Goose Air Base, Labrador

Late September 1967

Goose Air Base, Labrador UFO Follows KC-135 Aircraft While Landing

Date: Late September 1967
Time: N/A

Message: In 1967-68 I was stationed at Goose Air Base, Labrador. I worked in Base Headquarters. During the lunch hour, I didn't eat, because I was trying to lost some weight. I sat in the Base Commander's office to answer the phone while he and his Secretary went to lunch. I always read through the "Commander's Read File" while I was there.

In late September 1967, a KC-135 was landing, and a UFO was picked up by radar, following the aircraft. It went behind the aircraft as it touched down, then went over the top of the aircraft until it turned off the active runway. Then, it stopped dead still and went straight up at an estimated speed of 17,000 MPH. It was seen as a bright light by men in the tower, and was on the radar of the Radar Station on top of a mountain near the base.

I never heard or read any other reports of this incident.

Thank you to the retired serviceman for this very interesting and important information. I am looking into this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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