Windsor, Ontario

December 1965

Windsor, Ontario Sighting - Connected To The Kecksberg UFO Crash

Date: December 1965

Hi Brian, For what it's worth this is my two cents on Kecksberg. At the time it was locally reported as a meteorite that landed out in the country near by.

Although that spectacular image had a great influence on my life and my work as a sculptor, I still use that "meteoric" image in my work to this day, It was not until many years later after watching a television program about the Kecksberg Incident that I realized that this was what I had witnessed that night.

I was a teenager recently finished high school, living in Windsor in southern Ontario.

I was walking west on Ottawa street which was lit up with brightly coloured neon signs, that in contrast made the clear sky look dark with only a few stars twinkling. This was like no meteor that I have ever seen, the object did not pass directly over head so what I saw was that for several seconds the entire night sky lit up with a golden hue that you might see at twilight. The whole sky was filled with a golden light as if by a rheostat and the single small cloud that was over head lit up pink.

There was no sound and after all this time it is hard to estimate how long it lasted perhaps less than ten seconds as the object passed over and the sky dimmed back to dark again.

This sort of unexpected phenomena tends to leave you awe struck, then like a Twilight Zone experience it was just gone.

Additional Information:

Brian, Thanks for your prompt reply, yes it was definitely December 1965. I recall because I had just finished high school.

I know for a fact that a lot of people in Windsor saw it that night and the subject still comes up. As I mentioned it had a very profound effect on me right up to this day. After seeing that program about Kecksberg I went to bed and had a dream that I was in a meadow where it landed. It was not as big as the actual object, in the dream when I walked up it was sitting in a steaming crater and I shocked awake, I got up and drew a picture of what I saw. The dream was Dec 26 1993, I have always written them down. I then made a piece of sculpture of the object I saw in that dream.

Thank you so much to the witness for yet another report on the object seen by many that came down in Kecksberg, PA in December 1965.

HBCC UFO Research would love to hear from anyone who witnessed the object over Canada or in the United States on December 1965. The more information we can receive, the better it is and really does help on such a large case.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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