Chilliwack, British Columbia


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A number of yrs ago a friend and I had a UFO siting. To this day I can recall the siting in exact specific detail.

I could take you to the spot. Relive the whole event right up until the UFO suddenly stopped N/NW of our location over the Coastal Mtns of British Columbia. Went right, went left, went back to centre and then simply dropped with sudden speed out of sight below the mtn.

I do not recall the exact date and that is why I am emailing you. Re: the UFO info & UFO roundup sighting report form on the ufoinfo site mentioning the fact that without the date, it pretty well a waste of your time for me to fill out the form.

If this is true, please take the time to reply and I will not bother you again.

Kindest regards,

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Q. - Anyway, is it possible to get a date for your sighting ? If you can't remember exactly when it took place, can you remember the year and what time of year it was, such as summer, fall, etc ?

A. - The yr was approximately 1972 or even earlier. I do believe it was during the late spring or early summer due to the fact that I wasn't wearing a jacket.

Q. - Also, a time would be super, or roughly ?

A. - It was dark so it must have been about 9:00 p.m.

Q. - Would it also be possible to get a more exact location to where the even took place, you have Coastal Mountains of British Columbia. This is a huge area running all the way down the west coast.

A. - A friend and I were in the Chilliwack High school parking lot immersed in darkness along the side of the 2 or 3 story gym. The craft traveled from the E/SE to the N/NW. It stopped above the mountains to the north of Deroche which is east of Mission BC.

Q. - Also Bill, if you can add anymore detail to the sighting, this also will be great. Such as how long you were able to watch this for, direction of travel, from where to where. In detail, can you describe the UFO ? Etc, just everything you can think of.

A. - It was visible for one minute or so. It was cigar shaped. The body seemed to be encased in what I'd call an aura and the front aura was more pronounced. The body of the craft was silver/silver grey in color. Can't remember if it had a tail similar to the front but this seems to ring a bell. Traveled rather slow as opposed to a shooting star for example. It was very small, almost as small as a descent cigar. Perhaps this was due to it being higher than it actually seemed. As it traveled directly overhead It seemed to be so low that I actually reached up as if I would be able to touch it. I turned and watched it thinking it would simply disappear over the night horizon, but like I mentioned before it suddenly stopped, went right, went left, back to the original point of stoppage and quickly dropped straight down an out of sight. My friend and I were shocked to say the least. Look at each other without saying a word and both bolted for home to tell our parents.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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