V1.07 - April 1st 1996

UFO follows car in Sussex
Welsh town reports strange lights in the sky

V1.08 - April 7th 1996

British official confirms 1956 UFO sighting
Lampeter lights return

V1.10 - April 21st 1996

UFOs very active in Europe

V1.11 - April 28th 1996

UFO follows three boys near Reading, England

V1.18 - June 16th 1996

Close encounter over the English Channel
UFO makes a low-level pass over London

V1.25 - August 4th 1996

UFOs visit three neighboring towns in Leicestershire

V1.32 - October 6th 1996

Large silvery UFO appears at "Hole 18"

V1.33 - October 16th 1996

RAF tracks two UFOs on radar
UFOs buzz London suburbs

V1.34 - October 20th 1996

British TV says UFO just a "radar shadow"

V1.35 - October 27th 1996

Big week for UFOs in Britain

V1.37 - November 10th 1996

Mysterious sky boom rocks Scottish island
UFO returns to Derbyshire

V1.39 - November 17th 1996

Minister reveals existence of British X-Files

V1.39 - November 24th 1996

Roundup corrigenda (Re: Mysterious sky boom rocks Scottish island)

V1.42 - December 15th 1996

British deejay's encounter spurs many calls

V1.44 - December 29th 1996

More UFO sightings in Britain

V2.007 - February 16th 1997

UFO and RAF Tornado seen together over North Sea

V2.09 - March 2nd 1997

Britain's Roswell case?

V2.13 - March 30th 1997

Mysterious explosion jars South Yorkshire

V2.15 - April 13th 1997

Two men claim a black triangle UFO crashed near Sheffield

V2.16 - April 20th 1997

Black triangle makes an appearance in Liverpool

V2.17 - April 27th 1997

Roundup Corrigenda (Re: Black triangle makes an appearance in Liverpool)

V2.18 - May 4th 1997

Two sets of crop circles reported in Britain

V2.24 - June 15th 1997

UFO flap stirs many in Cambridgeshire

V2.28 - July 13th 1997 1997

Daylight disc sighted near Wimbledon, Surrey

V2.31 - August 3rd 1997

UK agency changes story in Skegness UFO case

V2.33 - August 17th 1997

East Devon towns under siege by UFOs

V2.34 - August 21st 1997

UFO spotted over Kirkcaldy, Scotland

V2.35 - September 14th 1997

UFO hovers over the Berkshire-Surrey line

V2.37 - September 28th 1997

Strange lights seen over Scotland's east coast

V2.38 - October 5th 1997

Last week's Tyne Tees UFO report causes controversy

V2.40 - October 19th 1997

UFO approaches British warship off Lancashire shore

V2.41 - October 26th 1997

Anomalous lights reported over central Wales
Starlike UFO seen flying over Sheffield

V2.42 - November 2nd 1997

Nearly two dozen foxes found mutilated in Barnsley
Pulsating lights seen over Immingham, Lincolnshire

V2.44 - November 16th 1997

1953: The Essex flap
Spinning UFO, weird flashes videotaped in Scotland
UFO seen twice over small town in Scotland

V2.46 - November 30th 1997

1733: Daylight disc flies over Dorset
Mystery boom shakes up Immingham, England

V2.47 - December 7th 1997

Two more UFO sightings reported in Britain

V2.50 - December 28th 1997

British jetliner sights giant UFO over Yorkshire
UFO flies over a dam in central Wales

V3.02 - January 11th 1998

Strathclyde jolted by mysterious tremors

V3.03 - January 18th 1998

UFOs seen over Bedford and Immingham, UK

V3.04 - January 25th 1998

Ten luminous UFOs hover over Glasgow

V3.06 - February 8th 1998

UK men spot a UFO over Great Bently, Essex

V3.08 - March 1st 1998

Two UFOs videotaped flying over Leeds

V3.12 - March 22nd 1998

UFOs prowl night skies over Devon

V3.14 - April 5th 1998

UFOs seen frequently in East Kilbride, Scotland

V3.15 - April 12th 1998

Black helicopters active on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

V3.16 - April 19th 1998

Sheffield UFO case causes a furor in Britain

V3.18 - May 3rd 1998

British newspapers say RAF, Dutch Air Force chased giant UFO

V3.19 - May 10th 1998

Dutch ufologists dispute story of North Sea Chase

V3.20 - May 17th 1998

Strange crater found in Northern Ireland
Welsh family encounters a cloaked UFO

V3.22 - May 31st 1998

Black helicopters seen in Glasgow, Scotland
New wrinkles emerge in North Sea UFO case

