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Volume 10
Number 10
March 9, 2005

Editor: Joseph Trainor

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Well, it looks as if the squid assault on the beaches of Orange County was just a diversion. Cthulu and his undersea legions are making their main effort in the San Francisco Bay area.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported "the arrival of another species of giant squid, the Humboldt squid, also called the 'jumbo squid,' offshore of the Bay area and along much of the Pacific Coast."

"They average 15 to 60 pounds and generally measure up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) long, but there is a historical record of one that reached 700 pounds. They have not been seen in significant numbers off the Pacific Coast since 1930."

"But here they are, these giant squid, not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of them. They have roared in from the depths across the Pacific to within 20 miles (32 kilometers) of Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay. Many others have been detected in southern Baja (California), San Diego and even Oregon and Washington."

"Like their 60-foot (18-meter) cousins from the deepwater trenches, they are voracious predators. They have 10 tentacles, including two long tentacles they use to pull their prey to their razor-sharp beaks."

"Their tentacles are lined with teeth-lined sucker cups and, with 24 micro-teeth in each cup, each squid has over 25,000 teeth. They school in warm waters and then come up to swarm in maniacal feeding frenzies. When set off, they will even eat each other and anything else in their path."

"They are roaming the canyons amid underwater seamounts off the Bay area, 400 to 2,000 (120 to 600 meters) deep, and they can fire up to the surface, swarming around boats by the hundreds. Those aboard gawk in disbelief as the squid swirl and surge in 20-foot (6- meter) blasts from their water jets, changing from the classic white-beach color to black, red or opaque with a phosphorescent glow."

"The discovery started on New Year's Day (Saturday, January 1, 2005) on a scientific research trip out of Bodega Bay run by Rick Powers aboard the New Sea Angler. Powers had volunteered his boat for a research trip by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to study rockfish reproduction at Cordell Bank."

"'I was looking for chilipepper rockfish, so we ran to the deep water at the Bank, 380 to 450 feet (130 to 175 meters) of water, and looking at my fishfinder, I saw this little mark at the bottom,' he said, 'We let down and started hauling giant squid.'"

"In the past three weeks, the discovery had turned into a phenomenon."

"In 13 trips on the New Sea Angler to Cordell Bank, a total of 640 people (40 per trip) have caught some 9,000 squid, taking an average of 14 squid per person. The average squid has been 20 pounds, with the largest weighing 58 pounds, caught by Pat Martin of Sacramento," California's state capital. "Most fishermen are going home with 150 to 200 pounds of one-inch (2.5-centimeter) thick calamari steaks."

"Out of Half Moon Bay, Captain Tom Mattusch had similar success when he made the first squid-hunting trip in his boat, Huli Cat. His first trip, with six people aboard, was a shock, catching 53 squid. It was the first time that Humboldt squid had ever been taken by recreational anglers off Half Moon Bay."

"In San Diego this past week, it was a similar story, where 51 anglers aboard the boat New Seaforth caught 290 squid."

"And yet you can get skunked just as easily, as Powers reported from a trip last weekend. The squid were so voracious and such fast swimmers that they were continually on the move in their search for food. 'Now you see them, now you don't."

"Most credit the arrival of the giant squid in these waters to the nation's mild El Nino event, where the water is 54 to 57 degrees (Fahrenheit) off the Bay area coast instead of a more typical 47 to 52 degrees" in February.

"Sunfish, also known as mola molas, more typical to southern California waters, have also been spotted in the Gulf of Farallones in the past two weeks. According to scientists, these squid will eat 10 to 25 pounds of meat daily and can grow an inch (2.5 centimeters) in that day, and yet they live only a year to two."

"Yet it can get crazier. When you bring one to the surface, hundreds of giant squid can suddenly surround the boat, and they can start attacking each other. According to one story, one squid was being gaffed at the rail-- another squid shot into the air and attacked the gaffe, and then several more appeared and attacked the jumping squid." (See the San Francisco Chronicle for February 28, 2005, "They came from beneath the sea. Just like in 1930. Giant squid crowd Bay area by the millions." Many thanks to Terry Duckworth, "the Archimagos Maximus of Tsathoggua," for this newspaper article.)

(Editor's Note: For more on California's giant squid invasion, see UFO Roundup, volume 10, number 4 for January 26, 2005, "Hundreds of squid invade southern California," page 2.)


A weird acrobatic intruder, with abilities similar to the hero Nightcrawler of the comic book X-Men, is terrifying the population of Santa Fe, a large city in northern Argentina.

"Local residents say it jumps from house to house, is dressed in black and has red eyes. After hundreds of complaints, (Argentinian) police are looking for it."

"Santa Fe," capital of the province of the same name, a large city located 400 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, "is jumping. Residents of the southern area are frightened by the appearance of a strange entity they've labeled el Loco Tejado (Spanish for Rooftop Madman--J.T.) and who, according to the accounts, leaps from roof to roof, engaging in acrobatics."

