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Irene, Buenos Aires

November 7th 2007

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 11, 2007

Source: Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO
Date: 11.11.07

ARGENTINA: Police Report UFO and 4 Aliens Near Irene

*** Agents of law enforcement were engaged in routine patrols of local roads. The sighting took place from a pickup truck. The figures observed were short in stature. Bracamonte and Orellano were paralyzed by the strange apportion. Residents of the fields and couple driving along the road witnessed a phenomenon having similar characteristics.***

The apparition of a strange unidentified flying object, preceded by a enveloping white light, and the sighting of four strange beings in the vicinity of Irene, Coronel Dorrego district, kept residents speculating as to their origin.

The event occurred last Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. when two police agents from the Oriente station reconnoitered the rural area in the vicinity of Irene, specifically at the property of Felipe Fernandez. That is when the inexplicable episode occurred, startling Luis Bracamonte, first lieutant at Oriente, and Osvaldo Orellano, a sub-lieutenant from the same police station. The police officers were engaged in a routine patrol when at one and a half hours past midnight, Orellano got out of the police pickup truck to take a look, while Bracamonte remained aboard.

"At that time I was loading a telephone calling card into my cellphone, and for that reason I remained in the vehicle. While I stared at the phone in my hand, I saw a small light, like that of a pickup truck approaching, but when I saw that it was closing in quickly, the light became larger as though from a large gray pickup truck. I wasn't disturbed by the scene, but at a distance of 10 meters I saw a shape moving and my first thought was that it was a dog. Then I saw that it was a silhouette, like that of a little man, standing approximately 80 centimeters tall, with a large head, large prominent gray eyes and a greenish cast. I then tried to dial my fellow officer's cellphone, but when I pressed the 1 and the 5, my hand remained sort of static. I could see that three more creatures came out of that vehicle or craft, two similar to the first and a fourth with a slightly more robust appearance," said Bracamonte with complete certainty.

The policeman also said that "at that time, my partner was seeing the same thing I was seeing and shouted, "what's going on?!" In a flash, the four little men boarded that craft again and it took off swiftly toward the north, scattering a white light that extinguished itself, leaving behind a green halo and a strong odor of sulfur or gunpowder, making a sound like a thunderclap."

When sub-lieutenant Santiago Walter of the Aparicio station added his testimony to the facts provided by Bracamonte. He had a similar while on patrol a few kilometers away from Irene with police officer Walter Carabajal between 1 and 2 a.m. "We were heading out of [the town] of Nicolas Descalzi toward Aparicio on a routine patrol when we saw a large white light that appeared to engulf us.At that time the pickup stopped dead and I tried to place a call on my cellphone, but there was no signal. My partner, Carabajal, asked me to look up. That's when we saw a powerful light that appeared to stop above our pickup truck and then vanished in a flash," he said in a telephone interview. Walter contacted first lieutenant Damian Sandoval, the officer-in-charge at Oriente, only minutes later, and who was on patrol in the La Turca area, far from his present position. Sandoval reported nothing unusual. When [Walter] checked in with Bracamonte, part of the events and details of their respective experiences coincided. Both men have found no explanation for the event.

Orellano, Bracamonte's partner, acknowledged that the situation was strange, but does not regret having been a witness to it in the least. "When I went back to the pickup truck, Bracamonte was silent, with his hand paralyzed for an unknown reason. For two hours he had some trouble with his eyes, something that made them weep, but nothing major came of it."

Several residents of Oriente confirm the police officers' testimony, claiming having seen a strange glow that surrounded the towns of Irene and Aparicio at the time in question. A couple traveling from to Marisol from Oriente at the stated time saw a light toward Irene that engulfed them from the rear. It could not have been a lightning bold, which made them feel even more curious. Farmworkers also witnessed the glow, which they cannot explain and which has been a source of speculation among locals.

At least a dozen local residents heard a loud report that startled them around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, which jolted them awake. However, there was no apparent cause of origin. Today, listening to the reports of unidentified creatures, the situation dovetails with the reports given by the policemen.


(Translation (c) 2007, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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