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 September 15

1954 - At 3:20 a.m. a red disc-shaped object surrounded by a green halo was sighted by a married couple in Roubaix, Nord department, France for 35 seconds. It rose vertically until a point of light, and disappeared when at the zenith. (Source: Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, p. 49).

1954 - On this afternoon in Kadori, Bihar, India a noisy disc-shaped object approximately 20 feet in diameter was sighted by over 800 people, hovering for a few minutes. (Source: Donald E. Keyhoe, Flying Saucer Conspiracy, p. 26; Thomas M. Olsen, The Reference for Outstanding UFO Reports, case # 45).

1954 - At 8:45 p.m. a red cigar-shaped shaped object reappeared over the town of Bois-en-Ardres, Pas-de-Calais, France and circled the area, giving off a red and white glow. (Source: Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, p. 49; Michel Figeut & Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le Premier Dossier Complet des Rencontres Rapprochees en France, p. 79).

1954 - Driving on a secondary road at around 11:00 p.m. in Feurs, St. Etienne, Loire department, France the witness's car engine quit. Soon a bright saucer-shaped object descended and landed very close to the car. A small being, described as wearing a Hitler-like uniform, ran by the car and was seen by several observers. It ran away from the group of witnesses when they attempted to approach and communicate with him. The craft soon took off. A dog was supposedly excited during the encounter. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 3582; Michel Figeut & Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le Premier Dossier Complet des Rencontres Rapprochees en France, p. 79).

1954 - A white light suddenly swept the road in front of Roland M., age 19, who was driving in Feyzin, Rhone department, France at 11:30 p.m. He observed that it came from a large, dark object shaped like an ellipse about ten meters above the ground, 50 meters away. It flew away, making a noise like wet fireworks, and throwing magnesium-like sparks. (Sources: Le Parisien, September 29, 1954; Aime Michel, Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery, p. 49; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, p. 210).

1962 - Two bright discs were first seen at 5:00 p.m., then again at 6:00 p.m., at the state line near Oradell, New Jersey. Two witnesses saw one round object with a fin on top, and another under it at 7:50 p.m., and reported that it was going down toward the Oradell Reservoir. Three young men next saw and heard the object as it touched the water. Another witness called the police. The luminous object took off a few minutes later. The official investigation described it as bright, surrounded with a glow, and the apparent size of a small plane one kilometer away. It left flying toward the south. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case # 547, citing Project Blue Book files).

1963 - At six o'clock in the evening Mrs. F. E. Roush of Vandalia, Ohio reported seeing two very bright gold objects in the sky, one shaped like a banana and the other like an ear of corn. One UFO remained stationary while the other moved from west to north. The sighting lasted 10 minutes. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1965 - Two policemen, John Lockem and Koos de Klerk, were on patrol on the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit Road in Silverton, South Africa just before midnight when their headlights illuminated a disc-shaped object resting on the road. It was 10 meters in diameter and copper-colored. Ten seconds later it took off in a pool of flames at high speed. The tar on the road kept burning for some time after the UFO left, leaving behind a large hole in the bitumen. (Sources: Charles Bowen, The Humanoids: FSR Special Edition No. 1, p. 71; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case 702).

1965 - At 11:45 p.m. in Sudbury, Massachusetts Mr. R. Schofield's car engine skipped and the lights dimmed, and he stopped to check engine in midst of rainstorm. When the driver got out of the car, he saw a disc-shaped object with a glowing rim that sparked in sequence, 200 feet above him. (Source: Raymond E. Fowler case files, report dated March 18, 1967).

Sudbury, Massachusetts UFO Caused Vehicle Ignition Interference - 1965

Sketch of Sudbury, Massachusetts CE-II UFO - 1965

1966 - At two o'clock in the afternoon J. Koch sighted a 35-foot in diameter revolving gray disc w dark windows around the rim in White Rocks, Uintah County, Utah. It had a flashing red light on the top, and a glowing green flashing light on the bottom. It also had what looked like exhaust pipes (see sketch below). (Source: Frank Salisbury, The Utah UFO Display, case # A15).

