crew of a U. S. Air Force C-47D transport plane flying over the Philippines saw a long narrow bright blue oblong object emitting deep ­orange sparks from the front and rear. (Sources: Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 24; Jan Aldrich, Project 1947 website).

1954 - At nine o'clock in the evening four Portuguese nationals at the airport on Terciera Island in the Azores sighted a UFO shaped like a stovepipe. It had a central bulge and short wings; they estimated it was 10 in length, three feet in diameter, and had wings three feet long. The wings of the object had concave wingtips, and it was gray in color. The UFO made a gargling sound when hovering, then disappeared into the glare of the airplane's landing lights. The sighting lasted 4-5 minutes. (Sources: Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 3287; Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns; Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos files, newspaper clipping dated November 3, 1954).

1964 - At 6:10 p.m. a 100-foot-long yellow glowing cigar, tilted 15 degrees upward, descended out of some low heavy clouds in Arlington, Massachusetts. It had a dark area at one end, and two vertical black stripes in its midsection. (Source: Raymond E. Fowler, case investigation files, report dated December 24, 1964; Raymond Fowler, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, p. 331).

Arlington, Massachusetts - 1964


1966 - A cigar-shaped object with satellite objects was seen in Rushville, Indiana for over an hour by a group of women, beginning at 6:35 p.m. There were other UFO sightings by other witnesses at 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Source: APRO Bulletin, November-December 1966, p. 5).

1967 - In Santa Adelita, Sao Paolo State, Brazil Mr. P, age 51, was driving home at around 11:00 p.m. when he came to the top of a ridge he saw an aluminum colored object hovering 200 feet away, just four feet above the ground.  It was plate shaped with a convex bottom side, and about 30 feet in diameter. When he got to within 50 feet of it his car motor stopped. He described the object as "full of lights", red and other colors, which alternately blinked on and off. Standing near the saucer was a robustly built man about 5-1/2 feet tall, dressed in a light colored garment (the witness could not specify the color because he was color blind). This being walked in front of the witness and turned on a very bright white beam of light from a flashlight like object. The witness thought he would be assaulted, so he half opened the car door, steadied his .22 revolver on it, and fired 6 shots at the UFO occupant. He reported that he was a good shot with this revolver, and after shooting he could no longer see him. Then the saucer-shaped craft began to oscillate, and he heard a sound like a cowbell. At last, the UFO flew away on an oblique course. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-109 (A1791), citing Walter Buhler, SBEDV Bulletin, May 1976, p. 9).

1970 - At 4:40 p.m. while driving three kilometers east of Helleland, Norway Mr. Salvesen had just come to a transformer station on his right when he was temporarily blinded by a blue-white light that hurt his eyes. A ball of light 20 feet in diameter came down on a slope. Inside was a shiny, domed disc-shaped object. Its rim was a steel blue color. He had some lasting eye injury as the result of his encounter. (Source: Andre Liljegren, FSR Case Histories, April 1971, p. 4).

Helleland, Norway Close Encounter - 1970


1972 - A metallic gray, domed disc was seen on a clear day by a young woman in Ghlin, Hainaut, Belgium at 10:40 a.m. It had a well-defined outline, and moved slower than a plane. It moved in a straight trajectory, from northwest to southwest. (Source: Vertongen Jean-Luc Vertongen, SOBEPS News, March 1976, p. 8).

1973 - At 5:20 p.m. Carlos Argue Balvidares, age 43, the manager of a country estate located 25 kilometers northeast of General Pinto, in Buenos Aires province, Argentina was drinking tea when his 13-year-old son Manuel called his attention to the presence of three people floating in the air over the surface of a pond 100 yards away. Balvidares went to the pond and called out to them. They "disappeared immediately, only to return to show themselves at the opposite shore of the pond, 300 yards away."

There were two men and a woman. The woman was about 5' 3" tall and had long black hair, black clothing, and white boots. The two men were both of the same height and somewhat shorter. The men appeared to be naked and of a "sunburned" color; they may have been wearing tight fitting one-piece suits. They were blond, and their hair appeared "glued on." All three had white complexions, wide foreheads, and small noses. They floated about with their arms held close to their bodies.

On the far side of the pond rested a luminous rectangular object approximately 35 feet in diameter and 7-10 feet high. It emitted a beam of light 15 inches in diameter that struck Balvidares. He felt dazzled and he could feel heat from it. Balvidares took his horse and rode to the pond, but when he had got halfway there he encountered an "invisible barrier" and could not proceed. Meanwhile the beings continued to maneuver over the surface of the pond, communicating by "a kind of shriek, like the sound made by a radio which is poorly tuned."

