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Volume 1
Editor: Joseph Trainor

UFO Roundup is a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories.
My thanks to the editor, Joseph Trainor, for permission to keep the official archive.

No. 1 Abducted!
No. 4 Mar 11th
No. 7 Apr 1st
No.10 Apr 21st
No.13 May 12th
No.16 Jun 2nd
No.19 Jun 23rd
No.22 Jul 14th
No.25 Aug 4th
No.28 Sep 8th
No.31 Sep 29th
No.34 Oct 20th
No.37 Nov 10th
No.40 Dec 1st
No.43 Dec 22nd
No. 2 Feb 26
No. 5 Mar 18th
No. 8 Apr 7th
No.11 Apr 28th
No.14 May 19th
No.17 Jun 9th
No.20 Jun 30th
No.23 Jul 21st
No.26 Aug 11th
No.29 Sep 15th
No.32 Oct 6th
No.35 Oct 27th
No.38 Nov 17th
No.41 Dec 9th
No.44 Dec 29th
No. 3 Mar 4th
No. 6 Mar 25th
No. 9 Apl 14th
No.12 May 5th
No.15 May 26th
No.18 Jun 16th
No.21 Jul 7th
No.24 Jul 29th
No.27 Aug 18th
No.30 Sep 22nd
No.33 Oc 16th
No.36 Nov 3rd
No.39 Nov 24th
No.42 Dec 15th
I would like to thank Steven L. Wilson Sr for sending me issues 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 of Volume 1.