V3.24 - June 14th 1998

UFO seen by hundreds in the United Uingdom

V3.25 - June 21st 1998

1875: The strangest day
RAF Tornado vanishes from radar over the North Sea
Staffordshire police receive many UFO reports

V3.27 - July 5th 1998

Three silver sphere UFOs visit Northern Ireland

V3.28 - July 12th 1998

Light phenomenon seen by hundreds in UK
UFO trails jetliner over Penzance, Cornwall

V3.29 - July 29th 1998

Crop circles show up in USA and UK
Luminous UFO flies over crewe in the UK

V3.30 - July 26th 1998

Silver triangular UFO seen in Wolverhampton
UFOs fly over London and Hertfordshire

V3.33 - August 17th 1998

Disc-shaped UFO seen over Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Phantom plane crash at Skelmersdale, Lancs.?

V3.34 - August 25th 1998

Large triangular UFO seen near Frome, Somerset, UK

V3.35 - August 31st 1998

Bizarre orange UFO seen in Earby, Lancashire, UK
Crop circle found in Rothwell, Leeds, UK

V3.36 - September 6th 1998

Pyramidal UFO spotted in Telford, UK

V3.37 - September 14th 1998

Triangular UFO seen by four over Weymouth

V3.38 - September 21st 1998

Ex-defense chief claims that RAF Feltwell is Britain's Area 51
Glowing UFOs sighted near Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
SOHO restored to its proper orbit

V3.40 - October 5th 1998

Black helicopters chase UFO in Northumberland

V3.42 - October 19th 1998

Spherical UFOs seen in Walthamstow, UK

V3.43 - October 26th 1998

1952 UFO flap alarmed Winston Churchill
UFO startles motorists in Staffordshire, UK

V3.44 - November 2nd 1998

Alleged alien radio signal causes controversy

V3.46 - November 16th 1998

New UFO sighting in Northumberland, UK

V3.47 November 24th 1998

Whitehall plans troop mobilization in Y2K crisis

V3.48 November 30th 1998

More UFO sightings on the M-1 near Sheffield
Motorists spot UFOs in Devon, UK

V3.49 December 7th 1998

UFO hovers over a house in Kirkintilloch, Scotland

V3.50 December 15th 1998

Two UFOs seen over Kirkcaldy, Scotland

V3.51 - December 22nd 1998

British Y2K expert does sudden about-face on looming computer crisis
Cylindrical UFO flies over London

V4.02 - January 11th 1999

British TV team exposes secret NATO base

V4.03 - January 18th 1999

1919: Orange sphere UFOs over Salisbury Plain

V4.04 January 25th 1999

Daylight disc videotaped in Northern Ireland

V4.06 - February 8th 1999

Flying triangle spotted near Preston, Lancashire
Walk Farm mystery has Felixstowe folk baffled

V4.07 - February 15th 1999

1954: UFO lands near the Lancashire lakes
Another UFO videotaped in Northern Ireland

V4.08 February 22nd February 1999

1954: Alien lands at Lossiemouth
Giant cylindrical UFO seen over Gloucestershire

V4.09 - March 1st 1999

Glowing UFOs sighted near Leeds and London

V4.10 - March 8th 1999

Orange sphere UFO seen in north Lincolnshire
UFO lands in Cheshire

V4.11 - March 15th 1999

Knutsford a hoax, BUFOSC learns
Orange sphere UFOs sighted in Consett, North Durham
Red disc hovers over Carnoustie, Scotland
UFO flap erupts in Wales

V4.15 - April 12th 1999

Bandleader disappearance solved after fifty years

V4.18 - August 25th 1999

Residents see UFO fleet near Ayelsham, Kent, UK

V4.19 - August 31st 1999

Mystery animals show up in the USA and UK

V4.20 - September 8th 1999

UFOs sighted near Glasgow, Scotland

V4.21 - September 16th 1999

UFOs sighted over Lough Neagh in Ulster

V4.22 - September 22nd 1999

Metallic sphere UFO sighted in South Wales

V4.23 - September 30th 1999

Black helicopter seen in east Sussex
British policeman sees a UFO in Somerset, UK

