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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

December 26th 1969/1971 : Cornerbrook, Newfoundland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, Canada

Date: Dec 26 between 6pm and 9pm
   Year could be 69, 70 or 71 (I was young)

Approach Direction: one object approaching from east

Departure Direction: departed to west

Witness Direction: North

Description: It was boxing day and I was a child. My father worked shift work and we missd Mass on Christmas day so my parents took us children to visit church after dark to see the manger.

Upon coming out, I looked up in the sky and saw a cluster of white lights in the shape of an oval slowly moving from east to west. My whole family then watched. Being a kid in the early 70's, I loved "space" and wanted to be an astronaut and would always look at the sky.

The object was a bit north of us traveling in a straight line almost floating east to west. It was at ~ 80° East when I first saw it and flew through 90° (nearly overhead) then continued its slow straight course west.

I did not know about checking to see if it blocked out stars as it passed or count how many lightes there were. I would estimate there were between 12 and 20 spaced in the shape of an oval. They did not blink or dim. It was a quiet night and we heard no noise from the object. I am sure of this as we were not on a flight path so any airplane above the city would pick our keen ears as children. We would always look up when we heard one. I heard nothing.

I would guess the object moved across the sky slightly faster than a typical jet at cruising altitude.

Color/Shape: 12 to 20 solid white lights in a symmetrical oval shape. The narrow ends formed the leading and trailing points. It was not as pointy as a football.

Height & Speed: I don't have a clue. It could have been a huge object at high altitude or a smaller one at lower altitude. It was approximately the size of the moon so ~ 0.5°

TV/Radio/Press: It was reported by others in the Western Star paper according to my parents. It is a shame I know the day of the year but not the year.

I speculate that it may have been some high altitude experimental craft since space exploration was in its hay day during that time or possibly a blimp.