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Miguel Angel Jordan Borquez
Julia Berstein 1201
Santiago 7450000

Phone (Germany): 49-01799484313 (actually making a Ph.D)

Miguel, known as Michel, was born in Santiago de Chile and lives actually in Germany.
He has been doing UFO research since 1996.

E-mail: esiomajb@gmail.com
Blog: http://esiomajb.blogspot.com/
Web: http://www.loparanormal.cl

1) Anomalous Aerea Phenomena Study Commitee (Chilean Air Force), DGAC, Chile, 2000;
2) ESIO, 1997-2000;
3) Diverse schools.

Research areas:
1) Applied electroencephalography for subjects showing unusual habilities;
2) Schizophrenia, hallucination, delirium, possession and abduction, demonic possession, locution (confused with auditory hallucination), precognition, mystic trance, poltergeist;
3) Christian help for witness of paranormal and UFO episodes;
4) Dangerous and coercitive sect.

Files researched:
1) "Isla Friendship" and "Vanrash" mafia;
2) Contactee "Sr. Claudio Pastenes (Pastén)";
3) Putre 1977 file (Armando Valdés, Raúl Salinas y otros miembros de la guardia de pescebrera);
4) False academic professionals (illegal exercise of profession);
5) Others

Interviews: http://ovnisrancagua.blogspot.com/2006/02/entrevista-michel-jordn.html