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Editor: Joseph Trainor

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UFOINFO Note: The article below is quite old now and only on the site for 'historical' purposes to allow readers to know what happened to UFO Roundup. Since the article was written I have lost touch with Joe and and I do not think he will be resuming the bulletins. Also I do not know if the mailing address is still the correct one for him - John @ UFOINFO.

Joseph Trainor's E-mail Address

Dear Readers:

As most of you already know Joseph Trainor the editor of UFO Roundup is offline at the moment and unable to continue with the bulletin.

I recently heard from him via a third party and in his message Joe stated his AOL account is closed and that he no longer has the Masiniagan e-mail address, so please do not try writing to him. Mail to that account is not being bounced at the moment and it is possible that someone else is using it, so please do not use it.

Joe was recently sidelined for a couple of weeks with flu and will shortly resume his search for employment. He will resume the weekly bulletin as soon as he can and thanks those who have made donations towards a new computer.

For those wishing to write via 'snail mail' Joe's postal address is:

Joseph Trainor,
9 Foley Street,
USA 02703-1805


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