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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June/July 1965 : Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario Residents And Fire Fighters Observe UFO

Date: June or July 1965
Time: After 10:00 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: If any of the folks who read the below report has any information about this sighting would you please contact Brian Vike at HBCC UFO Research.

Hi Brian: Have been reading the stuff you've posted on Rense and thought I'd email with my own UFO story.

This was back in 1965 - at the time there was a huge UFO "Flap" of sightings all around Michigan and Southern Ontario (where I grew up). I was 12 years old at the time and my mum and I had spent the early part of the evening at a friend's place. It was summer time, but dark out in Windsor, Ontario, so it must've been after 10:00 pm. Instead of taking the dark woody alley which was a shortcut home from our friends' house, we decided to go by the lit streets, a block and half further than the short cut. It took us past the local Fire Dept (Riverside Fire Dept, an area of Windsor, Ontario on the east side of town, and very close to the Detroit River).

It being a hot, sweltering night that wasn't busy, all the firefighters were sitting outside in front of the Fire hall, with water or pop to cool off in the humid night. My mum and I knew all the guys, as we lived just 3 houses away, and of course we stopped to talk to them. Being a kid, I was kind of bored, so while my mum was talking to the firemen, I looked up into the night sky.

Directly above our heads was a circle of lights. At first, they looked the same as stars, but they were formed in a circle and it was impossible to tell how high up they were. But then the circle started rotating. I got my mum's attention by saying "hey, look at that!" She looked and so did all the firemen (there were about 6 of them). The circle of lights starting rotating, very slowly, but definitely rotating. We could not tell if they were separate lights or on some type of "vehicle" - but we ALL saw it.

One of the firemen got up suddenly and said "I'm going to call the airport and see if they've got anything on the radar" and he got up to do so (the Windsor airport was about 2 miles down the road from our location).

We all continued to stand there and watch these lights. The guy who had called the airport came out and said that the tower wasn't picking up anything, and the lights we were watching would certainly have been close enough for the conning tower to see anything "solid" or made of any material that radar would have picked up.

This sighting went on for about 20 minutes more, when all of a sudden a green station wagon - unmarked, but Army green - pulled up across from the fire hall. A man who was definitely an "officer" got out of the car. (Even though I was a kid, I knew he was an officer, his uniform, green, had epaulettes on the shoulder and he wore an officer's cap - but I was a kid, and a girl, so I couldn't have told you his rank because I wasn't into military stuff as a child.) He had a big pair of binoculars.

The ring of lights was still in the same spot overhead, where it had been for about a half an hour by this time. The "army officer" (well, he could have been Air Force) looked through this big pair of binoculars and then said "oh, those are jets."

Duh. "Jets" don't sit in the same spot in the sky spinning, at least no jet I'd ever seen. All of us (mum, me, 6 firemen and this "officer") stood for a few more minutes and watched these lights slowly turning in a circle. Then, all of a sudden and while we were all watching, the lights split apart and went lickety-split off in separate directions. Silently, and in less than 2 seconds, perhaps 4, all of them were gone from view over the horizon! And all this without a sound.

Being a bit of a mouthy brat, I said to the officer "jets, eh? How come we don't hear a sonic boom?" (The lights had disappeared at what had to be well above Mach 1, but without a sound at all.) One of the fireman piped up and said "there isn't a jet in the world that can move that fast without breaking the sound barrier."

The "officer" said nothing at all, got back in the car and drove away. One of the fireman called the sighting in to CKLW, the local AM station.

We never ever heard an official explanation for what we saw. But all over the local TV and radio news that summer, and even on Walter Cronkite, there were many, many UFO sightings in the Michigan/Southern Ontario area.

I have no idea what we were looking at. I can't say there was a "craft" because all we saw were lights in a circle against the black background of the night sky. And then all the lights separated and flew off in every direction faster than you could believe anything manmade could have moved. And all in total silence.

My mum passed away back in 1984, but we often talked about our "UFO experience" - people we knew back then took it more seriously. We wondered, is it the Russians? The Americans? What was it that we saw? I still don't know.

I left Windsor back in 1974 and haven't been back since 1980, but I wonder sometimes if the firemen on duty that night still talk about the "UFO incident."

Thanks for your very interesting files and the eyewitness accounts. Today, in my more cynical 50's, I think many of the things we've seen are tests of new and outrageous weapons, but a part of me still wonders, did the aliens visit Windsor that night?

Please keep my name out of this if you post this story. I'll never forget what happened and I swear it's true. I don't remember any of the firefighters' names, but it was the Riverside Fire Dept, on Lauzon Road, in 1965, June or July. Sincerely, (Witnesses name removed).

I would like to thank the eyewitness for an excellent report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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