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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 1972 : Between Riviere du Loup, Quebec and New Brunswick

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Between Riviere du Loup, QUEBEC and New Brunswick about 60 miles between. Canada

Date: This encounter was in 1972..july. It was approx. 11:30 pm

Approach Direction: Large Blue Light!

Departure Direction: North travelling South.

Witness Direction: driving south on a dirt road.

Description: Beautiful Clear starry night very warm. About 11:30 pm. I was driving on the highway..Trans canada and turned off onto a dirt road to sleep in car as I was getting tired. Witness was in passenger seat..and he also saw what I saw. Beside us at just above the fir tree tops was a blue light about the size of the fullmoon if it had been out BUT IT WASN'T.. but kind of a oval shape. The object followed beside us just slightly faster than us; it had no sound! Suddenly the car had no power!! No lights or any electrical..the engine died..and as we coasted to a stop the object disappeared over the tree tops..never to be seen again by us. The car would not restart. My friend went to sleep in the back seat; after we tried the car a few more times. I could hear a humming sound so got out of the car and walked down the dirt road towards the sound. Soon I came to a large gravel pit with some kind of generator or something running making a loud noise. I didn't see anything so turned away and went back to the car and went to sleep in the front seat. The next morning we woke up with the sounds of large dump trucks driving by us and dust flying everywhere as we had left the top down..because of no power. A forman for the gravel pit operation stopped and gave us a boost; but the car wouldn't start. Then a large dump truck stopped and when he gave us a boost, the car finally started and off we went back to the Transcanada highway on our way to New Brunswick. At the 1st gas station we told the mechanic about the car stalling so he looked it all over and checked the battery and the belts and alternater etc..but everything appeared fine. Off we went never to experience any problems with the car again like that.

Color/Shape: Blue, no other lights and no sound.

Height & Speed: appeared to be just above the tree tops at approx. 35 -40 miles an hour.just a little bit more than we were driving..on the dirt road.