The reports and images below were submitted to UFO ROUNDUP and others by Vitorio Pacaccini pacman@cyberdock.com.br and are presented to allow readers to make up their own minds - Joseph Trainor (Editor of UFO Roundup) & John Hayes (Webmaster of UFOINFO).

12th October 1998

I just got this report some minutes ago; it is about a place/city I know very well - "Baldim". This city is close to the city where I live, which is Belo Horizonte[capital of Minas Gerais State]. I've been in "Baldim" many times researching, we have many UFO sightings and close encounters around there since 1950[even before 50s]. I now, share the information with you. It's quite interesting. Of course, I'm going to get involved with this and if I can get anything else, it'll be posted.

Best wishes,

Dear Friends,

Forgive for my bad English, but I have some strange event to share with you. Here, in Brazil, we have a very good mail list of Ufology, called TERRAQUEOS. There is a young Brazilian UFO researcher called Leandro da Silva. Leandro also is a speleologist for hobby. Some days ago, Leandro and two friends from him, went in a cavern in a town called Baldim. Baldim is placed in Minas Gerais State [as Varginha] and also has a good UFO activity. Marcelo [one of Leandro's friend] was walking in the cavern when suddenly, he stared with a very strange and ugly animal, sized a man. He cried very loud and Leandro and the other young man started criyng, too. The animal, run and hiden behind a rock fdor a brief instant. Exactly then, Leandro took a picture of Marcelo, that was standing, dazzled and the animal. Shortly after, the animal passed throuh a leap in the wall and Leandro and the two friends of him run fearly out the cavern. Leandro put the picture of the animal in his web page. I think that it is very similar as Chupa Cabra has been reported. Pease, have a look of it. I never see nothing as it.
Please, give your opinion.
Leandro asked the University near him to take a look in the cavern. For now, he has not received an answer.

Lydia Ribeiro

Animal 1

Animal 2

13th October 1998

Dear colleagues,

As I have reported yesterday, I was informed about a strange account down here in my state, which is Minas Gerais[Brazil]. Some people[three total]have alleged to have met a very strange animal in a cave near Baldim city some days ago - they also, could take a picture of it[although the picture is not a very good one - it was dark inside the cave and the Kodak digital camera used, had no flash light; the only light available down there came from their lanterns].

I could find these people - these witnesses - today, at lunch time. I had a long phone conversation with them[1h30min]. They didn't sound to be inventing this story therefore, I've decided to investigate their story. As a result of this conversation, I'm going tomorrow - early in the morning to Baldim city, I want to be inside that cave at 7:00 am. Baldim city stands at 110 Kms away from Belo Horizonte, to be more specific. I'm going to get inside that cave with the witnesses plus two other colleagues of mine. We'll have to go down for +/- 150 meters through this very dark and tough way, to get in the right place where everything happened - although the cave is much deeper than that.

I'll take pictures outside and inside the cave, film everything and I intend to have a long interview with all the witnesses - face to face. Let's see what I can find after all this. I'll be sharing this information with you - full report.

I've been in that area many times with my group CICOANI[the oldest in south America - biggest library too], investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and close encounters, for years.This means that, that area is nothing new for me.

For all those who have sent me "private e-mails" asking me some questions don't worry, I'll be answering these questions pretty soon.

Best wishes,
Pacaccini - Brazil

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