V4.24 - October 7th 1999

Video and photos of eclipse UFOs surface in UK and France

V4.26 - October 21st 1999

UFO aims spotlight at Liverpool

V4.27 - October 28th 1999

British vet claims UFO crashed in Wales

V4.29 - November 11th 1999

Many UFOs sighted in western UK

V4.30 - November 18th 1999

Triangular UFO sighted near Liverpool

V4.32 - December 2nd 1999

Green dome-shaped UFO sighted in Shropshire

V4.34 - December 16th 1999

Woman videotapes UFO in West Lothian, Scotland

V4.35 - December 23rd 1999

Huge triangular UFO seen in Gloucestershire, UK

V5.05 - February 3rd 2000

Special Announcement

V5.05 - February 10th 2000

Hovering UFO flashes a beam in Lincolnshire

V5.07 - February 17th 2000

UFO "Light Stab" case reported in Yorkshire
UFO spotted by woman in West Mercia, UK

V5.09 - March 2nd 2000

Saucer lands on ancient pyramid in Wiltshire, UK

V5.10 - March 9th 2000

Three spherical grey UFOs seen over Middlesex, UK

V5.14 - April 6th 2000

UFO hijacks car in Ulster: Victim reports six hours of "missing time"

V5.18 - May 4th 2000

Panic in Lincolnshire: woman abducted, man shot by aliens

V5.22 - June 1st 2000

Metallic sphere UFOs seen over Abergavenny, Wales

V5.23 - June 8th 2000

Security guard sights a huge disc-shaped UFO in Gloucestershire

V5.28 - July 13th 2000

Man videotapes a UFO over Gloucester, UK

V5.29 - July 20th 2000

Two UFO cases reported in the United Kingdom

V5.30 - July 27th 2000

Resident videotapes a UFO in Northwich, Cheshire, UK

V5.32 - August 10th 2000

Thousands of fish fall on Great Yarmouth, UK
West Sussex man observes UFOs over the Channel

V5.34 - August 24th 2000

Two rotating UFOs seen in Northumberland, UK

V3.35 - August 31st 2000

Silver-sphere UFO causes flap in Bucks and Surrey

V5.36 - September 7th 2000

Image of Elvis appears on a Scottish hillside
Luminous UFOs sighted at two locations in UK

V5.38 - September 21st 2000

Another UFO sighted in Buckinghamshire, UK

V5.40 - October 5th 2000

1740: Gigantic spherical UFO orbits venus

V5.42 - October 19th 2000

The daughters of Xena?
O Jerusalem dept.
Saucers seen in Surrey and Staffordshire

V5.43 - October 26th 2000

Middle East conflict spawns strange stories: Story #1: Di, the Heavenly messenger
UFOs sighted in Essex and East Yorkshire

V5.44 - November 2nd 2000

UK teacher trainee spots teardrop-shaped UFO

V5.45 - November 9th 2000

Unusually severe storms sweep western Europe

V5.46 - November 16th 2000

Sunderland UFO seen by a second eyewitness

V5.47 - November 23rd 2000

Reader Feedback: Princess Diana ghost story was originally a TV comedy sketch
Strange sightings reported in Rendlesham Forest

V5.48 - November 30th 2000

Georgina Bruni's new book explores Rendlesham Forest UFO case More countries hit by unusual rainstorms

V5.49 - December 7th 2000

UFOs have a busy weekend in the United Kingdom

V5.51 - December 21st 2000

Mysterious white orb seen in Dundee, Scotland

V5.52 - December 28th 2000

UFOs seen repeatedly in Derbyshire Dales, UK

V6.01 - January 4th 2001

The electric kid--a real-life "super-hero"

V6.04 - January 25th 2001

Triangular UFO hovers over the Isle of Man

V6.05 - February 1st 2001

Large triangular UFO seen in Derbyshire Dales
Roundup corrigenda (RE: Triangular UFO hovers over the Isle of Man)

V6.06 - February 8th 2001

More UFOs sighted in Derbyshire Dales, UK<
Three UFOs fly over Scarborough, Yorkshire

V6.07 - February 15th 2001

Yellow UFO hovers over Eccles, Sussex, UK

V6.08 - February 22nd 2001

Green fireball dodges a police helicopter in UK
More UFOs reported in Derbyshire Dales, UK
Mysterious fireball causes a stir in Northern Ireland
Woman videotapes a UFO in north Devon, UK

V6.09 - March 1st 2001

Five yellow UFOs fly over Grimsby, Lincs.
Mysterious white powder falls on a Scottish school
Mystery boom and tremor rattle north Yorkshire

V6.10 - March 8th 2001

Small meteor hits a garden in York, UK

V6.11 - March 15th 2001

Reader feedback: Not exactly a meteor

V6.13 - March 29th 2001

Two USAF fighter jets vanish over Scotland

V6.17 - April 26th 2001

1938: Spontaneous combustion...or black magick?