Like Springheeled Jack of Victorian London or Hanuman, the Monkey Monster who terrorized New Delhi four years ago, the entity has been seen performing impossible feats--scaling sheer walls like Spider-Man or leaping from one darkened rooftop to another like Daredevil. (For more on Hanuman, see UFO Roundup, volume 6, number 21 for May 24, 2001, "India cites Hanuman for two murders," page 1, and "Hanuman goes on a rampage in India's Trans-Yumana," page 2.)

"Witnesses claim it stands 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches) tall, is entirely clad in black and wears a balaclava (a ski cap that shows only the eyes--J.T.). It sports a cape and its eyes shine red. This character in black likes to cross streets by leaping from one rooftop to the next, taking athletic leaps that can be up to 5 meters (16 feet) high and 10 meters (33 feet) long."

"'He looks like the cat man,' locals say, 'His outline is barely visible. He never showed his face. But they say they've seen his eyes, and they have a reddish cast.'"

"Sheriff Gabriel Legstra acknowledged that 'this is an undisguised psychosis. In recent days, we have received hundreds of reports at our radio command center. On Tuesday, (March 1, 2005) I dispatched 18 units (police cruisers--J.T.) to assuage people's fears. But ultimately, there is no other crime but trespassing here. This character goes from one roof to the next, appears outside a house and presses his face against a window but hasn't attacked anyone."

According to the Argentinian newspaper La Capital, "he first appeared in (the) Barrio Centenario (district), only meters from the Colon Stadium, but they say he was seen much closer to town, such as in the barrios El Arenal, San Lorenzo, Chalet and Santa Rosa de Lima. This is the area most affected by the 2003 flood."

"Mystery grew when witnesses said that 'bullets won't do anything to it. Its eyes gleam red to warn off those who try to hurt it.'"

"A resident of El Arenal claimed having fired 17 times against it without the bullets having the least effect. The ghost did nothing but prowl about, howl like a beast or cry like a child, making dance steps on the rooftop over which it travels like a cat."

"'People are afraid of being attacked, beaten and robbed by the man. They fear he will break into their property and are defending themselves,' say those in Regional Unit 1, who in turn describes the locals as 'expectant and armed with knives and sticks.'"

"Most locals describe a being that appears to have sprung from a comic book: large in statue who not only crosses rooftops but also crosses the streets in a single bound and even climbed sheer walls up to 6 meters (20 feet) high."

"'It is the Devil!' say the locals and some imaginative ones."

"Sheriff Legstra said that a woman told him 'the entity pointed to her with his finger and left her paralyzed.'"

"Another local man said that last Monday (February 28, 2005), during an intense rain, the phantom managed to jam the car door of a vehicle with seven passengers aboard, who were armed and ready to hunt it down despite police warnings."

"Residents of Santa Fe neighborhoods like Centenario and San Lorenzo are in an uproar over the incredible stories concerning the appearance of the ghostly entity."

"It is the reason that many--at nightfall--lock themselves in and bolt the door. In all fairness, it must also be said that many pluck up their courage and go out in search of the ghost, armed with sticks, machetes and dark intentions."

"On (Tuesday) March 1 (2005), Elsa let out a scream that was heard all along the Calle Entre Rios (street) and gave everyone goosebumps--so much that even the hardened boys of the El Pasillo (street) gang were alarmed."

"Elsa, a hairstylist whose salon is located in the heart of barrio San Lorenzo, took to the street, surrounded by nephews, to tell anyone who was willing to listen that, while she was bathing the youngest one, the ghost pressed his face against the bathroom window, showing its claws menacingly and firing a menacing stare at her."

"Everyone seemed in urgency after this new story, almost immediately those who were standing guard in vast numbers, wielding heavy clubs, shiny machetes, stilletos, pen knives and even humble kitchen knives."

"Those around who were willing to settle the score, they went out after the apparition while various police patrols reached the site with the intention of avoiding a panicked lynching or a tragic mistake among the vigilantes themselves."

"Ruben agreed with Elsa who said the phantom has red eyes like fire and told others that the horrifying personage dresses in black from head to toe."

"Ruben also said, while everyone around him nodded, that the character being sought is a tall man with a long wavy mane of hair. And for that, our interviewee (Ruben) claims having seen it--together with his neighbors--as it emerged from Elsa's house, leaping from rooftop to rooftop."

"'How do you explain,' he replied to a question" the newspaper El Litoral "asked, 'How this guy can climb a smooth wall 6 meters (20 feet) tall? How can you explain that it can leap across the street in a single bound, like the way it crossed Entre Rios Street, unless it was the Devil himself?'"

"While a respectful silence had settled around Ruben- -a silence that would be interrupted only by the appearance of a police officer--they asked in turn, 'How can you explain why we couldn't catch him, when we shot him three times and hit him twice?'"

"Sheriff Legstra asked local residents to remain calm. Until that moment, no one had been attacked or injured, he claimed."

