UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Scarborough, Ontario

August 1967

Hi John,

As promised unknown aerial anomalies I have witnessed to report.

This is the start back at age 8.

I have no problem if you post my name.

Cheers Paul

I find this sighting in Scarborough, Ontario, to be quite accurate in description as depicted on the composite drawing (below).

I remember returning back from Cub Scouting camp that weekend. It was a hot Sunday of August 1967. I was an eight year returning back to my neighborhood in mid-afternoon. All my friends from the neighborhood were nowhere to be seen.

After sitting on the street bored for 15 or 20 minutes, my next door neighbor, Mr. Cahill came out. Mr. Cahill said a satellite was going to pass over the city, he had heard this from the radio.

I said wow to show some interest. He finished chatting and went back into his home.

After about ten to fifteen minutes, Mr. Cahill came back outside shouting and pointing in a northwesterly direction in the sky “There it is!!“ he exclaimed.

I looked up where he was pointing. High in the clear sky I could see a silver torpedo shaped craft. A wingless plane would be the best way to describe it. I could also see one or two silver spheres circling around the mid section of this wingless craft.

The attitude appeared as high as any conventional aircraft – approximately 40 000 - 50 000ft.

I watched this ‘satellite’ cross the sky at about half a mile away towards the north. I watched it cross over and to the east for about a minute.

I thought just as any eight year old would react. Wow, I just saw a satellite. I’m sure I told my parents and friends with little attention. In thinking back at that age; no big deal. Being only 8, I figured this was normal activity for satellites.

After reflecting back to this particular (first) sighting, I now understand that it was definitely not a satellite. This thing was well below orbit and should have dropped like a rock. Instead it moved across a straight flight path.

It is also interesting to note that 1967 was an eventful year of UFO activity such as the Shag Harbor Crash October 4th 1967. Besides of course that it was Canada’s 100th Birthday; The Centennial Year. Coincidentally my parents anniversary is also Oct 4th. But more importantly to note today in the month of March 1967 in Montana at Malmstron Air Force Base there is a very important event shutting down the nuclear weapons by a unknown presence which reports of a UFO breaking security and shutting down those nukes.

In reading about UFO’s related to 1967 it has been said; ‘That’s the year Canada got invaded’.

Another strong sign of a presence occurred May 20th 1967. The case of Stephen Michalak’s close encounter at Falcon Lake, Manitoba.

This helps me conclude today in confirmation;

That there was a unearthly presence engaging many parts of North America that year: 1967.

witnessed back in August 1967 in Scarborough

I do wonder

Paul Shishis

Sketch of object(s), seen in August 1967

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