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Number 6
March 25, 1996
Editor: Joseph Trainor

The UFO flap in Canada is really heating up. Here's the latest on the UFO sightings north of the border...


Tuesday evening, March 19, 1996, a dazzling "star-shaped" or "diamond-shaped" UFO crossed the Ottawa River into Quebec and startled nine workmen at a brickmaking plant. The sighting took place in Waltham Station, Quebec, a small town on Highway 148 just across the river from Pembroke, Ontario.

According to the Pembroke Observer, the UFO was spotted by Hector Brochu and eight other workmen at the Waltham Dry Kilns Co. just west of town. Mr. Brochu described the UFO as "a smooth star-shaped object about 45 centimeters in diameter." Other workmen described the object as "diamond-shaped" with four distinct corners.

When first spotted, the UFO was heading east, having just crossed the Ottawa River. It appeared to have come from the direction of the Canadian Forces Base at Petawawa, near Pembroke, but the Canadian military reported that they had nothing on radar.

The witnesses said the UFO halted as it reached the brickyard, hovered for about ten minutes, then flew eastward about a half mile. There it hovered for another twenty minutes, its bright light occasionally blinking on and off. At the end, the UFO winked out and disappeared.

More information can be had by contacting the city editor at the Pembroke Observer. The Phone number is (613) 732-3691.


On Friday night, February 23, 1996, a UFO appeared over downtown Yellowknife, provincial capital of the Northwest Territories. The object was sighted at 8 p.m. by Albert Wilson, a resident of Yellowknife who is confined to a wheelchair. Looking out his window, Mr. Wilson saw "a row of rotating lights" hovering above the Legislative Assembly building and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center.

"They were rotating clockwise," Mr. Wilson said, but added that, because of darkness, he could discern no vehicle or object above or below the hovering lights.

Immediately Mr. Wilson reached for his cellular phone to call the local radio station. Before he could dial the number, however, the hand-held phone went dead. Mr. Wilson wheeled himself into the kitchen and then tried to use the main Phone. He heard a dial tone for three seconds, and then that phone also went dead. Trapped in his own home, unable to contact anyone in the outside world, Mr. Wilson moved his chair to the window and watched the UFO until 8:30 p.m. The lights, he added, were red, yellow, green and blue.

He tried the phone again and this time heard a dial tone. Quickly he phoned the local detachment of the Royal Candian Mounted Police. An RCMP cruiser arrived at Mr. Wilson's home at 8:40 p.m. However, by the time the Mounties showed up, the UFO was gone.

Colonel Pierre LeBlanc, commander of CFB Yellowknife, has stated that the Canadian military aircraft are not responsible for the recent flurry of UFO reports.


A weird-looking UFO flew over Longmeadow, Massachusetts at 4:44 p.m. on Sunday, March 17, 1996. It was seen by two teenagers who happened to be looking through a skylight at that particular moment. According to the two witnesses, the front of the UFO "was in the shape of an egg" while the rear was "rounded." One youth estimated that the UFO was 80 feet long. The strange object also had two protrusions on either side that looked like stubby wings.

The UFO "passed right over the skylight," one witness said. "The (UFO's) big lights looked like the lights on a Mercedes but BIGGER!"

They found the large lights blinding but added that the smaller lights didn't bother their eyes.

This isn't the first time a UFO has been to Longmeadow. According to Case #1124 of Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force's UFO research project that ran from 1948 to 1969, an "unidentified object" appeared over Longmeadow on April 17, 1952.

For more information, send email to Skee


Nine hours after the Longmeadow sighting, at about 11 p.m. Mountain time, a UFO described as "a bright orange ball" flew over downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico at a "very high rate of speed."

The UFO was spotted by a young man living near Eubank Boulevard and Los Altos Park. He said the UFO came speeding out of Bear Arroyo, heading in a westerly direction. "It was a pretty clear sky," he added, describing the UFO as "a solid glowing sphere" that made "absolutely no sound" and left no vapor trail.

The UFO passed by so quickly that he had no chance to run outside. So he Phoned a friend who lived a mile to the west, near San Mateo Boulevard. Just as he picked up, the friend spotted an orange flash outside his window and also caught a glimpse of the speeding object.

For more information, send email to


At 6:14 p.m. Central time on Friday, March 15, 1996, several people sighted a UFO in Evansville, a city of 152,000 in the southwestern corner of Indiana. The witnesses reported "a strange orange ball of light in the sky moving very slowly." They estimated the UFO's altitude at 3,000 to 4,000 feet.

Suddenly, the UFO accelerated and split into "four or five smaller globes." These spheres vanished one by one.

Witnesses also claim they saw an F-15 jet fighter from Scott Air Force Base in pursuit of the UFO.


At precisely 1 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12, 1996, a Chandler, Arizona man was parked in a restaurant lot at the corner of Main Street and Price Road in Mesa, Arizona. The witness said he was seated behind the steering wheel when he saw "what looked like a plane going east." He described it as "a big ball of light" that hovered and made no sound. He watched it for ten minutes, and then it flew eastward toward Tempe.

Note: Tempe, Arizona is the home of Village Labs, where Jim Delittoso is currently doing computer analyses of the September 25 and October 23, 1995 videos that Tim Edwards shot in his hometown of Salida, Colorado.

More news next week! UFO ROUNDUP is moving to Sunday nights, mostly to accomodate the editor's class schedule. Have a great week!