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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

1963/1964 : Revelstoke, British Columbia

Revelstoke, British Columbia Sound From UFO Clears Bars And Restaurants In Town

Date: 1963 or 1964 (?)

HBCC UFO Research Note: The witness asks if anyone had contacted HBCC UFO Research over this event. I know I have not received anything at all on this, so I am asking that if anyone does have any knowledge about this unusual event to please contact Brian Vike through the HBCC UFO Research website. I would love to get working on this case. I also replied to this witness and hope I will be able to speak to the person on the telephone to gather more information.

Message: Hi Brian..not sure if the number you gave is meant to be a phone or not, but it's trying to connect to a fax machine.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask you is if you've had anyone write or talk to you about a UFO in Revelstoke in 1963 or '64. The sound it made emptied all the bars and restaurants in the downtown area, so quite a few people would have seen it.

I saw it as it hovered over our house, while watching from the second story window, a totally terrified 13 year old. The memory of it is still crystal clear, the color, shape, sound and movement of it has never left me. I watched it hover for at least one full minute less than 20 feet away, (though it seemed like hours to someone who was trying not to be seen, although I know I was, and was being watched). I've looked in Project Blue Book but there is no mention of it there, which I found to be very strange. And for some reason over the past few months - the memory of it won't leave me alone, so I wanted to find out more from someone else if possible. But it must be someone who takes UFO's very seriously.

The one thing that has always struck me were it's lights. Many people think they have a blinking light, but I'm not so sure. This one had red circular lights on it that "appeared" to blink, but didn't. It has what appeared to be an outer casing that revolved around the body of the craft with circular cut-outs on it - as it passed over the red areas, a light appeared to blink but in reality it never shut off. I can see the metal color and texture too..charcoal gray with a navy horizontal striping (very thin) that went around the craft from top to bottom, very, very smooth. It still gives me the impression of velvet satin.

The sound it made was a hushed hum, while it sat half over the roof but well within my sight very gently pitching in a circular movement, it moved closer to my window when I knelt down so I couldn't be seen (or so I thought), then it just went away. It made no sound but for a sonic boom when it was already out of sight, and no aircraft on this planet can move as fast as that did, moving out and up at the same time.

Please tell me that someone else has told you about this one, I am a very well-balanced female of 55 years who knows what she saw - but have not spoken about it until now. I wouldn't be speaking about it now either, except the memory of it is really haunting me, and believe me. UFO's are not something I think about!


Thank you so much to the witness for relating this amazing experience, and again I hope to speak to this person soon. The more detail I can receive just maybe we can find others who also were witness to this UFO event.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]