UFO Organizations in Florida, USA

Flag of Florida
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Florida UFO Network
P.O. BOX 488
FL 32333

Phone: 850-875-3569

With over 30 years of UFO research/investigation, the Florida UFO Network accepts reports without preconceived notions of their origin, motive or reality. We also accept reports on paranormal events such as Bigfoot, etc. Identities of witnesses to such events will be kept confidential upon request. The Florida UFO Network was founded as an affiliate of the Long Island UFO Network.

Web: www.floridaufonetwork.com


UFO's Investigation Center of United States
P.O.Box 120
Intercession City
Florida 33848-0120

Phone: 407-556-4618
Fax: 407-397-2371

The UFO's INVESTIGATION CENTER OF UNITED STATES is a non-profit organization, and generally meet two times each month.Our organization has professional members in different field of specialization.

34 feet motorhome truck for our field investigation and research. This unit has an automatic cctv system with pan & tilt(roof), video recorder, parabolic soun booster(roof), aerial radar system(roof), automatic cctv system with tripod for field pictures, microphones, infrared sensors, landing lights with remote control, six-wheel drive amphibious all terrain vehicle with radio communication, deph finder and underwater hydrophone.

Email: ufosicus@yahoo.com