"Witnesses 'describe it as clad in black with red eyes. They say it can leap 5 meters (16 feet) into the air or 10 meters (33 feet) in length. That it can cross streets at a single bound."

Sheriff Legstra said, "I have no official reports that any (police) agent has seen something similar. I was in the area yesterday (Thursday, March 3, 2005), and, as has occurred on the four preceding nights, I heard reports of people claiming to have seen it. In other words, it was being seen in three different locations at the same time."

(Editor's Comment: To quote Famke Janssen in X2, "He's a teleporter.")

The sheriff added, "Police who were dispatched said nothing was found."

"As part of the new psychosis," he concluded, "That an episode such as this should repeat itself is something we fear, which is why we are asking people not to go out, to let the police do their job, to stay home. Police are in the area. In fact, the situation calmed down a lot last night. There were less people on the street, but I still ask everyone to let us do our job to avoid problems, to avoid any injuries since there are people armed with sticks and machetes looking for this character."
(See the Argentinian newspapers La Capital for March 2, 2005, "Terror in Santa Fe;" El Litoral for March 2, 2005, "With the Devil at the window;" and Litoral del Dia for March 4, 2005, "Police chase 'the Rooftop Madman.'" Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Liliana Nunez Orellana por estes articulos.)

(Editor's Comment: Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet..."Hey, Lois, I got to take a quick run down to Argentina. Want me to bring home any yerba mate?")


On Wednesday, February 23, 2005, eyewitnesses Cathy and Tom were driving south on the Capital Beltway, Interstate Highway I-495, when they saw something strange in the night sky.

The couple reported, "As we approached Langley Air Force Base on the interstate, we noticed two distinct triangular bright lights ahead. We continued and passed directly underneath the large object. We looked up and could see that there were actually four triangular lights. Two were directly opposite each other, then further down the object there were two more but set well off from each other. On one end of the object, there was a small red light, and on the other end a very small blue-green light."

"The object was completely stationary. No movement whatsoever. It remained so for the entire time we were able to keep it in sight. It was hard to tell the height, maybe 1,000 to 1,500 feet (300 to 450 meters) up. The object was dark. A very large object and it seemed very long."

On Tuesday, February 22, 2005, at 12:54 a.m., Nate T. was outdoors at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia (population 45,049) when a strange object appeared in the sky from the west.

Nate reported, "The object was a massive triangular shape with four big lights at the back and three small lights in the front. It also had four rows of windows on each side. You could see creatures looking out of them."

"It approached from the west and hovered for five minutes, then flew away at 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour). It was black, large and triangular. It was hovering about 50 feet (15 meters) in the air. It approached at 30 to 40 miles per hour (50 to 64 kilometers per hour) but then sped off at 100 miles per hour." (Email Form Reports)


On Sunday, February 27, 2005, at 1:30 a.m., eyewitness Nicole was asleep in her bedroom in Murrieta, California (population 44,282) when "I was awakened by a weird noise that came from outside my window. When I woke up from a deep sleep, I saw my entire room was lighted with red and white lights flying everywhere. I knew this was not a dream because I was awake from that slight motor noise as the craft itself was moving away at slow speed."

"When I woke up, I finally saw the lights disappear. I didn't notice any craft, but I sure noticed some lights that freaked me out."

"I also have seen a cigar-shaped craft just hovering over town here in Murrieta. It was a clear night but dark so it had no colors I could make out. It was 610 feet (185 meters) off the ground."

Murrieta, Cal. is on Interstate Highway I-15 about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Los Angeles. (Email Form Report)


On Thursday, March 3, 2005, Miss Clark, the eyewitness, "was driving south on Broadview and stopped at the light in Pleasant Valley" in Parma, Ohio (population 85,655), a suburb south of Cleveland.

"She saw an object hovering above Topps grocery store about 200 to 300 feet (60 to 90 meters) up. The object moved south as she drove south" towards Broadview Heights (population 15,967), and then it crossed the road to hover above the Lube Shop on the east side of the road close to Sprague Road."

"She stopped the car at a parking lot on Broadview and Sprague and looked at the object from inside the car. She heard no sound coming from the object. It had a bright white light shining out and other bluish-green lights, as well. She said it was like a flattened oval on the bottom, and two box-like structures were on top like a multi-layer cake. It started moving north at a fast pace and moved out of sight."

"The sighting lasted from 10:39 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. on Thursday (March 3, 2005)," her brother, Aaron Clark, reported, "She called me at 10:36 p.m. on her cell phone. I told her to sketch it, and she did. I told her to keep a camera and a videocamera in her car from now on. This is the third UFO she's seen since November (2004). She doesn't even like to talk about UFOs."

Parma is on Ohio Route 94 approximately 8 miles (12 kilometers) south of Cleveland. (Many thanks to Aaron Clark for this report.)


