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Volume 8
Number 45
November 26, 2003

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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"Was it a bird, a plane, a computer glitch? No one connected to the (USA's) air defense system claimed to know, but whatever it was, it briefly turned the White House upside-down Thursday," November 20, 2003.

"About 9:20 a.m., the staff members in the West Wing and school children on tours were ordered by the Secret Service to evacuate. The initial word was that radar had picked up a plane within five miles (8 kilometers) of restricted White House airspace."

"In fact, it was a false alarm. But somewhere, somehow, someone monitoring a computer screen saw something disturbing on a clear blue morning in the capital. Officials at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado Springs, Colo. would provide no other details, but they sent two F-16 fighter jets from the nearby Andrews Air Force Base" in Maryland "to investigate."

"The White House staff, meanwhile, clustered across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House near the historic townhouses of Jackson Place--a far more placid scene than the terrifying White House evacuation of Sept. 11, 2001, when women took off their (high) heels and ran."

"This time, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, whose job was created after the Sept. 11 attacks, was seen leaving, too."

"Some staff members spotted Secret Service agents stationed near the door of the White House's bombproof bunker, the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, apparently waiting for Vice President Dick Cheney."

"President (George W.) Bush was in London at the moment, in a roundtable discussion on AIDS at 10 Downing Street."

"The evacuation turned out to be spotty, not comprehensive. Staff members said an internal loudspeaker that was supposed to broadcast instructions in case of an emergency--put in place after Sept. 11--never went off, and many found out about the evacuation by word of mouth. No one in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door, which is part of the White House complex, was evacuated at all."

"In fact, at the same time that the cable television channels were broadcasting news of the evacuation, the executive mansion telephone operators, in the Eisenhower Building, were still answering the phones with, 'The White House,' their traditionally crisp salutation. On Sept. 11, those phones rang off the hook."

"Tourists walking around the White House found the events exciting, if nerve-wracking."

"'The guards told us to stay on one side of the street,' said Kelsey Baker, 15, a 10th grader from Aurora, Mo. (my emphasis--J.T.), who was standing across from the White House on the far side of Pennsylvania Avenue. 'They said, 'Don't bunch up!' They weren't very polite. We were a little nervous.'"

(Editor's Comment: If things weren't weird enough already! Kelsey's hometown, Aurora, Missouri, was the site of a UFO flap a month ago. See UFO Roundup, volume 8, number 41 for October 29, 2003, "Three white UFOs seen in Aurora, Missouri," page 6. What gives, Kelsey? Did something follow you and your classmates to the District of Columbia?)

"By 9:30 a.m., the crisis was over, and the Secret Service--which had been spotted in full anti-sniper gear on the roof of the White House, scouring the horizon with binoculars--waves staffers back in to their desks."

"'It was over in a matter of minutes,' said Trent Duffy, the deputy White House press secretary."

"Officials at NORAD would not speculate about what might have caused the radar glitch." (See the Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for November 21, 2003, "Radar glitch causes White House evacuation," page 4A.)


"U.S. Army munitions experts at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan are investigating a mysterious new weapon that fires a projectile the size of a pencil eraser that was used by Iraqi insurgents to knock out an M1 Abrams main battle tank in Baghdad."

"Shortly before dawn on (Thursday) August 28 (2003), a routine patrol in Baghdad was 'hit by something,' according to the report" by Terry Hughes, a technical representative from the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois.

"The yellow metal round penetrated the tank's armored skirting and hull, tore through a gunner's seatback and then took out vital equipment, disabling the tank before burying itself in the opposite wall in a hole nearly two inches (five centimeters) deep."

"The four-member crew of the 69-ton, $4.3 million Abrams survived the hit, although the gunner and the tank commander were hit by flying bits of metal."

"'It seems clear that a projectile of yellow molten metal is what caused the damage, but what weapon fires such a round and precisely what sort of round it is," remain mysteries. "Whatever penetrated the tank created enough heat inside the hull to activate the vehicle's Halon firefighting system."

"According to Don Jarosz, spokesman for the Army's Program Evaluation Office for Ground Combat Systems, the incident happened August 28 while the tank was on patrol in Baghdad."

"The investigation into what weapon was used in the attack is not yet complete, he said."

"There have been no reports of any other mystery projectile being fired at U.S. equipment before or since the Aug. 28th incident, but there are fears that Iraqi insurgents may possess some kind of secret weapon."

