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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

1965/1966 : Beausejour, Manitoba

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Beausejour, Manitoba

Date: 1965/1966

Time: Night

Number of witnesses: 3 when distant, 1 when near

Number of objects: 1

Hi. I have a story to submit if I could be annonymous.

I have read a post from Widsor, Ontario, 1960s, as this was about the time of my own sighting. It was near Beausejour, Manitoba, approximately 1965 or 1966, as I remember I was about 6 years old and could barely see above the window sill of our farmhouse.

There were unusual lights in the sky that night, far in the distance and my mom and dad watched them from our house for a minute or two before my parents left to go back to the kitchen. I stood there watching and eventually the lights started approaching. I remember seeing a silver angular shaped craft which I can see clearly in my mind, begin to lower itself over a telephone pole across the road near the neighbours driveway.

Similar to the description from Windsor, Ontario, it had a circle of lights, multicolored, on the bottom of the craft, spinning in a circle, as if the whole underside of the craft was rotating. It hovered there for quite some time and I remember yelling for my parents to come back to see it now, but they said something like, "we already have seen it." I stared at it for quite some time and I clearly remember thinking that I will remember this for the rest of my life, even though I was very young.

The craft was silver colored and had clear angular corners and hovered without noise for quite some time. Eventually, I have no idea how long later, it began to rise up and slowly progress to the middle of the sky where suddenly it shot across the sky at a speed I could not imagine being from any plane I had ever saw. It was clear to me even as a child this was incredibly fast. I believe there were sightings in Beausejour area in the 60s and once I saw an ad in the local paper as an adult for anyone with sightings in this area from the 60s to write. I did not respond to the ad but always regret that.

My mother to this day remembers the night was watched the far away lights in the sky and that I excitedly tried to get them to return to the window but they refused. Hope this is of interest to someone.