V6.18 - May 3rd 2001

Giant saucer hovers over a town in Derbyshire, UK

V7.01 - January 1st 2002

Triangular UFO seen by a motorist in Oxfordshire

V7.02 - January 8th 2002

Triangular UFO hovers over Dover Castle in UK

V7.04 - January 22nd 2002

1913: Mysterious airship spotted over Wales
An unusual UFO display in North Yorkshire, UK

V7.05 - January 29th 2002

UFO crash in Wales?

V7.13 - March 19th 2002

Four teens sight a saucer in Stroud, UK

V7.18 - April 30th 2002

First crop circle of 2002 appears in Hampshire, UK

V7.19 - May 7th 2002

1909: Airship flap breaks out in Essex, UK

V7.20 - May 14th 2002

1909: UFOs fly over ships on the North Sea
Flashing UFO spotted in Nottinghamshire, UK

V7.21 - May 21st 2002

1726: Strange artifact found in Scotland

V7.23 - June 4th 2002

1944: D-Day and Edgar Cayce

V7.25 - June 18th 2002

Hollywood stars relate UFO experiences
UFO with flashing lights seen near Strood, Kent

V7.26 - June 25th 2002

Strange light circles reported in West Sussex

V7.29 - July 16th 2002

Crop circles appear in UK and Canada
Weird light flashes seen in Somerset, UK

V7.31 - July 30th 2002

Crop circles proliferate worldwide in July

V7.32 - Aug 6th 2002

Disc-shaped UFO sighted in Tonbridge, Kent
Luminous UFO observed in Dawlish, Devon

V7.35 - Aug 27th 2002

An alien message in a UK crop circle?

V7.36 - Sep 3rd 2002

1783: UFOs over England
Hovering UFO seen over Coldringham, Scotland

V7.42 - October 15th 2002

Family spies a UFO in St. Albans, Herts., UK

V7.43 - October 22nd 2002

Four triangular UFOs seen in Northampton, UK

V7.44 - October 29th 2002

1974: Close encounter in Aveley, Essex, UK

V7.48 - November 26th 2002

Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Buckinghamshire, UK

V7.50 - December 10th 2002

1954: Anomalous storm threatens London
1980: Disco inferno

V7.52 - December 24th 2002

Luminous UFO sighted near Birmingham in UK

V8.01 - January 1st 2003

Mystery fireball sighted in northeastern Scotland

V8.04 - January 22nd 2003

Luminous UFO sighted in Northern Ireland

V8.05 - January 29th 2003

1902: Sandstorm from beyond
Bigfoot spotted in Northumberland, UK
Hovering UFO sighted in Gloucestershire, UK
How green was my UFO
Phantom panther kills four sheep in Scotland

V8.06 - February 5th 2003

More UFO sightings reported in UK

V8.07 - February 12th 2003

Phantom panther appears in East Anglia, UK

V8.09 - February 26th 2003

Large silver UFO hovers over Scottish mall

V8.11 - March 12th 2003

UFOs reported in UK

V8.12 - March 19th 2003

Phantom panthers run wild in United Kingdom
Reader Feedback: Scottish mall sighting a hoax

V8.14 - April 2nd 2003

Woman photographs phantom panther in Somerset, UK

V8.15 - April 9th 2003

1888: Squished!