"The Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, which is conducting the investigation, is witholding all information concerning it, including what progress has been made, Jarosz said."

Market rumors in Iraq claim that Saddam's supposed allies, the Zarzi aliens, have given futuristic weapons to Baathist commandos who are fanatically loyal to the ousted dictator.

According to the souk (market) tales, a UFO crashed in Iraq either during the first Gulf War in 1991 or in December 1998. The alien survivors were brought before Saddam Hussein, who gave them sanctuary in Iraq. In return, the aliens used their technology to build several large underground bases for Saddam and to provide the help he needed to ward off his enemies--the USA, UK and Israel.

During late 2002 and early 2003, the aliens were thought to be staying at an underground base in Zarzi or at the centuries-old fortress of Qalaat-e-Julundi, both located in the as-Zab as-Saghir (Little Zab River valley) in northern Iraq. Zarzi was bombed at the beginning of Gulf War II in March 2003.

"Uday (Saddam's son, who was killed in July 2003-- J.T.) asked the aliens for 'weapons of the Drona Parva' to strike directly at the USA," Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat reported, "However, the aliens turned down his request."

(Editor's Note: The Drona Parva is a book of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, which describes energy weapons of fantastic power.)

But Mohammed thinks Uday's father might have been slightly more persuasive.

"Now there is talk among the Baathists of 'degaton guns.' Saddam was given only a few, and these he entrusts only to men who have proven their loyalty to him," he added, "Obviously, the aliens do not trust Saddam, else they would have given him more. But the handful he has helps to reduce the Anglo-American coalition's advantage in armor and aircraft."

A "degaton gun" looks like "what you Americans call a sawed-off shotgun, but with a pistol grip. The muzzle is very wide and resembles a vacuum cleaner. An odd-looking 'box' of electronics bulges out just above the trigger. There is a laser sighting system built right into the front of the electronic box."

Unlike a conventional firearm, which uses a chemical explosion to send the projectile on its way, the 'degaton gun' reportedly uses electromagnetic energy to hurl its projectiles, Mohammed explained, "The Baathists have seen these weapons hurl lighting bolts. But the ones the aliens gave them cannot do that."

(Editor's Comment: Assuming this "degaton gun" is for real, I can see where an electromagnetic charge might throw the projectile at such a high velocity that friction heat literally turns it "molten." But how do they get the projectile to travel in a straight line? Once it leaves the gun's magnetic field, you'd think the projectile would go haywire. See the Chicago Tribune for November 19, 2003, "U.S. studies mystery projectile," section 1, page 4, and WorldNet Daily for November 4, 2003. Many thanks to Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat for the additional information.)


Ukrainian psychic Lenura A. Azizova claims that ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein first met an extraterrestrial in 1989, when a cylindrical UFO crashed in the mountains southeast of Kirkuk.

"In 1989, in the mountainous region several dozen kilometers east or southeast of Kirkuk, was the UFO crash that was soon cordoned off by Saddam's military," Azizova said, following a series of remote-viewing sessions in her own country. "The craft was siezed, evaluated and kept hidden in great secrecy. The crash of this alien spacecraft made a long trench in the ground. The vehicle was shaped like a cylinder, or more precisely, like a bullet, 12 meters (40 feet) long and 2.4 meters (8 feet) in diameter, silver in color."

"The body of one dead alien was found inside," she added, "The alien was Asian-looking, about 1.5 meters (5 feet) in height, with a big head, big eyes and four- fingered hands. The second member of the crew left the capsule through the opening at the back part of the craft. A few days afterward, Iraqi soldiers in the nearby mountains" north of Taqtaq "caught this second alien. The entity was obviously frightened and gave off squeaking noises."

"Saddam was afraid that other aliens would arrive to save the crew, so the recovery was made very quickly," she stated. "The Iraqi army transported the craft in top secrecy at night to Irbil province, where the special underground tunnel with hangars was constructed to hide and study the spacecraft. Natural caves existing in the region were used for this purpose. The body of the (dead alien) pilot was also stored there in a special cryogenic container."

The underground facility is "located in the mountains southeast of Irbil, approximately somewhere between Girdasur and Mirza Agha."

This contact, Azizova maintains, was Saddam's first meeting with aliens and not the reputed incidents of Gulf War I in 1991 or Operation Desert Storm in 1998.