White Rocks, Utah UFO Report - 1966

Sketch of White Rocks, Utah UFO - 1966

1967 - The carcass of a horse named "Lady", but misnamed in press reports as "Snippy", was discovered mutilated on a ranch outside of Alamosa, Colorado. Unusual radioactivity and strange traces were claimed to have been found at the spot. This was the first highly publicized case of many more such animal and cattle mutilations to occur in the San Luis Valley. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case # 883, Edward U. Condon (editor),  Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, p. 344). 

1967 - In Winsted, Connecticut at 8:45 p.m. two teenage girls observed a large, glowing object, and three small figures, about 1.25 meters tall, with oversized heads, running across a road near a barn. From the object came a noise similar to that of "a power mower when it fires but fails to start." The object blacked out, and the figures hid while a car passed, afterwards the object pulsated between very bright white and dull red, and moved diagonally several times. (Sources: Jim & Coral Lorenzen, UFOs Over the Americas, p. 166; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, case # 883, citing Lorenzens and Edward U. Condon (editor),  Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, p. 347)

1968 - Near Ocala, Florida. 9:30 p.m. Missionary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin-engine utility plane, observed an unidentified light performing aerobatics in the night sky. He watched it for 15 minutes before it vanished. A second light appeared, heading toward Cole's plane on a collision course. It made a 90-degree turn and disappeared. Later, ground radar told them a target had been following them. The two sightings lasted a total of 15 minutes. (Source: Don Berliner, Project Bluebook UFO Unknowns).

1973 - At 7:30 p.m. a 13-year-old boy and some other younger children watched a lighted disc-shaped UFO slowly descend over a neighborhood in North Royalton, Ohio. It then hovered silently overhead. They could see three lighted windows and behind them several occupants were inside and they appeared to be looking down. They were described as having large oblong shaped heads that seemed too big for their thin necks. They appeared to be leaning on something, and their long skinny arms were crossing each other. The craft suddenly turned off its lights and ascended quickly out of sight. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database, citing Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

1975 - In August 1975 about 20 people in and around Gilroy, California saw unexplained red and white lights in the sky on successive nights. On August 10, a lighted object followed and badly frightened 12-year-old Imelda Victor and another woman as they were driving to the girl's house. The girl's mother also saw the object, which had "four large landing gear like arms coming out of it." On this night Mrs. Victor (a doctor by profession), woke up to find two beings in silvery suits standing near her in her bedroom. They had small slits for eyes, the nose and the mouth. She felt very calm. They asked her telepathically to go with them, and she found herself floating up into a hovering UFO. As she floated up she clearly saw the roof of the house and the stars. Inside, she had a sensation of intense beauty, with emerald colored floors. The walls were silvery, smooth, and with large round instruments. She was then blinded by a white light, and the next thing she remembers she woke up in bed. (Sources: Albert S. Rosales, 1975 Humanoid Contact Database, citing David Pratt, Visitors from the Twilight Zone; Jacques Vallee, Confrontations: A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact, p. 92).

1976 - On this night in Los Teques, Venezuela a man ran to the gate of the textile plant were he works, in a state of shock and terror. He collapsed and was sent to the local hospital. He later claimed that he had seen a disc-shaped object land, and had a confrontation with several undescribed occupants from the object. For two months there were nightsly UFO sightings in the area. (Source: FSR, November 1976).

1977 - Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. At 2:20 a.m. Antonio La Rubia, age 33, a bus driver, was en route to work when he saw a flying saucer in a field that looked like an enormous hat. Frightened, he started to run when a blue light beam lit up the area, and he found that he could not move. At the same time, three very odd figures materialized nearby him. The figures were about four feet tall, with football-shaped heads or helmets and a tall antenna on top. The only features he could make out of the heads were a row of shiny, small, mirror-like sections around the center of the head, from which blue flashes were being emitted. The beings had stocky bodies and long, elephant trunk-like arms ending in a single digit. Their robot-like bodies were covered by a rough metallic surface he believed could have been the body surface, or skin. Their bodies were rounded at the bottom and surmounted a single leg, like a pedestal, with a rounded base. 