V8.19 - May 14th 2003

1903: Animal mutilation case in Staffordshire, UK
Mysterious glowing light seen over a London park

V8.21 - June 11th 2003

Couple spies a UFO in Dunoon, Scotland
UFO hovers over Belfast

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

Triangular UFOs seen in Worcester and Hendon

V8.23 - June 25th 2003

1943: The Holocaust and the Fortean Society

V8.24 - July 2nd 2003

Night saucer spotted in Buckinghamshire, UK

V8.25 - July 9th 2003

Sudden outbreak of crop circles worldwide

V8.27 - July 23rd 2003

Gordon Creighton dies in england at age 95
Silver sphere UFO seen in Lincolnshire, UK

V8.28 - July 30th 2003

Mystery lights awe many in Worcestershire, UK

V8.29 - August 6th 2003

Lakebed evidence hints at presence of the Loch Ness Monster

V8.31 - August 20th 2003

Phantom panther goes on the prowl in Ulster

V8.32 - August 27th 2003

Phantom panther kills a ram in Northern Ireland

V8.33 - September 3rd 2003

Strange blackout kills electricity in London

V8.34 - September 10th 2003

1980: John Lennon's magickal mystery number
Black helicopter buzzes Wiltshire skywatchers
The Dover mystery
Phantom panther stalks journalist in Ulster
UFOs seen in Suffolk, UK

V8.35 - September 17th 2003

1894: Mystery at the girls' school
Silver, cigar-shaped UFO sighted in Lancashire

V8.36 - Sep 24th 2003

1924: Chillin' with the Illuminati
UFOs seen in Derbyshire
UFOs seen in Derbyshire

V8.37 - October 1st 2003

1940: The man with no face
Phantom panther eludes air patrols in Ulster
Phantom panthers run wild in Scotland

V8.38 - October 8th 2003

More phantom panthers reported in Scotland
New phantom panther sighted in England
Photo shows third phantom panther in Northern Ireland

V8.39 - October 15th 2003

More phantom panthers sighted in England

V8.40 - October 22nd 2003

More phantom panthers are sighted in UK
Two women trail a red UFO in West Cumbria, UK

V8.41 - October 29th 2003

No letup in reports of UK phantom panthers
UFOs sighted twice last week in UK

V8.42 - Nov 5th 2003

Phantom panther stalks Essex woman in UK

V8.44 - November 19th 2003

Phantom panther seen in Ladybank, Scotland

V8.45 - November 26th 2003

Phantom panther seen in Huddersfield, England

V8.46 - December 3rd 2003

Phantom panther on the prowl in Buckinghamshire
Phantom panther seen at RAF base in Fife
Phantom panther stalks a school in Scotland

V8.47 - December 10th 2003

Moors panther goes on rampage near Oldham, UK

V8.48 - December 17th 2003

1907: Luminous angel hair falls in Norfolk, UK
Moors panther spotted all around Huddersfield
Phantom panther prowls Ayrshire in Scotland
Triangular UFO sighted in Northern Ireland

V8.49 - December 24th 2003

Phantom panther strikes again in Scotland

V8.50 - December 25th 2003

No word from British Mars probe

V9.01 - January 7th 2004

First panthers, now UFOs: The Huddersfield mystery
"Mothman curse" strikes twice last week

V9.02 - January 14th 2004

More UFOs seen over Huddersfield, UK

V9.03 - January 21st 2004

Phantom panthers are still active in UK
Woman videotapes UFO over Huddersfield, UK

V9.04 - January 28th 2004

Phantom panthers prowl again in UK

V9.06 - February 11th 2004

More UFOs seen over Huddersfield, UK
Phantom panther turns up in Shropshire, UK

V9.07 - February 18th 2004

Beagle 2 lander is declared "lost"
UFOs sighted in UK

V9.08 - February 25th 2004

UFO photographed in Plymouth, UK

V9.09 - March 3rd 2004

"High-heeled Jack" seen in Berkshire towns

V9.10 - March 10th 2004

UFO and chemtrails seen in Suffolk

V9.11 - March 17th 2004

Shootdown on Mars?
Winged wierdie seen in West Midlands, UK

V9.12 - March 24th 2004

Another UFO sighted in West Midlands, UK
Crop circles found in Northern Ireland
Phantom panther reported in Wales

V9.13 - March 31st 2004

Three UFOs sighted in Hertfordshire, UK

V9.14 - April 7th 2004

1954: A mysterious hum at Chalfont St. Giles

V9.15 - April 14th 2004

Phantom panther on the prowl in North Wales

V9.16 - April 21st 2004

Six UFOs spotted over Wickford, Essex, UK

V9.17 - April 28th 2004

Mysterious noises have folks sleepless in Epsom
Phantom panthers run riot across UK
White UFO with red lights spotted in Berkshire, UK