"The entity that survived lived in Iraqi custody at Saddam's underground base for at least two weeks. After that, it died. Unfortunately for Saddam, and contrary to all the rumors and Baghdad market fairy tales, no information was given by the alien, despite persistent Iraqi attempts to interview it."

Fearing "an inevitable American attack, Saddam gave the order to blow up the entrance to the cave, and to bury the spacecraft, the alien body and all evidence, to prevent their siezure by the Americans."

Azizova said the rumors of aliens staying at the old fortress of Qalaat-e-Julundi were "about 90 percent fantasy."

(Editor's Comment: However, Mirza Agha is not that far north of the Little Zab River valley, only about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Zarzi.)

Azizova also stated that the two aliens came from a system with twin green stars, "the double-star HD-62323 in the constellation Canis Minoris, which is 172 light-years from Earth." (Many thanks to Lenura A. Azizova and Anton A. Anfalov for this news story.)

(Editor's Comment: If you thought the news from Iraq was weird this week, wait till you read about the end of Ramadan in Iran!)


"Fifty people were arrested in Iran's holy city of Qom after police broke up a crowd that had assembled to watch the rumored execution of a half-woman, half- tigress."

"A large crowd turned up in a square of the city to watch the hanging of the woman-beast, only to be met by Iranian police who attempted to convince them that the bizarre rumor was in fact absolutely false."

"In the ensuing attempt by security forces to disperse the crowd, the would-be spectators struck back, and several windows of surrounding buildings were reported to have been smashed. Police made fifty arrests."

"Elaborate rumors had been circulating in Qom, claiming that a Muslim woman 'had insulted religious values' during the fasting month of Ramadan and, as punishment from Allah, had her head turned into that of a ferocious feline."

"Drawings of the woman with the head of a tigress were even distributed in the city, especially in schools. The rumor was that she was to be hanged."

"According to local folklore, the insulting of Islam during the fasting month of Ramadan is particularly serious, and sinners risk having their head turned into that of an animal."

The holy city of Qom is about 200 kilometers (120 miles) south of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

UFO Roundup's Middle East correspondent Ayesha al- Khatabi said the were-tigress is a part of the folklore of the region. "In the Caucasus, this creature is called the baghita. Sometimes it has a tigress's head. At other times, it will have the head of a beautiful woman on the body of a white Siberian tigress. Most often, this creature will change from a woman into a tigress and back again. There are legends of them at ar-Raqqah in Jordan and in the mountains of al-Hijaz in Saudi Arabia." (See the Iranian newspaper Jomhuri Eslami for November 9, 2003, "'Half-woman, half-tiger' rumor sparks riot." Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi for this newspaper article.)


"A team of three mechanics from Salta," a city in northern Argentina located 600 kilometers (360 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, "who had ventured out to rescue a minibus belonging to a Canadian scientific expedition on the Chilean side of the Andes, had an unexpected brush with the unusual: an unidentified flying object (UFO) of a considerable size" with "'an impressive white luminosity'" that "followed them for over two hours on a straight road that led to the (mountain) communities of Susques and Punamarca."

"'I've never been so scared. That thing didn't belong to this world. It moved at an impossible speed and, at one point, came so close to us, we thought it would collide,' said Raul Eduardo Oviedo Tomas of the Forani mechanic shop (garage or auto repair in the USA-- J.T.)."

"The Norteamericano researchers were stranded at San Pedro de Atacama" in Chile, 200 kilometers (120 miles) west-northwest of Salta. "Headed by Dr. Randall, the (Canadian) scientists were conducting a survey of Cordilleran flora."

(Editor's Comment: Gawd! What a place to break down--San Pedro de Atacama, the hometown of Mataperro (Spanish for Dogkiller--J.T.). If this was a movie, you'd know what would happen to those scientists next.)

"'We left Saturday (November 15, 2003) at 4:45 a.m. from Salta towards the Cordillera. I asked two friends, Marco Figueroa and Alejandro, to accompany me, so I wouldn't have to do either the work or the journey alone. This was the first time I had ever driven those roads, and I was truly impressed, not just by the (Andean) landscape and the desolation, but by the difficulty. One has to climb a 70-kilometer (42-mile) long incline to reach Jama Pass and Chile, which can destroy the engine of any vehicle driven by an inexperienced motorist,' said Oviedo Tomas."

