UFO Sighting Report - Canada

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Burls Creek, Oro, Ontario

July 1st 2012

Brilliant Orange UFO after Rock Concert In Oro, Ontario

On Sunday, July 1st 2012 –Canada day! I was excited to see the Tragically Hip at Burl's Creek in Oro Ontario near Barrie.

My friend and I watched a great show and planned to also camp there after the concert. We got separated as I was the first to arrive back at our lot.

As I waited after about twenty minutes surrounded by many people I turned around my right and looked up in the sky witnessing a bizarre brilliant orange colored UFO. It's shape was perfectly spherical 360 degrees. It moved also fluid like inside.

In a state of shock looking at the size between 30-60 feet in diameter – a guess.

The nucleus was swirling within a different colored orange. Closest color you could say as like orange – but little different. Different than the outer – more defined. The inner part looked like a wheel in one directional motion.

It was moving slow and looked maybe 1000-2000 feet. Moving across it seem to rise much higher

Within less than half a minute still in a state of shock I grabbed my camera and videotaped it going across the moon. This would be south of my position about quarter to half a mile away.

After the videotape I took one picture [11:50pm] and watched it disappear due to distance.

It was so strange of a feeling of what I had just witnessed. It took me by surprise due to it's appearance being so close and large at first.

The sighting lasted about two three minutes.

After it was gone I was in a state of excitement further after I reviewed the video clip. Now being much more alert I check the skies ALL AROUND and also noticed much further south two other orange lights almost stationary toward Lake Simcoe.

I tried to film them being too far away the darkness and distance would not show on film.

After another half hour my buddy came back. I told him what I witnessed!

He said O— that's probably Chinese lanterns..

I showed him the clip from my camera. He said wow that's interesting. Maybe not Chinese lanterns.

Then I told him the size. He then did not what to say --cool

Later that morning I spoke to a grounds keeper in the park. I asked if had seen anything odd last night ?

His reply was YES.

After the concert he had seen 'three' orange lights going moving across the sky. Started from a greater distance when he first noticed them. At first thinking it was helicopter. Then realizing as it got closer it was not a helicopter he then could not explain what he was witnessing.

A UFO HE SAID. The man then said it was the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life.

I agreed with him and we parted. He went back to work as we were preparing to leave the park.

Just a note to such events

Based on celebrations that we have around the world we do bring out our fireworks and even Chinese lanterns to highlight an event. I would conclude this would ATTRACT UFOs by these festive lights displayed in the sky.

Here is the video clip to view that moment passing the moon


You will also hear confirmation of a witness yelling UFO in the background. As well hear myself saying –not alone along with a static sound! I don't dismiss maybe the sound of fireworks. Would not be completely be sure.

Enhance still frame from video
Special thanks to mg for picture enhancement

PS I will never forget witnessing this type of UFO in my life. It was not only spectacular but also very beautiful to witness

Paul Shishis

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