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UFOINFO Note: The article below is quite old now and only on the site for 'historical' purposes to allow readers to know what happened to UFO Roundup. Since the article was written I have lost touch with Joe and and I do not think he will be resuming the bulletins. Also I do not know if the mailing address is still the correct one for him - John @ UFOINFO.

UFO ROUNDUP Is Temporarily on Hiatus

Dear Readers:

You may be wondering why UFO ROUNDUP is no longer appearing weekly. If so, here's what is happening with the newsletter.

In early October, due to economic circumstances in Duluth (namely, Northwest Airlines laid off 600 maintenance repairmen at the jetliner repair facility, which pretty much made it impossible for your editor to find a job during his regular employer's off-season), I was obliged to move back to New England. Once I arrived back here in southeastern Massachusetts, I set about trying to get back online, only to learn that my computer was obsolete and its software was out-of-date, and I could no longer access the Web.

With help from Roundup correspondents in this area, I was able to get out a few sporadic issues. However, because my computer is a 1995 VTECH 486DX and was using Windows 3.1, AOL Technical Support said there was no way I could get back online. A friend suggested that I was "trying to compete in the Indianapolis 500 by driving a vintage 1925 Model T Ford."

Fortunately, I was able to find employment here after a diligent search. But I won't be able to buy a new computer for weeks or perhaps months. I thought maybe one of our readers could help us out here.

If you are planning to get rid of your old computer (and it's using Windows 98 software, UFO Roundup would gladly accept it as a donation.

[Note: This is the minimum specification that Joe can use, if you can help out with a newer operating system it will be more compatible with modern software -- John @ UFOINFO]

You can ship it to this surface address:

UFO Roundup,
c/o Joseph Trainor,
9 Foley Street,
USA 02703-1805.

[Note: If you can donate a computer it might be best to write to Joe first, just in case he has several offers - John @ UFOINFO]

I hate to ask favors of our loyal readers, mainly because we've been able to get by "out of pocket" and with donations from a few of our readers (and your assistance is greatly appreciated, believe me!) for the past decade. Adverse circumstances have forced us into hiatus before, but we've always been able to bounce back. Hopefully, we can do the same this time, too, and bring UFO Roundup back online. The UFO situation never seems to take any time off. Just two days ago, witnesses in Western Australia saw a giant silver sphere entering Earth's atmosphere east of Perth, traveling in the midst of a Taurid meteor shower. There have been recent sightings in Virginia, Suffolk and Wales, as well. The sooner your editor can get back online, the sooner we can get our 10-year-old "Saucer CNN" back to covering the UFO scene.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Even if you cannot provide any help, please share in our prayers that this forced hiatus will be a short one.

          Joseph Trainor


          UFO ROUNDUP


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