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UFO Roundup is a weekly compilation of UFO related events and stories.
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VOLUME 4 - 1999

No. 1 Jan 5th     No. 2 Jan 11th     No. 3 Jan 18th
No. 4 Jan 25th    No. 5 Feb 1st      No. 6 Feb 8th
No. 7 Feb 15th    No. 8 Feb 22nd     No. 9 Mar 1st
No.10 Mar 8th     No.11 Mar 15th     No.12 Mar 22nd
No.13 Mar 29th    No.14 Apr 5th      No.15 Apr 12th
Update Joseph Trainor's Absence - An Explanation
No.16 Aug 10th    No.17 Aug 16th     No.18 Aug 25th
No.19 Aug 31st    No.20 Sep 8th      No.21 Sep 16th
No.22 Sep 22nd    No.23 Sep 30th     No.24 Oct 7th
No.25 Oct 14th    No.26 Oct 21st     No.27 Oct 28th
No.28 Nov 4th     No.29 Nov 11th     No.30 Nov 18th
No.31 Nov 25th    No.32 Dec 2nd      No.33 Dec 9th
No.34 Dec 16th    No.35 Dec 23rd     No.36 Dec 30th

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