V2.37 - September 28th

Mysterious cloud forms near Mir space station

V2.42 - November 2nd 1997

Voice of Russia discusses UFO sightings of the early Nineteenth Century

V2.48 - December 14th 1997

Mysterious plane crash causes mammoth fire in Irkutsk, Siberia

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

Satellite jinx spreads to Baikonur--Twelve orbiters destroyed

V3.39 - September 27th 1998

1824: Strange phenomenon at Orenburg

V3.47 - November 24th 1998

Zarya departs for space

V3.49 - December 7th

Endeavour links up with Zarya in orbit
The Romanovs and the Orenburg connection

V4.09 - March 1st 1999

Two-day UFO flap stirs Perm in Russia

V4.21 - September 16th 1999

Y2K: U.S., Russian officers to observe missile launch data on New Year's Eve

V5.25 - June 22nd 2000

Out-of-place piranha baffles Russians

V5.26 - June 29th 2000

Crop circles appear in southern Russia

V5.33 - August 17th 2000

A new Saint Nick

V5.34 - August 24th 2000

Miracles reported at a massacre site in Russia

V5.45 - November 9th 2000

"Station Alpha" now has crew of three aboard

V5.47 - November 23rd 2000

Giant luminous UFO flies over Russian troops in the Caucasus Mountains

V5.47 - November 30th 2000

UFO flap continues in the Caucasus

V5.52 - December 28th 2000

Russians lose, then regain contact with Mir

V6.05 - February 1st 2001

Hovering UFO closes airport in southern Siberia

V6.13 - March 29th 2001

Mir splashes down in the south Pacific

V7.41 - October 8th 2002

Large meteor crashes in southern Siberia

V7.46 - November 12th 2002

UFO flap breaks out in Russia

V8.17 - April 30th 2003

Triangular UFO crashes in Kaliningrad harbor

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

1437: Mysterious Crimea

V8.40 - October 22nd 2003

1884: One hot number

V8.41 - October 29th 2003

Reader Feedback: On theosophy

V8.46 - December 3rd 2003

Who's out there!?

V9.01 - January 7th 2004

Hundreds watch a UFO in southern Siberia

V9.07 - February 18th 2004

Small UFO approaches the Space Station

V9.16 - April 21st 2004

1942: An alien encounter near Novosibirsk

V9.21 - May 26th 2004

NWO military exercise held in Russia

V9.32 - August 11th 2004

Mysterious hole appears in a Russian pasture

V9.33 - August 18th 2004

Russian scientist says he found an alien artifact at the Tunguska site

V9.34 - August 25th 2004

1876: Retrocognition and Madame Blavatsky

V9.49 - December 8th 2004

Scientists puzzled by Lama's incorrupt body

V10.03 - January 19th 2005

Heavy rains hit Europe and Central America

V10.06 - February 8th 2005

Russian jet answers UFO alert on border

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

1966: Lair of the reptoids

V10.21 - May 25th 2005

Lake vanishes overnight in central Russia


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