After an hour and a half Balvidares again mounted his horse to ride around the pond, but this time the beings returned to the UFO. The images of the men changed in color to dark green and orange" as they approached the craft. Then the witness smelled "an odor of sulphur" and became drowsy for a few moments. When he recovered the UFO and its entities had gone. On later investigation many triangular footprints four to five inches long, showing four claw marks at the front of the triangle, were found in the vicinity of the UFO's resting place. The object itself left four triangular impressions 15 inches on a side, arranged in a square 13 feet on a side. The horse "exhibited nervousness" after the event, and its hair began to fall out. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1973-117 (A1712), citing Omar R. Demattei, ONIFE).

1975 - An unknown helicopter with an orange light landed in a munitions storage area at Loring Air Force Base, Maine for the second night in a row. (Source: Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence (Volume II). A Thirty Year Report, p. 77; Awareness, February 1978, p. 10).

1975 - A 15-year-old teenager in Mount Healthy, Ohio had a close encounter with a cylindrical UFO at around 8:00 p.m. He reported that it was only 25 feet overhead, and completely silent. Red lights rotated on the bottom of the object. When it left it shot straight up. (Source: Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red: The UFO Siege, p. 37).

1975 - Beginning at 10 p.m. an unknown object maneuved over the town of Sao Goncalo do Amarante, Ceara State, Brazil at low altitude for two hours, causing panic. It shot beams of blue and orange toward the ground; it stopped for a few minutes over a filling station, causing a power outage. (Source: Claude Bourtembourg, SOBEPS News, March 1976, p. 18).

1976 - At 8:25 p.m. six young men were out playing near a walled playing field next to a local cemetery in Baracaldo, Spain when they heard a loud crackling sound. Two of the boys next noticed an object resembling a telephone booth and emitting a red and white light descend towards the walled in field, so they ran to the field and saw it land behind some bushes on three legs. An oval-shaped opening became visible from which a red light shone. Then two very tall human like figures emerged. The figures wore tight-fitting black diving suits and wide bright belts. The figures walked slowly towards the wall, and the two boys could now see bright shiny eyes but no other facial features. One of the humanoids banged on the wall several times, and then both walked to the center of the yard. One of them then pulled out a long thin object from a sack he was wearing on his side and pointed it at the wall, and a long thin beam of light came from the device and hit the wall several times; at one point the beam turned white. Moments later both figures walked back to their craft. At this point the teens ran to tell their families and so did not see the object depart. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1976, case # 637, citing J. J. Benitez, La Quinta Columna).

1976 - A man was walking his dog in a local park in Toronto, Ontario at around 10 p.m. when a fluorescent bluish green light descended from the sky and enveloped him. He then saw something resembling a television screen in front of him. Soon images of apparently extraterrestrial figures appeared and communicated with the witness. His dog was terrified during the encounter and the witness suffered from general malaise afterwards. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1973, citing John Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters).

1977 - On this evening on Mosqueiro Island, near Colares, Para State, Brazil Benedito Campos and his 17-year-old wife Silvia Mara were at home when they spotted an oval-shaped, silvery object emitting a greenish beam, like a searchlight, towards the room where they were lying in bed. Curious, they approached a small window and as they did, the beam shot in through the window and made straight for Silvia, throwing her into some sort of benumbed, trance-like state. Silvia, who was pregnant at the time, then fainted. Two humanoid entities then entered the house, carrying something resembling a gold flashlight; again the beam struck Silvia, this time hitting her in the left arm at wrist level. Benedito ran to a neighbor's house and was also briefly paralyzed by a light beam. Both husband and wife were later taken to a local hospital, were they both recovered. However, Benedito suffered from depression after the incident. (Sources: Richard F. Haines, CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, p. 138; Albert S. Rosales, 1977 Humanoid Contact Database, case # 3779, citing Daniel Rebisso Geise).

1978 - At 11:15 p.m. in Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire, England a bell-shaped UFO with a bright light on top caused car radio interference in a vehicle being driven near some railway tracks by Ms. J. Fletcher, a woman in her twenties. The UFO had rings of light circling its base, and three bumps on the bottom. It hovered, tilted at an angle, descended, and moved away to the north. (Source: Jenny Randles, International UFO Reporter, November 1986, p. 9).

1980 - On this evening in Middletown, Orange County, New York a triangle-shaped object hovered silently at tree top level. It was seen again 15 minutes later, when it shined four light beams down on witnesses in a car. (Source: UFO Newsclipping Service, January 1981, p. 1).

1983 - At 4:40 a.m. two police constables saw a large structured object with two rows of lights maneuvering over hills while driving along the A59 Highway on Blubberhouses Moor, North Yorkshire, England. (Sources: Paul Devereax, Earth Lights Revelation, p. 109; Gary Heseltine, Police Reports of UFOs, case # 117, citing the Yorkshire Post).

