V1.08 - April 7th 1996

UFO flap still going strong in Australia

V1.16 - June 2nd 1996

Three-day UFO flap rocks Australia

V1.17 - June 9th 1996

UFO flap still going strong in Australia

V1.19 - June 23rd 1996

UFOs buzz Australia's three largest cities

V1.20 - June 30th 1996

Orange UFO pursues woman's car in Australia

V1.21 - July 7th 1996

Australian UFOs strike again at Melbourne, Adelaide

V1.22 - July 14th 1996

UFOs again active in Australia

V1.28 - September 8th 1996

Orange saucer sighted in Australia

V1.31 - September 29th 1996

Melbourne beseiged by nighttime UFOs

V1.33 - October 16th 1996

UFOs return to Queensland

V1.34 - October 20th 1996

UFOs shadow Australian air base

V1.35 - October 27th 1996

UFO seen off Australia's "Sunshine Coast"

V1.37 - November 10th 1996

Space blobs land in Tasmania

V1.38 - November 17th 1996

New fireball sighting in Australia

V1.40 - December 1st 1996

UFO flap stirs Alice Springs, Australia

V1.42 - December 15th 1996

UFOs visit four large cities in Australia

V1.43 - December 22nd 1996

Crowds watch UFOs fly over Alice Springs

V2.04 - January 26th 1997

New flap rocks Queensland

V2.08 - February 23rd 1997

UFOs haunt night skies all over Australia

V2.10 - March 9th 1997

UFO flap is still going on in Australia

V2.14 - April 6th 1997

Strange aerial parade on Australia's East Coast

V2.15 - April 13th 1997

Luminous UFOs seen near Sydney and Darwin
Tasmania reports strange UFO overflight

V2.17 - April 27th 1997

Loch Sport becomes real life "Jurassic Park"

V2.24 - June 15th 1997

Black triangles sighted all around Australia
Glowing UFOs seen over Australian deserts

V2.25 - June 22nd 1997

Orange lights seen often in Queensland

V2.26 - June 29th 1997

Blimp triggers near-panic as Australian UFO flap continues

V2.27 - July 6th 1997

Strange lights seen over Australia's capital

V2.29 - July 20th 1997

Glowing UFOs haunt radio towers in Australia

V2.36 - September 21st 1997

Two Yowie incidents reported in Australia

V2.38 - October 5th 1997

Australian helicopters stalked by a UFO

V2.40 - October 19th 1997

Mysterious explosion rocks Australia
Two UFOs photographed near Gundagai, Australia

V2.41 - October 26th 1997

Third UFO sighting over Lismore, Australia

V2.47 - December 7th 1997

Rod-shaped UFOs startle motorists in Australia

V3.02 - January 11th 1998

Australian UFO flap rings in the New Year

V3.03 - January 18th 1998

1971: Australian hiker has an alien encounter at Warragamba Dam

V3.04 - January 25th 1998

1988: Attempted abduction in Western Australia
Fast flyby in Queensland

V3.06 - February 8th 1998

Two triangular UFOs fly over Northern Tasmania

V3.07 - February 15th 1998

1942: The Brennan dogfight

V3.08 - February 22nd 1998

New UFO flap rattles four states in Australia

V3.09 - March 1st 1998

Alien encounter reported in Western Australia
Many new UFO sightings reported in Australia
Train crew sees giant ufo take off in Australia

V3.11 - March 15th 1998

Luminous disc sighted in Fremantle, Australia

V3.12 - March 22nd 1998

Black cube-shaped UFO spotted in Queensland

V3.13 - March 29th 1998

Another UFO sighted in Western Australia

V3.14 - April 5th 1998

Two new UFO sightings in southeast Australia

V3.15 - April 12th 1998

UFOs make night flights over South Australia

V3.17 - April 26th 1998

Flourescent green UFO spotted in Australia

V3.18 - May 3rd 1998

UFOs seen repeatedly in Grafton, New South Wales

V3.19 - May 10th 1998

UFOs remain active all around Australia

V3.21 - May 24th 1998

UFO flies over Adelaide in South Australia

V3.23 - June 7th 1998

1931: Biplane encounters a UFO over the Tasman Sea
RAAF jets hunt ufo near Grafton, New South Wales