"He added, 'We reached San Pedro de Atacama around 2 p.m. on the same day. But (upon reaching the site--S.C.) we realized that it would be impossible to tow the Canadian minibus with our S10 Chevy--it weighed 5,000 kilos, and one good look at our situation sufficed to establish that the only way to get it out of there would be to use a mosquito truck (heavy-duty truck with a winch and derrick--J.T.) or something similar. We therefore decided to return home.'"

"Without hesitation, taking deep drags on a cigarette, Oviedo Tomas went on, 'The road on the Argentinian side is truly horrible, especially when contrasted with the Chilean side, which is like a paved pool table, with signs and road markings. At this point, shortly before reaching Susques,'" in Argentina's Jujuy province, about 175 kilometers (90 miles) northwest of Salta, "'the stones caused a blowout, which caused us to continue the trip under stress, since there was no spare tire. We thought to repair it in the little town of Susques, but the tire repairman was on holiday, so we had to continue regardless. It was still Saturday.'"

"'At around 8 p.m., we left Susques for Punamarca. We were listening to music and remarking about the impressive darkness and hardiness of the area, which is an upland plateau. Suddenly, the (Chevy's) lights and radio went out. I braked because I couldn't see anything at all due to the darkness.'"

"'Stop fooling around!' Alejandro told me from the back seat.'"

"'Meanwhile, I was turning all of the knobs to see what would happen. Nothing worked, only the engine. Suddenly, on my right (to the south--J.T.) and at a distance, I saw a strange light. It was a small sphere that irradiated an intense white light.'"

"''Did you see that?' asked Marco."

"'I never got to answer, even though I thought (the light--S.C.) was la luz mala (the evil light--S.C.) because it started moving swiftly toward us until it became enormous. It stopped and remained static (stationary--J.T.).'"

"''Don't look at it!' I told my friends, although I don't know why. I accelerated and put on as much speed as possible. However, that 'thing' started to fly again in a straight line. It didn't make a single sound. Suddenly, it gained speed and, in less than a second, it vanished towards the bottom'" of a nearby arroyo.

"'We were quiet and didn't make a single remark, although all of us asked each other, 'Did you see it? Did you see it?'" as they continued driving to Punamarca. (See the Argentinian newspaper El Tribuno of Salta for November 21, 2003, "UFO follows three mechanics from Salta for two hours." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, Mercedes Casas y Luis E. Pacheco para esto articulo de diario.)


"Two women have told of their shock after encountering the Beast of Hade Edge--a large black cat thought to be a panther."

"Villager Margaret Wainwright and her daughter-in- law, Wilomena Roderick, reported seeing the creature stalking sheep in a farmer's field at Dunford Road."

"Police said they are treating the case seriously, and there had been other sightings."

"Mrs. Roderick said she was in her mother-in-law's kitchen, looking out the window, when she saw the mystery animal."

"At first she thought it was a big dog on the loose. Then she realised it was far too big and muscular to be a dog."

"'It was a very big powerful-like cat,' she said."

"'I saw the profile of the head and face. It belonged in a zoo. I was dumbfounded.'"

"'The tail was a dead giveaway. It was really long and curled up at the end, and swishing like cats do swish their tails.'"

"Wild cat expert Paul Westwood of Pontefract said he believed the big cat to be a black panther after hearing Mrs. Roderick's description."

"Three years ago, there were reports of a powerful black beast roaming around Denby Dale."

"A farmer had one lamb killed in an attack and another injured."

"Mr. Westwood said he believed big cats had been breeding since many were released into the wild after the Dangerous Animals Act of 1976." (See the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for November 8, 2003, "Panther-like creature 'should be in a zoo.'" Many thanks to Robert Fischer, UFO Roundup's phantom panther expert, for forwarding this newspaper article.)


"The Moore County, N.C. 911 Center was flooded with calls early Sunday evening," November 16, 2003, "from residents who reported hearing loud explosions."

"Two sets of explosions were heard throughout the county," located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southwest of Raleigh, the state capital, "in the early morning hours. Similar reports poured into 911 Centers in Anson, Chatham and Orange Counties, as well."

"In Moore County, calls started coming in from residents in the Robbins, N.C. (population 1,195) area at 1:17 a.m. Residents reported hearing two loud explosions, said Mike Cameron, supervisor of the Moore County 911


"The calls died down but piled up again at 5:20 a.m. This time, the calls came from Pinehurst (population 9,706) and Aberdeen residents. Callers reported hearing the same noise that people in the northern part of the county heard a few hours earlier--two loud booms."

