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Christiano Jabur
Caixa Postal 815
Assis, SP 19814-970

Christiano José Jabur (Assis, São Paulo, August 5, 1976) is a Brazilian UFO researcher, author and screenwriter. He had many articles published in local newspapers in Assis (Voz da Terra, Diário de Assis and Gazeta do Vale) and Presidente Prudente (Oeste Notícias). He is writing his first movie script, called "Abduction", about a fictional UFO abduction in Assis. He is one of the moderators of en e-mail group on UFOs and space research on Yahoo! Groups.

Jabur helped historiographer Cláudio Tsuyoshi Suenaga on his research about a series of UFO sightings in Assis in 1995. Jabur and Suenaga also published on the Brazilian UFO Magazine an article about an alleged UFO abduction that took place in Maracaí in the 1980s.

[Above information from Christiano's (now removed) entry on Wikipedia]

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