On Sunday, February 20, 2005, Tara K "was driving on the New York Thruway between Monroe, N.Y. (population 7,780) and the next stop going about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south from the end of the Thruway. I was driving south on the Thruway at 11 p.m. in a snowstorm. We were driving very slow, approximately 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour) due to the heavy snow, when I noticed a bright light to my right (east--J.T.)."

"I looked up and saw black triangular-shaped object with three bright lights, one on each corner. It seemed to be hovering and stationary right above the treetops. I heard no noise though my (car) windows were closed, and I watched it for as long as I could."

"As we passed the area, my line of view was blocked by the trees. I'd estimate that it was about 100 feet (30 meters) back from the road and about 50 feet (15 meters) in the air. It seemed strange that it was so close to the road and the treetops. Black triangle shape, bright white lights on each corner, very flat and large, at least 50 feet (15 meters) wide. I only saw it hovering in one spot above the trees."

Monroe, N.Y. is on Interstate Highway I-84 about 50 miles (80 kilometers) northwest of New York City. Curiously, the site of Tara's encounter is only a mile or two west of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. (Email Form Report)

(Editor's Comment: Now, what would a UFO be doing hovering a mile from the West Point campus during a heavy snowstorm? Could there be "silent contactees" in the Corps of Cadets? Just a thought...)


On Monday, February 28, 2005, at 8 p.m., eyewitness A.R. sighted, "many red and blue blinking lights that seemed to get closer and closer" to her home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada (population 56,173).

"I thought it was a plane at first and then realised that it made no sound like any other plane that had flown over the house," she reported, "It looked like a huge boomerang, bigger than your average plane. The ones off in the distance all seemed to be flashing, going up and down and from side to side. The ones off in the distance seemed to be moving at great speeds."

The UFO closest to her house "was 1,000 feet (300 meters) off the ground. Also, I noticed the moon didn't come up until 11:30 p.m. The object closest to me had red and blue and orange blinking lights."

Maple Ridge, B.C. is just north of the Fraser River, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Vancouver. (Email Form Report)


Three new crop circles appeared at a private airfield on the outskirts of Nueve de Julio, a small city in Argentina's Buenos Aires province.

"Strange circular marks were detected on the runway grass at the Nueve de Julio Aero Clube on Thursday, January 27, 2005. Jorge Marcelo Ayram, the manager in charge of the club, discovered the odd imprints while mowing the runway apron. Upon being consulted about the origin of the circles, he pointed out that his watchdog had been restless the previous evening, disturbed and howling and prompting her owner to get up and check on her."

"The time was 2 a.m., and Ayram, who was standing next to the dog, saw a strange light toward the front of their air station. At first he believed it was the full moon, but the size of the phenomenon and its sudden disappearance made him think otherwise."

"Members of CUFOS-La Pampa," an Argentinian UFO study group, "visited the site on Friday, February 18, 2005, and discovered three circles aligned to each other, on the surface and aiming northward. The first measured 80 centimeters in diameter; the second 1.3 meters (4 feet) in diameter; and the third 10 to 12 meters (33 to 40 feet) in diameter. The outline traced by the circles shows dark open grass which contrasts sharply with the surrounding undergrowth."

Nueve de Julio is located about 200 kilometers (120 miles) west-southwest of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital. (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Raul Oscar Chavez para estas noticias. For more on Argentina's current spurt of crop circles, see UFO Roundup, volume 10, number 7 for February 16, 2005, "Crop circles appear in eastern Argentina," page 2.)


On Wednesday, February 23, 2005, at 9 p.m., her boyfriend had come over, Morgan B. reported, "When he had to leave, my dad drove him home, and I went with them. While we were in the car," near Pointe Claire in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, "I was staring out the window, and I thought I saw a UFO."

"We were driving west, and it was coming from the south (my left side--M.B.). It was just before the overpass on St. Jean. At first I thought it was an airplane because it was kind of shaped like one, but, as I looked harder, I came to believe that it wasn't."

"The lighting on it wasn't like that of an airplane. In only had round white-yellowish lights, and they were surrounding the bottom and, I think, the sides of it. It wasn't making any noise, and it wasn't moving. It was just sitting there."

"I can't estimate how high it was. But it was pretty big...or just close to the ground. But since it was shaped like an airplane, I just dropped the thought that it might be a UFO."

"Then we dropped my boyfriend off at his house and started back. Around the same spot where I saw the UFO, I looked out the (car) window out of curiosity to see if it was still there...and, to my surprise, it was!"

"It didn't move. It was still just sitting there. I got freaked out and told my dad about it. Then I looked out the window. I saw it moving away really fast, going towards the north. I looked out the other window facing to the north, and the UFO was gone. It just vanished."

"I don't know exactly what I saw, but if anyone else thinks they've seen the same thing, please contact me." (Email Form Report)


A "crazy croc" (cocodrilo loco en espanol--J.T.) surprised two women at a public beach in Santa Rosa, the capital of La Pampa province in Argentina, a city notorious for its ongoing UFO flap.

