UFO Organizations in Maine, USA

Flag of Maine
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Starborn Support
60 Glen St

Phone: 774-766-2558

Starborn Support offers Support groups, counseling, research and Investigations to those who believe they have had an extraterrestrial encounter.

Starborn Support has affiliates in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,New Hampshire,Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, and is expanding fast. Our goal is to eventually have a team in every state in the U.S.

Starborn Support has a 24 hour hotline 774-766-2558 and offers help and guidance to experiencers all over the world.

Starborn Support also holds an annual Alien Abduction/UFO conference in Maine called Experiencers Speak

Web: http://www.experiencersspeak.yolasite.com
Web: Starborn Support on Facebook
Web: http://www.facebook.com/experiencersspeak
Web: http://www.starbornsupport.com