"County dispatchers answered nearly 300 calls about the explosions. Many callers reported the explosions set off burglar alarms, knocked picture frames off walls and shattered windows."

"'They heard stuff falling on the roof,' Cameron said, 'People asked if it was safe to go outside, if we were under attack.'"

"Some people initially thought a methamphetamine lab could have been the source of the loud booms. Local law- enforcement officials who were patrolling the area could not find any evidence of an explosion."

"'If there had been an explosion, we could find no evidence of that,' Cameron said."

"The cause of the booms remains a mystery."

"Master Sgt. Bob Blauser, public affairs superintendent for Pope Air Force Base, said the base had no planes that could produce a sonic boom."

"'Whatever it was, it wasn't the result of anything at Pope Air Force Base,' Blauser said."

"Officials for Seymour Johnson and Shaw Air Force Bases and Cherry Point Marine Air Station said they had no aircraft capable of creating a sonic boom flying in the area at this time."

"Ben Nelson of Westmoore, N.C., an off-duty 911 dispatcher, was lying on his couch, talking on the phone with his girlfriend, when he heard and felt a thunderous boom, followed by a smaller one."

"'It shook my house and actually moved the couch several inches (away from) the wall,' Nelson said."

"He thought a plane had crashed in his yard. He ran upstairs to check on his mother, whom he said was already out of bed. Then he ran outside to see if a plane had crashed."

"He saw a commercial jet flying in the distance."

"'It wasn't military,' he said."

"Nelson, who was in the Air Force for four years and heard sonic booms before, said this was not a sonic boom."

"'A sonic boom is a low-pitched thump,' he said, 'This was more concentrated. This was louder and sounded closer.'" (See the North Carolina newspaper The Pilot for November 19, 2003. Many thanks to Steve Wingate and Steve Wilson Sr. for this newspaper article.)

From the UFO Files...


(Our Story So Far: Straddling the border between France and Spain is the small Basque town of Hendaye. Right in the middle of town is the Eglise Saint Vincent, a church dating back centuries, with a most unusual monument in its courtyard--a stone cross 12 feet (3.7 meters) tall. Trouble is, nobody knows who erected this cross...or for what strange purpose...)

In 1660, the youthful French king, Louis XIV, and his court descended on St. Jean de Luz, a town on the Cote des Basques, 5 kilometers (3 miles) north of Hendaye. A mere 20 kilometers (12 miles) down the coast, at San Sebastian in Spain, the court of King Felipe IV took up residence. What brought the two courts into such close proximity, however, was not war but peace. France and Spain were about to sign the Treaty of the Pyrenees and, to seal the treaty, Louis XIV of France was to be married to the Infanta (Princess Royal--J.T.) of Spain, Felipe's daughter, Maria Teresa.

The only one opposing the arranged marriage was Louis' current mistress, Maria Mancini. She was kind of hoping to become the queen herself. She complained bitterly to Cardinal Jules Mazarin, saying that Maria Teresa was "too short, too fat, and looks like a tavern maid." Cardinal Mazarin told her, "I'll decide whom the king marries, and I'll tell you right now, it won't be the great-granddaughter of a Sicilian cook."

As you might have guessed, Cardinal Mazarin, not Louis, was then the real ruler of France. With this new treaty, the cardinal hoped to turn Spain and Portugal into his allies against Britain and the Netherlands.

One evening in May 1660, at the hacienda where the Spanish royal family was staying, a knock sounded at the door. King Felipe opened it and was startled to see Louis XIV standing there--alone.

That morning, Louis had disguised himself as a Gascon nobleman, armed himself with a rapier (sword), a poniard (fighting knife) and a brace of pistols, climbed aboard his favorite horse and hit the trail south. He had made one stop along the way...Hendaye.

He never revealed why he had gone alone to see the mysterious stone cross. Not even to his new wife.

On June 3, 1660, Louis and Maria Teresa were married in the Eglise Saint Jean Baptiste, at the corner of what are now the Rue Gambetta and Rue Garat in St. Jean de Luz. After the wedding, the church door through which the newlyweds passed was permanently sealed. Here we are today, 343 years later, and that church door has never been opened.

For an arranged marriage, the match was pretty successful. When the queen died in 1683, a heartbroken Louis remarked, "This is the first sorrow she has ever caused me."