The three creatures surrounded La Rubia, and he was captured inside an invisible glass or "bell jar." The robots floated above the ground and one pointed a syringe like device at him and he began to move toward the object. The next thing he knew he was inside the craft with no recollection of how he entered it. He was in a white "aluminum" corridor, with one transparent wall, through which he could see the field from which he had just come. Two figures went one way, the third another. He could see through the transparent wall that the object was airborne. A bright blue light came on, and he found himself in a large circular hall. There were a dozen similar entities on either side of the hall; they reminded him of children sitting in a schoolroom on single legged chairs. Up until now he had been unable to speak, but suddenly he found his voice and began screaming, "Who are you? What do you want from me?" The figures fell back at the sound and tumbled all over the floor. They lifted their single digits to the antennae on their heads and held them. These tips rotated so rapidly that only when they held them could he see them clearly. 

He noticed a small box-like device standing on two poles that raised it to about the height of his chest. An antennae jutted up from each end of the box, and a receptacle stood atop it. The robot-like entities removed small devices from the belts around their waists, and placed them in this container, pushing a key on the box. When this happened, a scene would appear on the wall in moving color. The first showed Antonio, lying naked, on an unseen table, while he was being examined by a being with a small bluish light, while another being examined his head. Another "slide" was projected and showed Antonio, still naked, standing alone. Other images included a view of him dressed and carrying a shopping bag, with his teeth chattering; another showed a horse and cart on a dirt road, with a barefoot peasant wearing a straw hat. Another picture of him showed him next to an orange ball, and then next to a blue ball beside which stood another entity. The next slide showed an image of a big dog attacking one of the entities, and the being began melting from top to bottom, until it was nothing but a porridge like substance. Then in the "film" one of the entities moved toward the dog and pointed a syringe like device at the animal and it too began melting, after turning blue. A UFO "factory" was displayed in another image; then a train entering a tunnel; and a view of a busy Rio thoroughfare. One scene showed La Rubia vomiting and defecating into his clothes. 

During this display, an entity approached and pointed a syringe at him; his arm was raised against his will and the syringe was stuck into his middle finger, taking a blood sample, but leaving no mark. The entity then pointed it at a wall and drew three red circles intersected with an "L". The next thing he remembered was being thrown overboard, where he found himself once again in the street, with all his belongings, as well as one of the beings. His watch had stopped at 2:20 a.m. The being then vanished, and the object ascended out of view. His head was spinning and he was burning. The time was 3:55 a.m. Anotonio was eventually taken to a hospital, where he suffered from sporadically high fevers and insatiable thirst. (Source: David F. Webb & Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case # 1977-75, citing Irene Granchi for APRO).
Abduction. Blue beam zapped man, 3 robots abduct him. Blood sample taken, shown images.

1978 - At four o'clock in the morning a 26-year-old woman in Carpentersville, Illinois was awakened by a whirring sound and she went to her bedroom window to look outside. The noise stopped, but then she saw the figure of a six-foot tall man. He was dressed in a silvery suit. Several feet away from him she saw a small, silver, domed disc sitting on the edge of the grass. It was opaque and smooth and was the source of the whirring sound. The witness then screamed at her husband to wake up, and her dog started barking furiously. They both tried to phone the police but the phone was not working. When the police eventually arrived both the mysterious visitor and the UFO were gone. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1978, case # 228, citing International UFO Reporter, Vol. 4, # 2)

1978 - The principal witness and her family had seen a shiny disc-shaped flying object hovering near their farmhouse in Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada late this night. The witness could only recall vague memories after this, but she remembers the police were called. Years later her mother told her that she had seen the disc land and saw figures come out of it. The next night she woke up thirsty and asked her father to bring her a glass of water. As she followed her dad to the kitchen she noticed an odd smell, which was at the same time smokey and sweet. She then noticed a small being walking behind her. It was about four feet tall, grayish green in color, and had no visible eyes, ears, mouth, or nose. It had some sort of bag, which it threw over the witness. Her last memory was of seeing her father standing still as if frozen in place. She doesn't remember anything else. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1978, case #3559, citing Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center, Seattle).

1985 - In Bagshot Heath, Surrey, England a fifty-foot diameter lenticular disc with portholes around the rim paced cars at ten o'clock in the evening. The main witness, named McMurray, experienced telepathic communication with the UFO occupants, and had a possible missing time experience and abduction. (Source: FSR, October 1986).