"Two women were walking around the edge of Lagoa Don Tomas (lake) in the west end of Santa Rosa" on Wednesday, March 2, 2005, "and reported seeing a strange creature."

"Upon being interviewed, the witnesses--described as reputable, eminently reliable individuals--explained that they had seen 'an aquatic animal resembling a reptile, not an ophidian (serpent or snake--J.T.), measuring 1.5 meters (5 feet) long and of considerable size' for a matter of minutes."

"This remarkable event occurred during the early morning hours and at one of the lake's beaches, located on the north shore near the Republica de los Ninos playground."

"The circumstances become even stranger because the sector in question, of a small size, represents only a fraction of the lake, more aptly described as a marshland or bird sanctuary. The news was echoed by the local manager, and the witnesses requested that their identities be kept strictly confidential." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Raul Oscar Chavez para estas noticias.)


"An early morning fire destroyed one cabin cruiser and damaged another this morning (Tuesday, March 1, 2005) at the Pochahontas Creek Yacht Club and Marina in Edgewater," Maryland (population 1,400), "county Fire Department officials said."

"In addition to land-based fire equipment, county and Annapolis fire boats also responded to the scene at 3315 Pochahontas Drive, said Lt. Russell Davies, a Department spokesman. Thirty-four firefighters had the blaze under control just after 8 a.m."

Boat owner "Jerome Clark told fire investigators he was asleep on his 42-foot (12-meter) Cooper Prowler and woke up when the engine started. It is unclear how it started."

"Mr. Clark said he saw fire coming from around the helm but was unable to put it out with a fire extinguisher. He got off the boat safely."

"Lt. Davies said Mr. Clark is not a live-aboard but does sleep in the boat about four nights a week."

"The fire spread to Michael Burke's 45-foot (13- meter) Silverton Cynful. Mr. Burke, of Edgewater, wasn't on his six-year-old boat but had arrived on the scene while firefighters were there."

"The cause of the fire is under investigation."

Edgewater is on Route 2, Solomons Island Road, about 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) southwest of Annapolis, Md.

Fortean researcher Loren Coleman pointed out a strange case of lexilinks or name similarities. The marina fire in Maryland, Loren reported, "came on the heels of Jerome Clark, 33, of Springfield, Mass. (population 152,082) being sentenced to 12 years in prison on two counts of the sale of crack cocaine in the Mason Square area of Springfield. I'm not making this stuff up. Yes, it was Mason Square."

(Editor's Comment: And this Clark was 33. Very interesting.)

Loren pointed out that both the boat owner and the defendant have the same name as world-reknowned ufologist Jerome Clark, 58, the author of The UFO Encyclopedia and numerous other books on UFOs.

"Alas, this is merely the Cosmic Jokester's 'name game' making a return," Loren said, "Ufological historian Jerome Clark, 58, lives in Minnesota and, at last report, he is not the owner of a $150,000 to $200,000, 42-foot, 1989 Cooper Prowler in Maryland. Or even a rowboat. And he doesn't smoke crack, either. But maybe somebody is bothering 'Jerome Clarks.'" (See the newspaper The Capital of Annapolis, Md. for March 1, 2005, "Boat destroyed in Edgewater blaze.")

(Editor's Comment: I can see where a fire poltergeist set fire to the boat's helm. But who...or what...turned on the engine, saving Clark's life? A guardian angel?)


Just a month after "the Blizzard of 2005" dumped 30 inches (75 centimeters) of snow on the region, Massachusetts' notorious "Bridgewater Triangle" was struck by another major snowstorm on Monday, February 28, 2005.

The three points of the "triangle" are the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and East Freetown, Mass. Strange phenomena, including UFOs, Bigfoot, phantom panthers and gigantic birds, have been documented in the area dating back to 1670.

The snowstorm "plowed up the East Coast on Monday with a threat of more than a foot of blowing snow. Storm watches and warnings were posted as far north as Maine, and snow-coated roads appeared as far south as North Carolina and eastern Kentucky."

"Ten inches had fallen by afternoon at North Carolina's Mount Mitchell and more than 8 inches was on the ground in western Virginia, where police blamed the weather for 100 traffic accidents."

Northwestern New Jersey and the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania received up to 15 inches (38 centimeters) of snow.

In the Northeast, Providence, R.I. and Hartford, Conn. received 6 inches (15 centimeters) of snow during the storm, which ended Tuesday morning, March 1, 2005. But the heaviest snowfall in the region was on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and in the Bridgewater Triangle."

In Taunton, Mass. (population 55,976), in the heart of the Triangle, "as another nor'easter came to an end, the city's Department of Public Works (DPW) made the roads driveable again, and city officials planned to begin its federal storm aid application process."

"According to the National Weather Service, 11.3 inches (29 centimeters) of new snow was dumped on the city Monday night. Gil Enos, assistant to the mayor, said the DPW did an excellent job. 'The roads were (cleared) down to the pavement,' he said."

