Spring 1969

Red Deer, Alberta A Lens Type Of Craft

Date: Spring of 1969
Time: Evening

Message: I am so glad I found you! I have been waiting nearly 40 years to report this sighting. It was the spring of 1969, at my parents' home 4 miles east of Red Deer, Alberta. My mother, my older brother and a friend of his, were outside bidding goodnight to the friend who was leaving.

We were on 5 acres in the middle of farm land - virtually no light pollution. We were all in the habit of watching the sky, day and night, for weather patterns, birds, shooting stars, northern lights, and was our habit, were standing on the lawn in the soft spring darkness, admiring the stars, when one of us said 'what's that?'

We all observed, moving from the west towards us, a shape that blurred the star field as it passed. There was also a slight color change, as if the black night sky had been given a magenta wash where the shape was. It seemed immense, somehow watching it gave a feeling of hugeness - vaguely oval. It was creepy, seeing the sky ripple.

This lens? stopped above us. A rectangle of light, white/pale yellow, opened in the side of this thing, and three globes, the same light, came out, descending slightly and then taking off in three directions. The door of light closed.

I don't remember the shape disappearing, only the four of us sort of shaking our heads, looking at the grass, and then going inside.

There was on airbase not too far away, which my brother phoned - guess what they said it was...a weather balloon! Is that too funny or what.

Thank you to the person for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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