July/August 1969

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Shiny Metallic Cigar Shaped Object

Date: July-August 1969 ?
Time: ??

Message: Back in 1969, several members of my family and some neighbors across the street saw a shiny metallic cigar shaped object in the sky over the southwest area of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It hovered in the sky for several minutes and then shot off. I was nearly 5 years old at the time and cannot personally remember the incident. However, several calls were placed to the airbase regarding the sighting and it was reported in the Moose Jaw Times Herald. It was reported sometime in July-August, I think.

Also, back in 1947 when my mom was a girl, she and a number of students during recess at Westmount school in Moose Jaw saw several strange objects in formation hovering and moving in the sky above the school yard.

Thank you to the witness for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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