Bagshot Heath, England Close Encounter and Possible UFO Abduction - 1985

Sketch of Bagshot Heath, England UFO - 1985

1996 - A young backpacker, Ricardo Machado Oliveira, was exploring a remote mountain cave near Cabeca da Penha Mountain, Portugal and while in it apparently passed out. When he came to, he found himself in a vast underground hangar surrounded by "three distinct species of aliens". Nearby were several silvery ovoid craft. The aliens told Ricardo that they were part of an alliance of interstellar worlds engaged in observing Earth. Their base under the Serra da Guardunha Mountains was one of four such bases. Immediately after hearing this Ricardo blacked out again. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the ground right outside the cave. In the 14th century, at the same cave, a little girl from a nearby village vanished for three days. When she was finally found, she told the search party that she had been cared for by "a lady in white", who had offered her water to drink from a bell. Some have attributed this to a visitation by the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, 1996 Humanoid Sighting Reports Database, case # 2483, citing Joseph Trainor, UFO Roundup, Volume 1, number 32).

1996 - St Seurin D'Uzet, Charente Maritime department, France. At around 8:00 p.m. a witness was standing in his garden when he saw a bizarre object, which descended until it touched down of the surface of the Gironde River. Using a pair of binoculars, from about 200-300 meters away, he saw a figure suddenly appears, along with what resembled an inflatable orange raft at the being's feet. The being then began to float against the current on the orange "raft". At the same time there was a reported power blackout in the area. (Sources: Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue 340; Phenomena, issue # 34, Sud Ouest newspaper).

2002 - At 2:45 a.m. Denny Unger decided to step outside on a clear and windless night in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. He saw three points of light forming a flying triangle. "My first thought was that I was having a dizing spell, so I refocused, and the lights were there." Thirty seconds later the flying triangle of lights changed direction from north to east, and appeared to blot out stars as it passed them without making any sound. The lights on each tip were solid white, but of low intensity. He had the distinct impression that the corner lights were used to camouflage the object, and it was doing its best not to be seen. It was completely silent. He grabbed his video camera inside the house and began filming the object, but soon lost sight of it as it flew behind a neighbor's house. A triangle formation of lights was all that was captured on video. (Source: George A. Filer & David E. Twitchell, Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings, p. 109).

2002 - At 8:00 p.m. a husband and wife and their two children were driving home to Mercier, Quebec from their country place near Huntington when the wife sighted what appeared to be really bright stars. After five minutes, as they got closer the two lights ahead changed position, and what she saw gave her shivers. It was a distinct flying triangular shape, with lights at all three corners, unlike any aircraft and larger than a Boeing 747. Her husband said he could "see through it". They all watched the low flying object for 10 minutes as it flew overhead. (Sources: George A. Filer &David E. Twitchell, Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings, p. 108; Geoff Dittman, 2002 Canadian UFO Survey, case 417, citing NUFORC).

2002 - At about 9:35 p.m. a witness driving a van in Poquoson, Virginia saw a bright light streaking across the sky. Stopped van, watched it travel across sky at an extremely high rate of speed. He contacted Langley Air Force Base who confirmed they had no aircraft up that night. He also contacted the local TV station but they had had no other calls. (Source: George A. Filer & David E. Twitchell, Filer's Files: Worldwide Reports of UFO Sightings, p. 21).

2003 - A large, white ring-shaped object with twirling lights descended out of sight in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada at 11:20 p.m. (Source: Geoff Dittman, 2002 Canadian UFO Survey, case 493, citing HBCCUFO).

Written by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. (Revised 13 September 2012).

Compiled from the UFOCAT computer database.

Themes: abductions; blue beam; dark UFOs emitting sparks; disc-shaped UFOs; domed discs; gold colored UFOs; inside occupants; landings with traces; lenticular discs; maneuvering UFOs; missing time; multi-year reports from Ohio; ovoid UFOs; short humanoids; silent hovering UFO; telepathy; triangular UFOs; unexplained animal death (UAD); whirring sound.

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