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R. Kumaresan
Tamil Nadu (India)

I am studying the scientific aspect of UFOs and also the paranormal part of it. Also researching about aliens and seeking for their presence.

Web: http://alienseeker.wordpress.com/


Aditya Sehrawat
New Delhi 110044

Phone: +919873411039

Chief Investigator at Mutual UFO Network( MUFON).
I have investigated 20 cases until now.

Work & Interests:-
  Pursuing Diploma in Astrobiology from IARC(Indian Astrobiology Research Centre)
  Pursuing Degree in B.Tech(Civil).
  Research about UFO/Ancient Alien's interconnection.
  Ancient Alien Technology & Engineering.

E-mail: adityasehrawat39@gmail.com



I have been working on the propulsion system of UFO's, my research is technical oriented and not paranormal research

E-mail: vishal725@yahoo.com
E-mail: vishnusandeep@hotmail.com