"Taunton Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) Director Richard E. Ferreira also gave the DPW a thank-you. 'I was out at 5:30 a.m., for a good hour, hour and a half--the roads were in decent shape,' he said, 'There weren't too many accidents, either. People were using their heads.'"

"Nearly all Bristol County area public schools were closed, including the Bridgewater-Raynham and Dighton- Rehoboth regional school districts. But area children enjoyed the effects of another winter storm"

"The January (2005) blizzard prompted Governor Milt Romney to request federal assistance that was authorized under the emergency declaration issued by President George W. Bush, said Ferreira, 'Fourteen counties all received aid.'"

Thirteen miles (22 kilometers) to the west, in Attleboro (population 42,068), "so far this season, 82.75 inches (206 centimeters) of snow have fallen in Attleboro, making this the third snowiest winter since the city's Water Department started keeping records in 1938." (See the Minneapolis, Minn. Star-Tribune for March 1, 2005, "Snowstorm pushes up East Coast;" also the Taunton, Mass. Daily Gazette for March 2, 2005, "Buried again," page 1; and the Attleboro, Mass. Sun-Chronicle for March 2, 2005, "Winter blahs strike," page 1. Many thanks to Mary Lou Jones-Drown for the Massachusetts newspaper articles.)


"Darwin residents were given a shake last night (Wednesday, March 2, 2005) as an earthquake of 7.1 on the Richter scale hit the city," the capital of Australia's Northern Territory, "which had an epicentre 660 kilometers (410 miles) north of the coast."

"Earthquake experts say the tremor that rattled Darwin yesterday evening was too deep to cause damage."

"The Northern Territory was rattled by the large quake in the Banda Sea," the epicenter being 2,550 kilometers (1,580 miles) east of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia."

"There have been no reports of damage in Darwin, Katherine and Tennant Creek."

"The director of the Australian Seismological Centre in Canberra (Australia's capital--J.T.), Kevin McCue, says the earthquake was 100 kilometers (60 miles) beneath the earth's surface."

"'We have about one of these every week somewhere in the world, so while it's a major earthquake, because it's happened where it's happened, there's probably no damage resulting from this earthquake,' he said."

"He said there was no chance of a tsunami and aftershocks were unlikely."

"Hundreds of people fled the Darwin Casino for a brief period of time" because of the tsunami danger "given the recent (December 26, 2004) devastating tsunami in Asia."

"A diner in the Casino said the building shook for several minutes."

"'Suddenly, the building was shaking, and we didn't know what was going on at first, and then we realised there was an earthquake going on,' the diner said."

"Beth Crase said she ran out of the Darwin Cinema."

"'My thought was that if the epicentre was somewhere in Asia or somewhere not here, then perhaps it was much stronger than we experienced here, and I just thought, I hope this isn't another big one!' she said."

"A nightclub staff member, Alicia, said punters shook in their seats and it was scary."

"'Everybody was pretty crazed at the time, actually,' she said."

"There were no reports of damage in the city."

"Hundreds of callers rang the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp.--J.T.) from as far afield as Katherine," about 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Darwin, "Milingimbi in Arnhemland, Jabiru in Kakadu National Park, and Daly River, southwest of Darwin."

"On the Tiwi Islands, the earth shook for about two minutes."

"Robin Deans from Nguiu on Bathurst Island," 60 kilometers (36 miles) north of Darwin, "said diners at her bistro sat through the eerie, but silent, experience."

"The Indonesian Meteorological Agency said the tremor was felt in the coastal towns of Jayapura, Sorong, Merauke and Manokwari, in easternmost Papua province, as well as in Ambon, a city in Maluku province."

"Residents in the coastal town of Waingapu in East Nusa Tenggara province (the Lesser Sunda Islands, across the Arafura Sea from Darwin--J.T.) also experienced earth movements."

"A policeman in Jayapura, Suryadi Diaz, told Agence France Presse that the quake was 'hardly felt,' and no casualties or damage had been reported following the tremor."

"A soldier on duty in Ambon also said he had not received reports of death or destruction from town residents." (See the Australian Broadcasting Corp. news report for March 3, 2005. Many thanks to Scott Pengelly for this news story.)


"Archaeologists have discovered a group of giant figures sculpted out of the hills of Peru's southern coastal desert which are believed to predate the previously-found Nazca lines."

"All 50 figures were etched all over a roughly 90- square-mile area near the city of Palpa, 220 kilometers (132 miles) southeast of Lima, the capital of Peru."

Monica Gaetano de Silva, UFO Roundup's correspondent in Peru, reported that "Palpa is a town south of Ica. It's a really isolated area, in the valley of the Rio Grande. To the north is a 20-kilometer (12-mile) stretch of desert called the Pampa de Huayuri. To the south is the Pampa Colorada, 800 square kilometers of barren desert which brings you to the Nazca lines. The Rio Grande valley is famous for its oranges. It's the heart of Peru's citrus industry."

