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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

September 1970 : Alaska Highway, Yukon Territory

Alaska Highway Yukon Territory Unexplained Lights (UFO) - Missing Time ?

Date: September 1970
Time: Night time event.

Location of Sighting: Alaska Highway Yukon Territory.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Bright lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian

About a week ago I sent you an article from the Whitehorse Star titled "Santa, was that you". I sent it because I knew the people involved, the RCMP Officer very well and the others slightly. I have also looked at other Yukon sightings and because of what I've read I am sending you a report.

At the time of the event, I just left it as something I could not forget and could not explain. Now after reading of similar reports and from a person (RCMP) I know to be very calm, levelheaded and truthful, I feel better mentioning what I saw. I will also mention that he was not happy about his sighting and did not like to talk about it.

The drive from Whitehorse to Vancouver is about 1500 miles. When I was living there the first 800 miles from Whitehorse was a empty isolated gravel road. There were very few communities and no side roads. For many hundreds of miles on both sides of the road were nothing but trees, rivers and mountains.

In those days if we wanted to drive "outside" we usually drove non stop with at least two drivers. I was working as a technician at the local Hospital and decided to drive to out with one of the Doctors who also needed to go to Vancouver. At this time I'd already driven the Highway five times, so was quite comfortable with the idea of the long drive.

We left early on a Friday afternoon and took turns driving. In September the sun sets early in the Yukon so it was not long before we were in complete darkness. There was no light except from the headlights and the stars. Very late at night it was my turn to drive. As soon as he got in the passenger seat the Doctor fell asleep. The drive was easy. There was no other traffic and all I had to watch for were animals and broken grader blades that could shred a tire.

For at least half an hour I drove with nothing to see but the gravel road, our headlights periodically reflecting off train tracks on the left side the road and a faint outline of trees. Off in the distance I saw the bright light of an approaching train. It was flickering as it passed behind trees and got steadily brighter but before we met, it was out of sight. Assuming the tracks had moved farther from the road I thought nothing of it.

For another two hours I drove and nothing had changed. The doctor was still sleeping. There was still nothing but gravel road, train tracks and tree outlines. I began to feel I was on a treadmill! Then again I saw the distant light of another approaching train. This time it got brighter much faster and within minutes it was only a few hundred feet in front of me. With nothing else around but blackness the light was blinding. Then in a great flash it streaked along the train tracks and disappeared behind us.

The train had made no noise and there were no following cars. I stopped the car. The Doctor woke up and asked why I'd stopped. All I said was "We've been following train tracks for two hours and I've seen two trains go by" He looked at me oddly and all he said was "I'll drive". Numbly and uneasily I got out of the car and we changed places. We never spoke of it again.

You see, the problem was this. The train from Whitehorse is the White Pass & Yukon Railway. About 10 miles out of Whitehorse it turns west, leaves the Alaska Highway and heads to Skagway. There were (and are) NO train tracks or trains running beside the Alaska Highway hundreds of miles from any towns and in the middle of nowhere.

I know I saw two large bright lights and non existent train tracks. What I really saw I don't know. You often ask, was there any missing time? I don't know. There were no landmarks to orient where we were. I do know we finally arrived in Vancouver at least three hours later than we'd planned but in 1500 mile there could be rational reasons for the delay. Although we were not aware of any delays, ten minutes here and there can add up.

So Brian. This is my contribution to the stories of the Yukon lights that were appearing in the 60' and 70's.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]