V3.24 - June 14th 1998

Roundup corrigenda: (Re. RAAF jets hunt ufo near Grafton, New South Wales)
UFO seen near Newcastle, New South Wales

V3.25 - June 21st 1998

1875: The strangest day
Sombrero-shaped UFO sighted in Queensland

V3.28 - July 12th 1998

UFO flap stirs Tasmania

V3.30 - July 26th 1998

1970: A UFO encounter in New South Wales

V3.32 - August 9th 1998

Blue triangular UFO spotted near Melbourne
Giant fireball appears over Australia's eastern seaboard
Seven orange UFOs seen in northern Queensland

V3.33 - August 17th 1998

Giant triangular UFO flies over northern Australia
UFOs drop "angel hair" in New South Wales

V3.34 - August 25th 1998

Golden UFO spotted in Forest Hill, Australia

V3.35 - August 31st 1998

Orange fireball spotted over Deception Bay

V3.36 - September 6th 1998

1978: Panther-like creature seen in Australia
Weird creature reported in western Australia

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

New "angel hair" case in New South Wales
Roundup corrigenda

V3.38 - September 21st 1998

Two black helicopters fly over a Sydney suburb
UFO squadron seen over Redcliffe, Queensland

V3.40 - October 5th 1998

Glowing spherical UFO seen near Alice Springs
Saucer photographed in Australia
UFOs sighted in Victoria and Tasmania

V3.41 - October 12th 1998

Jupiter triggers a UFO scare in Melbourne
TUFOIC says Currie UFO case is probably a hoax

V3.42 - October 19th 1998

1978: Delta Sierra Juliet
Fifteen UFOs cavort over Nowra, New South Wales

V3.43 - October 26th 1998

Eight witness spherical UFO near Brisbane

V3.45 - November 9th 1998

Seven luminous discs seen in Grafton, N.S.W.

V3.46 - November 16th 1998

A busy week for UFOs all over Australia

V3.47 - November 24th 1998

UFO seen during Leonid shower in Australia

V3.48 - November 30th 1998

UFOs seen in Alice Springs and around Brisbane

V3.49 - December 7th 1998

UFOs converge on Brisbane

V3.50 - December 15th 1998

Three UFOs sighted in eastern Australia

V3.51 - December 22nd 1998

UFOs on the move in northern Australia

V3.52 - December 28th 1998

Spherical orange UFO spotted in Melbourne

V4.01 - January 5th 1999

Pulsating UFO sighted in Western Australia
Retired nurse photographs UFO in Toowong, Queensland

V4.02 - January 11th 1999

UFOs spend New Year's Eve on Australia shore

V4.03 - January 18th 1999

Belconnen--a secret NATO base in Australia?
Blimp or UFO?  Melbourne controversy continues
Orange fireballs appear nightly in New South Wales

V4.04 January 25th 1999

UFO sightings continue throughout Australia

V4.05 - February 1st 1999

Roundup Corrigenda (Re: UFO sightings continue throughout Australia)

V4.07 - February 15th 1999

UFOs sighted in three states of Australia

V4.08 February 22nd February 1999

Orange sphere UFOs back in action in Australia

V4.09 - March 1st 1999

UFOs seen in Queensland and South Australia

V4.10 - March 8th 1999

Another UFO sighting in southern Australia

V4.18 - August 25th 1999

"Ferris wheel" UFO dazzles Australians

V4.23 - September 30th 1999

Mysterious sky flash baffles astronomers
UFOs spotted in Australia

V4.25 - October 14th 1999

1912: Yowie sighted in New South Wales
UFO squadron seen east of Melbourne

V4.26 - October 14th 1999

More UFOs seen in Melbourne suburbs

V4.27 - October 28th 1999

More UFO sightings reported in Australia

V4.29 - November 11th 1999

Glowing orange UFOs seen in Queensland

V4.31 - November 25th 1999

Fishermen videotape UFO in New South Wales

V4.32 - December 2nd 1999

UFOs reported in three Australian states

V4.34 - December 16th 1999

Two star-like UFOs seen in Jimboomba, Queensland
UFO crashes into dam in New South Wales

V4.35 - December 23rd 1999

Investigators probe Guyra UFO crash site

V4.36 - December 30th 1999

UFO laser blinds motorist near Guyra

V5.01 - January 6th 2000

Roundup Corrigenda:

V5.03 - January 20th 2000

Three UFOs spotted near Mount Warrigal, Australia

V5.05 - February 3rd 2000

1979: UFO hovers over a cattle station in Western Australia
Mystery meteor lights up Western Australia

V5.08 - February 24th 2000

Woman spots a UFO in Adelaide, South Australia

V5.11 - March 16th 2000

Orange sphere UFOs are active again in Australia

V5.12 - March 23rd

Another UFO reported in New South Wales

V5.13 - March 30th 2000

Five orange-sphere UFOs return to Penrith, N.S.W.

