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Sightings Near Pine Gap, Australia

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From Keith Douglas
Independent Researcher
Alice Springs
Hot line number 08 8953 3023

August 30th 1998 : North of Alice Springs

30th August 1998

Time 10.00pm

Baptist Church Group out camping just north of Alice Springs.

The group slit up into 3 groups of 8 children, so to settle for a night of camp. Each group camped around 100 meters apart.

When one group noticed a bright silver ball of white light flickering and moving up and around it was bigger than the stars around it so it stood out, then they saw more white lights moving in the same direction. The children all grouped together to watch the dancing lights, they watched them for around 2 minutes then the lights grouped and moved away at fast speed.

April 2nd 1998: Maryvale, Southeast of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

2nd April 1998 Keith Douglass

Two witnesses were at Maryvale, Southeast of Alice Springs, when they noticed a large silver glow in the sky overhead. The "lights" was about the size of a basket ball" to the eye, and it was moving steadily to the south. They tried to sue their two way Radio, could not transmit whilst the object was present.

At the same time they noticed a strange triangular shape cluster of 5 smaller bright lights to the Northeast. The lights flickered back and forth then faded out, and the larger silver glow disappeared out of sight as it continued in its Southerly trajectory.

November 1997 : Santa Teresa, 100 km Southeast of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

November 1997 Keith Douglass

5 witness at Santa Teresa, 100 km Southeast of Alice Springs, noticed a very bright white light in the Western sky about 7pm one night. It was similar to "a cigar standing on end". and they watched for about 20 minutes s it slowly traversed the sky from the West, overhead, and to the East until out of sight.

October 1996 : Near Alice Springs, Northern Territory

This is an old one October 1996 got it from our New UFO Researcher Keith Douglass in Alice Springs he asked me to post it out for him.

For illustrated story go to

URL http://www.fan.net.au/~tkbnetw [Old link]

Special Story 2

Several Local officials from Alice Springs were quite astounded to see a multitude of strange orange lights between 10.30pm and 11.00pm one night. There were 40 lights in all, each quite bright, and the size of "Thumbnail". They comprised two distinct "formations.

The first was a circle of 19 lights, which hovered above 2 nearby towers for about 15 minutes, it has been said by the locals that most of the UFO activity seems to be around those two towers ?.

Whilst the witnesses were observing this "formation" they noticed another 21 similar lights, arranged in two straight lines, coming from East to West. The second set of lights then altered position to form one evenly spaced straight line.

Both formations then travelled to the West, with the witnesses following by car. Eventually, unable to "keep up" with the phenomena, they lost sight of the objects

November 1996 : Honeymoon Gap, 10km west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory

In November 1996 Keith Douglass

Illustrated story

http://default/KeithBasterfieldNetwork/Story 3 Alice .htm [Invalid link]


Mary Adam's and a friend where driving from west to east, passing honey moon gap (10 klm west of Alice springs) when they noticed a blue light glow in the tree at the base of the mountain about half a kilometre away.

It was very low, and light up the ground, and Mary believes it actually landed. Then suddenly the light rose up, and moved towards them. They could see it was a sold object, about 14 meters in diameter, with a flat base and a rounded top. It was huge, "the size of a semi-trailer", with lines running around the bottom". The blue light it omitted formed a "halo" around the craft, and has it floated over head they could hear a whirly noise."

Time was around 11.20pm, and the object followed them it was " above the car" for a sort time, they felt and thought that they where being watched. They where so relieved when it flew back over the hill towards pine gap.

It has come to the attention of the locals that Pine Gap Military base is being up graded, millions of dollars are being spent right now, cement truck after cement truck are going into to Pine Gap. Past reports on Pine gap, where that most of the base was below ground, but with resent photos it is plainly obverse that they have been very busy with new buildings.

John Auchettl PRA Independent Researcher, Gave a talk at the recent Sydney Conference saying that he had been out to Pine Gap investigating a UFO landing sight, he also said that he had a sample of soil from the area where the UFO had landed. He said the soil was as though it had been fused into small balls.

Hope John will share his findings with us all.

Regards Diane for

Keith Douglass Independent Researcher
In Alice Springs

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