V9.18 - May 5th 2004

1918: Lady Sopwith
Rectangular UFO seen in Sittingbourne, Kent

V9.19 - May 12th 2004

Man videotapes a UFO in Manchester, UK

V9.20 - May 19th 2004

Luminous UFO seen in Sunderland, UK
More phantom panthers spotted in UK

V9.21 - May 26th 2004

Luminous UFO sighted at Crawley, West Sussex

V9.22 - June 2nd 2004

1944: D-Day shocker!
Cylinder-shaped UFO seen in Nelson, Lancashire, UK
Phantom panthers active in Shropshire and Norfolk

V9.23 - June 8th 2004

1815: Adam Weishaupt meets Frankenstein
Global warming floods British Isles

V9.25 - June 23rd 2004

Another black panther seen in Gloucestershire
Five UFOs spotted over Emley Moor, UK

V9.28 - July 14th 2004

1829: And now, a word from Ttsathoggua!

V9.31 - August 4th 2004

Crop circles flourish in UK, Canada and Poland
Two UFO sightings reported in UK

V9.32 - August 11th 2004

Orange sphere UFO seen in West Sussex, UK

V9.33 - August 18th 2004

UFO sighted in South Birmingham, UK

V9.34 - August 25th 2004

Missing glider mystery in Cheshire, UK
Night saucer spotted in Somerset, UK
Sunken Liberty ship threatens UK port

V9.35 - September 1st 2004

Two night saucers seen in Wiltshire, UK
UFO appears over a small town in Ulster

V9.37 - September 15th 2004

Silver sphere spotted in North Yorkshire

V9.38 - September 22nd 2004

Black panther goes on the prowl in Wales
Luminous disc sighted in Conwy, North Wales

V9.39 - September 29th 2004

V-shaped UFO spotted in Towyn, North Wales

V9.40 - October 6th 2004

Dr. John E. Mack dies in London traffic mishap
Mysterious fireball seen by motorists in UK

V9.41 - October 13th 2004

Daylight disc sighted in Harlow, Essex, UK

V9.42 - October 20th 2004

British explorers track Indonesian Bigfoot
Mystery boom rattles Manchester, UK
Three UFOs sighted in Fring, Norfolk, UK

V9.43 - October 27th 2004

A UFO crash at Worley?
Unusual blue mist trails couple in Cheshire, UK

V9.44 - November 3rd 2004

Witches pardoned in Scotland on Halloween

V9.45 - November 10th 2004

1935: The Valkyrie
Churchill's list

V9.47 - November 21st 2004

Motorists see gigantic UFO near Cardiff, Wales

V9.48 - December 1st 2004

Phantom panther prowls Cambridgeshire, UK
UFOs sighted in Cheshire and the Midlands, UK

V9.50 - December 22nd 2004

Six UFOs spotted over Northern Ireland

V10.01 - January 5th 2005

Huygens continues its short flight to Titan
Silver daylight disc seen in Aldershot, Hampshire

V10.03 - January 19th 2004

Black magick on Dartmoor
Heavy rains hit Europe and Central America

V10.04 - January 26th 2005

Strange world of Titan
Two flashing UFOs seen at Warrington, Cheshire

V10.05 - February 1st 2005

Mysterious light beam sweeps Shropshire

V10.06 - February 8th 2005

Luminous UFOs seen near Scarborough, UK

V10.07 - February 16th 2005

UFOs sighted in Kent and Cambridgeshire

V10.08 - February 23rd 2005

Phantom panthers reappear in UK

V10.09 - March 2nd 2005

British robot sub sunk by a USO?
Frozen sea discovered at Elysium on Mars
Phantom panthers reappear in UK

V10.10 - March 9th 2005

Image of Jesus appears on a tree in England

V10.11 - March 16th 2005

1976: Bigfoot march

V10.12 - March 23rd 2005

Anomalous tsunami kills three in North Yorkshire
A Fortean centennial
Luminous green UFO seen in South Yorkshire
Reader Feedback: Only one UFO over UK

V10.13 - March 30th 2005

Phantom panthers run riot in UK

V10.20 - May 18th 2005

Anomalous tornado strikes Lancashire
Crop circles appear in UK, Mexico and Germany
Luminous UFOs appear over North Wales
Phantom panther appears again near Huddlesfield
UFOs spotted around UK

V10.22 - June 1st 2005

Huddlesfield panther spotted again

V10.23 - June 8th 2005

Phantom panther kills cow in Plymouth, UK


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