"The (Palpa) drawings --which include human figures as well as animals such as birds, monkeys and felines--are believed to have been created by members of the Paracas culture between 600 and 100 B.C., said Johny Islas, the director of the Andean Institute for Archaeological Studies."

"One prominent figure appears to represent a deity depicted on textiles and ceramics from the period, Islas said."

"The recently discovered designs predate the country's famous Nazca lines, which have mystified scientists and were added to the United Nations' Cultural Heritage List in 1994."

"The Nazca lines--which also include petroglyphs of various animals--cover a 58-kilometer (35-mile) stretch of desert about 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of Lima and are one of Peru's top tourist attractions. The Nazca culture flourished from 50 B.C. to 600 A.D., Islas said." (See the newspaper El Comercio of Lima, Peru for February 28, 2005. Muchas gracias a Monica Gaetano de Silva por este articulo de diario.)

(Editor's Comment: So the pre-Columbian Paracas, like the Nazcas, were building images than can only be seen from the air. Why? Who were they trying to signal?)


"It's not exactly Britain's Prince Harry donning a Nazi uniform for a costume party. But the jacket Jennifer Lopez wore for a recent German TV spot might raise some eyebrows."

"Detailed on the cuff of the white lambskin-with- rabbit-fur hood jacket is a design with both German military and biker overtones: an Iron Cross, a lightning bolt and two skulls, a design that Los Angeles tattoo researcher Terisa Green suggests is reminiscent of the 'death's head' patches worn by SS troopers during World War II. The wings emerging behind the heads were also elements in military symbolism."

(Editor's Comments: Just a couple of quick points here. Prince Harry wore a khaki jacket of the Deutsches Afrika Korps (DAK), a formation of the German Wehrmacht, not the Nazi party. Also, the DAK went out of business in May 1943, over sixty years ago, and is hardly a threat today.)

"The Iron Cross was once a proud symbol of courage among German soldiers. But in World War II, Adolf Hitler superimposed a swastika on the cross, and today even the traditional Iron Cross often evokes images of the Third Reich."

"The designer of the one-of-a-kind $2,300 jacket, Jeff Sebilia, says his imagery not only doesn't endorse Nazism, but is meant to 'make people aware of just how powerful imagery can be. We all know the swastika was a peaceful Hindu image, and we know what the Nazis did to that. I think we can use imagery that has stark emotion and make it our own." (See Newsday of Long Island, N.Y. for March 1, 2005, "Symbol draws attention." Many thanks to Jelena Chimbacalle for this newspaper article.)


"Jesus has been found in a tree near Little Houghton," Northants., UK. "But believers needn't get too excited...the holy image is simply an odd-shaped growth on the trunk of a centuries-old tree in a small spinney on the edge of a village."

"Rita Clayson, who plays the organ at Brayfield Baptist Church, spotted the biblical bark during a walk from her house in Brayfield-On-The-Green at Easter."

"The 64-year-old said, 'You hear about people seeing images in objects now and again, and, when I saw Jesus in the tree, I couldn't believe my eyes. I went back the next day--which was Good Friday, of all days--with my camera and took a picture just to make sure I hadn't made a mistake.'"

"'I printed off 10 copies for the people at the church to spread the word, and they were amazed at the likeness. The twisted ivy branch around his head looks like a crown of thorns.'"

"'I haven't been back to see the tree for a while, but no doubt other people will go and have a look. I hope it doesn't turn into a shrine, though.'"

"Mrs. Clayson, who has been attending the church ever since she moved from Moulton in 1962, only stumbled across the tree when her regular route to church was sealed off. She said, 'I usually don't go down to the spinney, but we couldn't go in the fields, so I walked along the footpath and saw the image of Jesus in the bark of the tree. It all happened on Easter weekend (2004), so I have really treasured the memory.'"

Curiously, the area is famous for a UFO sighting over 30 years ago. In nearby Hanging Houghton, Northants., in April 1973, "David Gwinn and his wife went to their bedroom after watching a late-night TV film" and "watched two strange luminous objects in the sky for more than half an hour, during which time they hovered not 500 yards (450 meters) from the house. They were bright orange and appeared to revolve while moving slowly along." (See the Northamptonshire News for February 25, 2005, "Can you see the face of Jesus in this tree?" and for April 18, 1974. Many thanks to Robert Fischer and to Fortean Times editors Bob Rickard and Paul Sieveking for these newspaper articles.)


French film actress Simone Simon, most famous for her starring roles in two classic fantasy films of the 1940s, died in Paris on Tuesday, February 22, 2005. She was 93.

Born in 1912, Simone was 26 when she came to Hollywood for the first time in 1938. She signed a contract with RKO Radio Pictures and, in 1942, starred in the film Cat People, directed by Val Lewton. Cat People was loosely based on Lewton's short story, "The Bagheeta," which he had written for "the unique magazine," Weird Tales.

