Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Early 1960s

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island A Round Disk With Flashing Coloured Lights

Date: Early 1960s
Time: Approx: 11:30 p.m.

Message: I live in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada. I have lived here all my life. In the early 1960s I had a UFO sighting not far from my home. I was about 18 and on my way home about 11:30pm when I happened to look up in the sky a spotted a round disk with flashing coloured lights. It descended to about 200 feet and stopped as if observing me. I was the only one around this spot to witness this UFO so I have nobody else to talk to about it. I watched it for about 1 to 2 minutes and then it started to ascend upward first very slowly and then it sped up (not so fast that I could not watch it) to a distance where I still could make out its flashing lights and stopped and then (wow) this thing took off on a 45 degree angle and within a couple of seconds it was gone.

I stood there with my mouth open and said to myself -What was that thing? Around this time (1960s) there was a drive in theatre not far from our home. There were a lot of UFO sightings around this drive-in theatre for a number of days. The newspaper in our city even advertised, "Come to the drive-in and see the UFOs". I have mentioned this to my wife and a couple off close friends, but never get into a real discussion over it! To this day I am convinced what I saw was no military aircraft or any thing I could explain that could do what it did. I still star gaze out in the country away from the city lights hoping to see again what I saw some 40 plus years ago. Also I believe that after this sighting that strange things started to happen to myself that I could not explain. It was like I was looking at humans in a different way! Almost like looking through someone else's eyes at situations and people in general. Really strange and a little spooky! I am a person who has had a sighting of an object that has left me confused but also intrigued about having it, since not as many people who say they have seen a UFO are telling the truth . Some say it is science fiction but what I saw was far from that!

Thank you to the witness for this very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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