Let us now jump ahead nearly three centuries, to Wednesday, October 23, 1940, and an occasion a lot less fun than a royal wedding.

As dawn breaks over the Pyrenees, the silence of Hendaye's streets is broken by the roar of motorcycles, armored cars and heavy-duty military trucks. The vehicles roll to a halt in the Place d'Eglise. Non-coms bellow, " Soldaten! Raus! Raus!," and out of the Opel trucks pour platoons of black-uniformed soldiers--the men of the SS- Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.

Within minutes, Hendaye is completely locked down. SS troopers swarm around the gare (French for railroad station--J.T.), watching grimly as a heavily-armored train rolls in at precisely 8 a.m., chugging down the track from Montoire-sur-Loire.

Yes, Adolf Hitler is in town, along with his foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, and private secretary Dr. Paul Schmidt. At 2 p.m., he plans to hold a summit meeting with General Francisco Franco, the dictator of Spain.

But, first, der Fuhrer has other business in Hendaye this morning.

For years there had been rumors about Hitler's involvement with the occult. But until 1940, no one had ever been able to tie Hitler to a specific occult site.

By coming to Hendaye, Hitler was taking a risk bordering on the insane. In Louis XIV's day, the king's image only appeared on gold coins. There was little danger of anyone recognizing Louis as the "Gascon nobleman." But in 1940, Hitler's was one of the most well-known faces on Earth, seen daily in newspapers. There was no way Hitler could have walked the ten blocks from the railroad station to the church without being recognized.

So, at about 8:30 a.m., Hitler, wearing a feldgrau (field gray) Wehrmacht greatcoat and peaked cap, stepped down from the train's passenger car. As if by magic, a black Mercedes pulled up in front of him. The "German officer" slid into the back seat, and the limousine tooled away.

An hour later, after aimlessly driving around town, the Mercedes pulled up in front of the Eglise Saint Vincent. Hitler got out and strode swiftly into the courtyard, where a man in civilian clothes awaited him...man with an "Asterix-the-Gaul-type moustache"...the occultist who called himself Fulcanelli.

(Editor's Note: For more on Fulcanelli, see UFO Roundup, volume 8, Number 44 for November 19, 2003, "1926: Mysterious cross at Hendaye," page 10.)

No one knows what Hitler and Fulcanelli discussed that morning. Most likely Fulcanelli pointed out the occult aspects of the stone cross, the coded language of its symbols, the prophecy about the End of the World. He might have even mentioned the theory of its Cathar origin.

Hitler was interested in all things Cathar. (Editor's Note: The Cathars were a gnostic religion that flourished in Europe from about 800 A.D. until 1244, when their fortress, Montsegur, was destroyed during the so- called Albigensian Crusade.)

Hitler returned to his armored train after 11 a.m. Following a brief lunch, he restlessly awaited Franco's arrival. But the Spanish train was delayed an hour. At 3 p.m., Hitler exchanged greetings with Franco and Spanish foreign minister Ramon Serrano (Franco's brother-in-law-- J.T.). But the results of their nine-hour meeting proved unsatisfactory. Franco turned a deaf ear to all of Hitler's demands that Spain enter World War II on the Axis side. Or let the Wehrmacht pass through Spain to attack the British base at Gibraltar.

Fulcanelli found his own way back to Paris. He dropped out of sight in August 1944, when the Allies and the Free French liberated the city. But he surfaced again briefly, in 1957, when he released a new edition of his book, an edition that included a brand-new chapter on the mysterious cross at Hendaye.

So...what is the secret of the cross at Hendaye? Good question! But consider this--whatever the secret is, it inspired both Louis XIV and Adolf Hitler to make a secret solitary pilgrimage to that churchyard.

It must be a powerful secret, indeed. (See the books The Sun King: Louis XIV at Versailles by Nancy Mitford, Harper & Row, New York, N.Y., 1966, pages 113 to 115; Louis XIV by Philippe Erlanger, Praeger Publishers, New York, N.Y., 1970, pages 87 to 90; Hitler: 1936 - 1945 Nemesis by Ian Kershaw, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, N.Y., 2000, pages 328 to 330; Franco: A Biography by Paul Preston, Harper Collins Publishers, 1994, pages 393 to 396; and Franco by Bryan Crozier, Little, Brown & Co., Boston, Mass., 1967, pages 327 to 338.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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