Cat People was RKO's highest-earning film for 1942. So the studio re-teamed Simone with her co-stars, Kent Smith and Jane Randolph, and made The Curse of the Cat People, which was released in 1944.

Ten years later, in October 1954, Simone had a real- life brush with the paranormal. While disembarking from an airliner, Simone watched a daylight disc UFO fly over the runway at Orly Airport in Paris.

"I first saw Cat People at the Park Theatre in Taunton, Mass. when I was seven years old. Until then, I had no idea how scary a bus's brakes could sound," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor said, "It was truly the first 'phantom panther' movie. I've always wondered what it would've been like if this case had actually happened. Can you imagine the front page of the New York Daily News? Gigantic headline--PANTHER KILLS PARK AVE. SHRINK, with a nice picture of the mutilated Dr. Judd lying dead on the mezzanine and the shredded tapestries. A story like that would've pushed the Battle of Midway all the way back into the classifieds." (See Entertainment Weekly for March 11, 2005, page 22.)

From the UFO Files...


Horseheads, N.Y. (population 6,452) is a small town on Route 14 north of Elmira. First known as Fairport, "in 1845, the place was named Horseheads, commemorating an incident in the (War of the American) Revolution that occurred here; Gen. (John) Sullivan's men slew their worn- out and starving horses for food and left the heads for carrion" during the campaign of 1779.

Intrigued by this legend, Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) visited Horseheads during his tour of the Catskill mountains in the early 1920s.

But the real weirdness didn't begin until 13 years after HPL's death.

On April 8, 1950, a UFO was sighted by many in Horseheads. "In a pasture just outside Horseheads, N.Y., 'a slim circular object only three feet (0.9 meters) across at the base--of a light cardboard substance-- covered with luminous paint--constructed with considerable care--no indication that this gadget will fly--I did not open it to see what was inside,' said the Chief of Police, 'Some sort of radio tube jutted out of the top structure and was connected to the inside by a wire.'"

"Object found by Ernest Ferris, a farmer."

"Near by was found 'a molten substance on fire- scorched earth' and what appeared to be a burned-out flare on which could read '5 mins' and 'cau'"

"It was turned over to the FBI agent, who took it to Elmira."

A faked UFO? Or a genuine alien artifact of some kind? Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wasn't saying.

Five years later, on Sunday, February 20, 1955, Horseheads was again the site of a Fortean event--this time it was a massive fall of angel hair that covered half-a-square-mile of the town with gossamer strands 2 inches (5 centimeters) deep.

On Tuesday, February 22, 1955, "a chemistry professor today identified as radioactive a curtain of wispy gray fuzz that spread over part of this village two days ago."

"Dr. Charles B. Rutenber, chemistry professor at Elmira College, said the fuzz was badly damaged, slightly radioactive cotton fibre."

"Where the fibre came from before it settled on trees, shrubbery and houses Sunday night was a mystery."

"Rutenber said he had conducted tests which showed the fibre was apparently waste material or a substance which had been heavily damaged in some sort of explosion."

"Inquiries at area industrial installations failed to produce a clue into the nature of the 'fallout' which covered a residential area half-a-mile square."

"Horseheads is a village of 3,500 population, six miles (10 kilometers) north of Elmira in south-central New York state."

"Rutenber said a Geiger counter has established the radioactivity of the cobwebby fibre, but he said the radioactivity was not present to a dangerous degree. And, he declared, the radioactive content of the fibre was not unusual in view of the atomic (bomb) tests now underway in Nevada."

(Editor's Note: During February and March, 1955, the old Atomic Energy Commission was setting off nuclear bombs at Frenchman's Flat, Nevada at the rate of one every two weeks.)

Nor was Horseheads, N.Y. the only town in the USA experiencing strange sky falls fifty years ago.

"They had chocolate snow at the ski resort" in Alta, Utah (population 370) "yesterday" (Sunday, March 27, 1955) "Mocha snow, anyway."

"Snowflakes were described as definitely tan or light brown at the Wasatch Mountain ski spot east of Salt Lake City during a storm that dumped 15 inches (38 centimeters) of snow during the day. They changed to a less unnerving white toward afternoon."

"The color was blamed on alkali dust in the air."

Doubt: The Fortean Society Magazine reported, "Salty 'white goo' rained on Salt Lake City, Utah. Said to have been picked up from (the Bonneville) salt flats by the wind. Although the flats have been there ever so long, and wind is pretty common, the phenomenon 'caused consternation'" when it occurred on Friday, March 25, 1955. (See the Duluth, Minnesota News-Tribune for February 23, 1955, "Town puzzled by radioactive fuzz 'fallout.,' page 5; the Superior, Wis. Telegram for March 28, 1955, "Snow chocolate color in Utah," page 2; Doubt: The Fortean Society Magazine volume 2, number 42 for 1953, page 239; and volume 2, number 49 for 1954, page 359. Also, New York: A Guide to the Empire State, Oxford University Press, 8th Printing, 1962, page 655.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See you next time.

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