1990 - At 1:15 a.m. a huge, bright orange ball with the top third cut off was seen Elizabethtown, North Carolina. In Morganton, North Carolina at 10:19 p.m. two oval lights connected by bar hovered 300 feet off the ground, making a whining sound. (Source: Paul Ferrughelli, Computer Catalog of UFO Reports, 1988-94, cases 972 & 986; citing UFO Newsclipping Service).

1990 - At 8 p.m. a 44-year-old woman in Argos, Indiana witnessed a strange, dark, delta-shaped object with multicolored lights. It made no sound as it maneuvered through the sky. (Sources: K. O. Learner, MUFON Field Investigation case files, 940401J; Francis L. Ridge, Regional Encounters, p. 138).

1993 - A huge, totally silent, triangular object with red and yellow lights glided overhead as a copule drove in their car for more than two miles from Bedford to Mount Kisco in Westchester County, New York at 9:30 p.m. It was at very close range; The close encounter lasted for five minutes. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 1993 webpage, reported uploaded January 28, 1999).

1994 - A 20 meter in diameter domed disc-shaped object landed in a meadow in St. Germain-en-Montagne, Jura, France at 7:30 p.m, and was seen by two observers. It had portholes around the dome; no traces were found at the landing site. The landing lasted three minutes. (Source: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 329).

1996 - At 6:40 p.m. a huge white sphere flew fast over Dannemois, Essonne, France from northwest to southeast. At 6:45 p.m. a green triangle-shaped object hovered over a highway in Sermaises, Loiret,  France, pivoted in place, and then flew off to the north. It was also seen in Etampes and Etrechy. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, cases # 17476 & 17477, citing Banque OVNI Reports, p. 96).

2000 - A powerful-sounding, mystery triangle-shaped craft hovered low over a farmhouse in Unadilla, New York at 11:50 p.m. The vibrations it caused were so strong that they knocked over objects inside the house. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 2000 webpage, report uploaded August 16, 2002).

2002 - A witness named Ed reported that on the evening of October 29, at about 5:20 p.m., he sighted two triangle-shaped object flying over his home, located 15 miles southeast of Spokane, Washington. Ov the hills to the east he first noticed a very bright light on an object heading WSW. It had a bright white headlight, and what looked like normal red and green navigation lights on the wing tips, a white strobe light on the bottom, and dim white lights on the underside corners. He also heard what sounded like a muted jet aircraft engine sound. However, what seemed out of place was the extremely bright, single headlight on the nose, not the normal landing lights. Within a minute he saw a second similar craft with three dim lights in the corners, and no discernable fuselage. He contacted Fairchild AFB and talked with the Public Affairs officer, who basically said that unless an unidentified aircraft appeared on their radar, "we don't care!" He added, "I just want to emphasize that the B-2 and the F-117 fighter have a distinctive 'saw-tooth' pattern to the trailing edge of their wings. The craft which I observed appeared to have a perfectly straight trailing edge--just like a triangle and was at least as large as the B-2." (Source: George A. Filer & David E. Twichell, Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings, pp. 60-61).

2002 - At 10:00 p.m. three objects with rotating rings of light were sighted over Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They descended one at a time. (Source: Geoff Dittman, 2002 Canadian UFO Survey, case # 448).

2004 - Odd lights were seen, most likely on a large, slow moving cigar-shaped craft, north of Indianapolis, Indiana at 11:45 p.m. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 2004 webpage).

2007 - At 6:50 a.m. a triangle-shaped object with red and green lights, and a very bright red, slowly pulsating light, was seen over Sterling Heights, Michigan. It made no sound. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 2007 webpage, report uploaded November 28, 2007).

2007 - At 8:53 another triangular object with three lights was seen flying over Bedford, Westchester County, New York. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 2007 webpage, report uploaded November 28, 2007).

2009 - At 8:15 p.m a very large, silent, rectangular craft with four lights was seen moving slowly across the sky in Centerville, Montgomery County, Ohio. At 8:45 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. there were two reports of 5-8 lights that appeared in the sky in New Vienna, Clinton County, Ohio. They were golden colored, and appeared one after another. (Source: Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle, October 2009 webpage, report uploaded December 12, 2009).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 29 October 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: alien images projected onto television-like screen; animal reactions: dog and horse frightened; bluish green light; bulky UFOnaut; cigar-shaped or cylindrical UFOs; disc-shaped UFOs; domed discs; flying humanoids; green beam; ground marks: footprints and four landing gear imprints; multi-colored UFOs; multi-year reports from Brazil, England, France, Indiana and New York; physiological effects: eye injury, sensation of heat from beam of light; RF interference; shooting of UFOnaut by witness; tall UFOnauts; triangular UFOs; vertical ascent; whining sound; yellow UFOs.

© Donald A. Johnson