V1.28 - September 8th 1996

UFOs rendezvous in Southern China

v1.44 - December 29th 1996

Chinese jet reports aerial collision with UFO

V3.02 - January 11th 1998

UFO sighted in China

V3.32 - August 9th 1998

1926: Daylight disc spotted in northern China

V3.43 - October 26th 1998

Family videotapes a UFO in southern China

v3.45 - November 9th 1998

Chinese jet fighter pursues a UFO

V3.47 November 24th 1998

UFO flies over a seaport in southern China

V4.33 - December 9th 1999

Chinese Bigfoot tracked at nature preserve
Cylindrical UFO hovers over Shanghai

V4.35 - December 23rd 1999

UFOs sighted in many cities in China

V5.01 - January 6th 2000

China has the first UFO of the new Millenium

V5.02 - January 13th 2000

Our Lady of the Mekong?

V5.40 - October 5th 2000

Pope names new saints for the USA and China

V5.41 - October 12th

Chinese space agency launches moon program

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

"Earthquake season"--whole lotta shakin' goin' on

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

Four yellow UFOs sighted by thousands in Beijing

V7.33 - Aug 13th 2002

Chinese researcher studies ancient crop circles

V7.39 - Sep 24th 2002

Weird dinosaur fossil discovered in China

V7.46 - November 12th 2002

UFOs buzz jetliners north of Nanjing in China

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

Chinese bigfoot spotted by six near Songbai

V8.27 - July 23rd 2003

Lake monsters sighted in northern China

V8.30 - August 13th 2003

Chinese soldiers spot Lake Tianchi monster

V8.48 - December 17th 2003

Marsupial fossils found in China

V9.07 - February 18th 2004

Birds fall "like rain from the sky" in China

V9.16 - April 21st 2004

The Passion pulls in crowds in Hong Kong
Prehistoric pipeline found in western China

V9.47 - November 21st 2004

"Dark Day" causes uproar in Shenyang, China

V9.48 - December 1st 2004

Eight teens stabbed in Chinese school

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

More alien activity seen in the Himalayas
UFO and sky booms rock Lanzhou, China

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

1966: Lair of the reptoids

V10.12 - March 23rd 2005

Enchanted islet appears off China's south coast

V10.16 - April 20th 2005

Giant hailstones bombard city in western China


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