UFO Organizations in Connecticut, USA

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Project 1947
P. O. Box 391
CT 06331

Phone: 860-546-9135

Project 1947, a research effort into:

   (1) The UFO wave of 1947
   (2) UFO like reports from 1900-1946
   (3) Early official and scientific interest in the UFO phenomenon
   (4) Reports from the early UFO era 1948-1965.

Much of this research consist of screening newspaper collection.--about 4900 newspaper world wide screened for the 1947 UFO to date.
Free "UFO Reference List" to those who assist.
Assistance requested: newspaper research, translations, copies of reports, scrapbooks, cuttings and other collections.

E-mail: project1947@earthlink.net
Web: http://www.project1947.com