August 1970

Miworth, British Columbia

Date: August 1970
Time: approx: 12:15 a.m.

A woman called from Prince George, British Columbia to report a strange experience which took place at Miworth (a small area here in northern B.C. outside of the Prince George District). The lady said she was with six friends sport fishing. After the day on the lake came to an end, they finished their supper and everyone sat around laughing and discussing the days events. Night had fallen and suddenly from out of nowhere a light lit up the camp area from above. The lady estimated that approximately 100 yards around them was covered in a soft, extremely bright white light. The trees, the edge of the lake, the trucks, and trailers were aglow. They all felt there was an object of some type sitting stationary above them, but no one could see anything due to the intensity of the light. They heard no sound, saw no object of any kind. A couple in the group thought at first it may have been a helicopter, but they soon ruled that out as there would have been a great deal of noise.

The woman said they all experienced something but weren't exactly sure what....?
Each questioning the other saying, "what was that"? Before the people started talking and asking about it, the lady said it seemed if everyone was frozen in place and once everyone was aware that something took place, they all started complaining of feeling very cold. She said "I watched everyone looking up at it, whatever it was". They also all experienced an electrical, tingling feeling surging through their bodies.

It wasn't long after their weird experience that the people said their good nights and went to bed. They had planned to spend another day at the lake but decided to leave the next day and go home. They were frightened and didn't want to be there if the same thing happened again.
There were no other reports of any more problems that the lady is aware of happening to anyone else.

I thank her for her report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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