Handhillls area Farm, Hanna, Alberta

Fall 1969

Handhillls area Farm - Hanna (Southern) Alberta Large Disk With Dome

Date: Fall 1969
Time: Approx 10:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Handhillls area Farm - Hanna (Southern) Alberta
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Large Disk with Dome: bottom 3 Extremely bright lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: My mom and dad and I were driving home from my friends house late one Fall evening, when dad saw what he thought were "Poachers" on his farm lease land. Mom told him to shut off the light so they couldn't see us approach and we'd surprise them since we were headed directly at them. When we got close enough, about 500 yards away I believe the size and sight frightened my dad and he turned the lights on to be sure he was seeing, what we were seeing. When he turned on the lights the "flying/hovering machine/ship" shot straight up into the air, no visual emissions of any kind. It went straight up, and straight north with no hesitation automatically.

Flew unbelievably fast over top of the "home hill" and disappeared, or looked like it disappeared over the tree-line behind the family ranch house and was gone. I will say it was hovering when we turned the corner in front of it overtop of a slough filled with water, very low over it just above the willow tree-line around the slough and it was HUGE. It covered the whole of the area above the trees and slough and moved incredible swiftly, without effort and accurately. There were 3 huge lit lights, white blue lined extremely bright lights underneath the ship, not in a row, but triangular on the underside of the ship/vessel. When dad turned on the lights and the machine moved, dad cussed, drove like H*)(_*(ll all the way to the house. We ran inside and yelled at my older brother and sister to bring the rifles and as they did they went out behind the trees.

My mom and I stayed behind with my grandmother, who was in the house with my siblings when the ship went over. She asked if dad had run into the side of the house when he parked because there was a big vibrating sound and motion that shook the cupboards. Outside in the vehicle while driving we heard nothing, only saw. When dad and my family returned they had found, seen nothing out there. Whatever it was its gone. Dad refused ever again to discuss this, but mom and I did a great deal of believing and discussing the phenomenal experience.

I had open heart surgery at 5 years old and was told twice that because they placed a pig valve in my heart that I would be dead, and I am still alive and well. I believe in alot of things that others may view as weird, but once you have seen and experienced it makes me a believer with unshakable convictions, if that's the right word. I believe because I have seen, experienced first hand, I don't need anyone else to believe, but I am extremely pleased to have found this sight so I may share and read of others experiences. I also have been a skywatcher now since this experience. Thank you.

Additional Information:

Emailing in something new to me. I have no idea really how to make a picture. It looked like saucer with a cup on top but it was not a flat saucer. It was curved in a slow curve, top and bottom and the lights were positioned in a triangular pattern on the bottom side of the saucer. They were rather huge, about 3 feet across and were extremely bright like a blue ring around them and an extremely bright blinding white light lit up the night like daytime, like lighting striking does on a hot dry night.

There was a dome on the top of the saucer, centered that appeared to have (hard to recall) either oblong or rectangular portal type windows on it and a finer blue white light emitted from. The whole ship was a silvery grey, almost a pewter color, obviously glowing where the light shone on it from below and around the windows. I do not recall any wavering of any kind. Can't recall if I heard anything. The radio was on in the truck and I remember dad turning the corner, pulling on the light switch, and honestly do not recall if the truck stopped or if it was because he braked due to shock. I can't recall for sure if he restarted it while we watched the flying object shoot straight into the sky, straight up, like dad's actions had startled a deer that jumps up out of the grass before you shoot it or pursue it.

After the initial shock of spooking the UFO into the sky. It moved in a straight line like a jet plane heading north to northwest raising steadily up into the sky over the Hillridge and north over our home and appeared to drop onto the horizon beyond the tree-line that surrounds our home site still N - Nw. The evening was pitch black, dark of the moon. There was no light visible traveling towards the UFO. We were initially traveling west to north west upon our approach on the road before dad turned north to northwest after startling it. It was a clear quiet night no wind, wonderful evening. There was no wavering in its travel and it was "leaving" at a great speed, dad was traveling in excess of 60 mph down the road an the thing was leaving us in the dust by the time we topped the "Big hill". The thing looked like it settled down on the NW horizon beyond the farmhouse and tree-line, which is why I believe dad took the others and the guns to go look it up if it was on his land.

The Handhills where I grew up are about 4 hours North West of Suffield Base and 5 hour south west of Wainright Base. There is no airport closer than 25 miles away which is a small town country airbase in the town of Hanna with usually only the occasional twin engine plane landing in it.

Is there some place up here in Alberta, Edmonton area where they would do some "past experience" hypnosis or travel to more fully understand or see what is locked up in my memory. For about 27 years I have awakened, wide awake at 2:00 am unable to return to sleep and wondered if there is some connection to this experience. I also had a small round 1 mm seed-like disk come out of a tooth that lost a filling. It was the same pewter kind of color. When magnified it had small hair like fibers from around the outside edges and I tried squeezing it with tweezers, scissors and a hunting knife and nothing would crush it or enter it. I finally lost it in one of my attempts and I'm sure the vacuum ate it, I could not find it. Maybe it was just something the dentist put in the base of my filling, who knows. At first I thought it was some sort of little transmitter, whatever. I will check with a friend to see if he can help me with a drawing and forwarding a sketch. Thanks Brian. It's nice to be able to discuss all this with someone who doesn't give you a funny sidelong glance.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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