V5.15 - April 13th 2000

Luminous orange UFO sighted near Melbourne

V5.18 - May 4th 2000

Family videotapes UFO in Highett, Australia

V5.21 - May 25th 2000

More "big wave" dreams reported by readers
Motorist encounters a red UFO in Australia

V5.23 - June 8th 2000

Chileans say NASA took custody of captured Chupacabras1981: Face-to-face with Australia's terror of the outback

V5.25 - June 22nd 2000

Eight orange sphere UFOs seen in New South Wales

V5.29 - July 20th 2000

Eerie lights bedazzle Hobart, Tasmania

V5.30 - July 27th 2000

Chemtrails appear on the Queensland coast

V5.31 - August 3rd 2000

Hundreds see UFOs on Australia's North Coast

V5.32 - August 10th 2000

Cat-like predator caught on videotape in Australia
Hovering orange UFO seen in Leigh, Queensland

V6.01 - January 4th 2001

Comet-like UFOs cross the night sky over Canberra
Weird phenomenon reported at Adelaide Hills, A.C.T.

V6.02 - January 11th 2001

Hovering UFO sighted in New South Wales
Reader Feedback: Adelaide Hills is not in the A.C.T.

V6.05 - February 1st 2001

1942: Binoomea, Australia's underground world
Family of six sees a fiery UFO over Melbourne

V6.07 - February 15th 2001

Mysterious prehistoric bones found in Australia

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

Mystery light chases a car on a highway in Queensland

V6.15 - April 12th 2001

Red UFO lands near Logan, Queensland

V6.17 - April 26th 2001

Orange fireballs seen in southern Australia

V6.19 - May 10th 2001

UFO flap erupts in South Australia

V6.20 - May 17th 2001

Gigantic crescent UFO seen in Australia

V6.21 - May 24th 2001

Australia's "outback terror" goes on the prowl

V7.09 - February 26th 2002

Orange UFOs spotted by many in Western Australia

V7.10 - March 5th 2002

1954: Saucers run wild in Australia
UFO sighted at Kangaroo Cliffs, Queensland

V7.11 - March 12th 2002

1972: Large saucer visits eastern Australia

V7.12 - March 19th 2002

Metallic grey UFO seen in Bridgewater, Tasmania

V7.13 - March 19th 2002

Silver-suited aliens land in northern Australia Two saturn-shaped UFOs fly over belconnen, A.C.T.

V7.15 - April 9th 2002

Two men spot UFOs over South Australia's Coorong

V7.16 - April 16th 2002

Four orange UFOs sighted at Mount Isa, Queensland
Three silver spheres seen over Melbourne and St. Kilda in Australia

V7.17 - April 23rd 2002

Triangular UFO spotted in New South Wales

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

Five orange UFOs sighted in Albury, N.S.W.

V7.21 - May 21st 2002

Fireballs rule the sky at Mount Dandenong in Australia

V7.22 - May 28th 2002

Australian UFO seen by two police officers

V7.25 - June 18th 2002

Hollywood stars relate UFO experiences

V7.26 - June 25th 2002

1908: Mystery booms heard in Western Australia
UFO follows two female motorists in Australia

V7.26 - July 2nd 2002

Three orange UFOs seen in Adelaide, S.A.

V7.30 - July 23rd 2002

Luminous UFO sighted in northern Australia

V7.34 - Aug 20th 2002

Two UFOs spotted in Western Australia

V7.36 - Sep 3rd 2002

Two orange UFOs spotted over Lathlain, W.A.

V7.42 - October 15th 2002

Office workers spooked by UFO in Adelaide, S.A.

V7.44 - October 29th 2002

Flashing UFO seen by two in Western Australia
UFO attacks a car in southern Australia

V7.45 - November 5th 2002

The Methuselah star

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

Orange UFOs hover over suburbs of Melbourne

V7.50 - December 10th 2002

Four oval UFOs sighted over Alice Springs, N.T.

