June 1966

Laidlaw, British Columbia

Report Received: February 13, 2004

Date: June 1966
Time: approx: 11:25 p.m.

A fellow called to tell me of a sighting he had when he was in his early teens. He recalls the account very clearly. The man said there were roughly twenty family members who, at a reunion at a home in Laidlaw, British Columbia, had a campfire and folks were roasting up some wieners. One of the younger children there yelled out loudly for everyone to look over towards one of the local mountains.

Everyone looked to where the child was pointing and saw a large object sitting stationary over top of the mountain. It sat there for a brief time and then started to move along the mountain rim, stopped and returned to where it had come from. Then it moved towards the family (still a distance away) then back again to it's original position. The witness reported the color was a salmon/peach. He said the shape of the object was definitely circular. They all watched it for approximately 15 minutes and finally it moved off behind the mountain.

Everyone was surprised to say the least and one of the adults ran into call the airport to report and to enquire if anyone else was reporting this massive object. The first thing the tower operator explained was that they did not use balloons anymore because they had radar. The man in the tower was laughing! But he did finally say there was no aircraft in the area where the object had been seen. Also nothing was showing up on his radar.

The witness said there were others who had also observed this strange object as reports were filed with the RCMP and the local newspaper at that time.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


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