V7.51 - December 17th 2002

Outback terror goes on a rampage in Australia

V8.02 - January 8th 2003

Three UFOs sighted in New South Wales

V8.03 - January 15th 2002

More star-like UFOs seen in Australia

V8.04 - January 22nd 2003

"Ghost ship" found off the coast of Australia
Reader feedback: Recent Australian UFOs were just U.S. Navy satellites
Three red-orange UFOs spotted over Sydney

V8.06 - February 5th 2003

Oval-shaped golden UFO sighted in Australia

V8.09 - February 26th 2003

1907: A strange death at Mullumbimby
Virgin Mary apparition seen at a Sydney beach

V8.10 - March 5th 2003

1978: The Lourdes of Australia?
Outback terror strikes again in Australia

V8.11 - March 12th 2003

Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Lismore, New South Wales

V8.15 - April 9th 2003

Large white UFO seen at an Australian beach

V8.19 - May 14th 2003

UFO flotilla causes panic in Australia's Northern Territory

V8.20 - May 21st 2003

Crop circles appear on a farm in Queensland
Orange UFO sighted in Australian mountains

V8.22 - June 18th 2003

Multicolored UFO seen near Mildura, Australia
Odd fossils unearthed in Western Australia

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

Mystery light trail seen in northern Tasmania

V8.33 - September 3rd 2003

UFOs are sighted in Australia

V8.35 - September 17th 2003

Bell-shaped UFO seen in eastern Australia

V8.37 - October 1st 2003

Rectangular UFO seen twice in Queensland

V8.40 - October 22nd 2003

Hovering orange UFO seen in New South Wales

V8.41 - October 29th 2003

Oldest vertebrate found in Australia

V8.43 - November 12th 2003

Authorities in Australia trace black panthers

V8.48 - December 17th 2003

Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Launceston, Tasmania

V8.50 - December 25th 2003

UFO seen near Moree, New South Wales

V9.05 - February 4th 2004

UFO photographed near Melbourne, Australia

V9.06 - February 11th 2004

More Aussies report seeing Victoria UFO

V9.10 - March 10th 2004

Luminous UFO flotilla seen in Queensland

V9.12 - March 24th 2004

Yellow UFO seen at Grose Vale, N.S.W.

V9.14 - April 7th 2004

Thousands see fireball cross Queensland skies
UFO buzzes motorists near Gawler, S.A.

V9.15 - April 14th 2004

UFO caught by camera in Mar de Ajo, Argentina
Are NWO troops based in northern Australia?

V9.17 - April 28th 2004

Australian witch puts a hex on the Prime Minister

V9.18 - May 5th 2004

Woman sees a UFO at Breakfast Point, Sydney

V9.19 - May 12th 2004

1973: Land of the Yowies
Luminous UFOs seen over Lalor Park, Sydney

V9.22 - June 2nd 2004

Weeping statue of Mary stuns people in Brisbane

V9.26 - June 30th 2004

Weird panther sought in southern Australia

V9.33 - August 18th 2004

1925: Australian Kong

V9.39 - September 29th 2004

UFOs sighted near Lismore, N.S.W.

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

1955: Alien encounters in southern Australia
UFO sighted by family in Mildura, N.S.W.

V10.03 - January 19th 2005

Luminous orange UFO sighted in Tasmania
Silver sphere UFO seen in O'Connor, Australia

V10.05 - February 1st 2005

Weird malady devastates Tasmanian Devils
Weird weather reported around the world

V10.06 - February 8th 2005

Strange earth tremor rattles Melbourne
Summer storm devastates southeastern Australia

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

1966: Lair of the reptoids

V10.08 - February 23rd 2005

Deadly spiders invade homes in Australia

V10.09 - March 2nd 2005

1958: The Emmaville "panther"
Fort: Anomalous tsunamis are not that unique
Hovering night saucer seen in Tasmania

V10.10 - March 9th 2005

Banda sea quake jolts northern Australia

V10.11 - March 16th 2005

Family sees a triangular UFO in Dubbo, N.S.W.

V10.21 - May 25th 2005

Orange UFOs sighted by hundreds in Australia

V10.22 - June 1st 2005

New dinosaur skeleton found in Australia


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